Chapter 5_My First Birthday
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"Happy Birthday, Prince Julius"

"Happy Birthday"

"Happy birthday, my son"

There are so many people crowding me, please stop it! I can't breathe.

Me right now standing on a room in a palace that has many colorful decorations. Oh by the way I can already stand, I can do it on my 9 months of age. As the temperature surrounding me increased I found myself nauseated.

I guess I have no choice but to use my ultimate moves huh.

Tremble you peasants for I, Julius would use my ultimate move.

'Waterfall of the Annihilation'



"My, why you crying Julius"

I then felt myself being lifted up in the air. The woman that lifted me and hugged me is my mom, Vina Daffodil, Countess of the Daffodil County.

"Mama..hiks..hiks.." I hugged her with my little hands.

"What's the matter, my son?" another deep voice sounded.

I then see a handsome middle-aged man walking into my direction and start patting my head. This guy is my father, with red hair that represents the blood of people that his Dynasty Baldur has slain.

"Papa,'s too many people" I let out the half-real half-true tears.

with a worried face, he answered me

"Isn't the more people come the merrier it will be?. And also wasn't there would be many presents too?"

"Presents?" my eyes were sparkling.

Hey! if you live a nasty life for about 14 times, and having no one to take care of you. You would longing for it too! so don't blame me.

Oh, if you see it's weird for a man that should be aged more than 1000 years old would act like a baby? you're right it's weird but what can I do? Do you think I should show my skills and act like a genius?.

Well I've tried that before and what I got isn't some special treatment, but exorcism and a house arrest. After all who would naturally believe that a child not even 3 years old can speak like an adult and he can beat up adult.No, one would blindly believe it. There's a thin line between Genius and a Weirdo. So I won't repeat it.

"Of course Julius, then should we start the party?"

"Yes!, yes!" I nodded my head as fast as I can

And the party begins with laughter and some simple confetti. There's so many cake too! and it's so delicious. Maids, butlers, and even serfs have come to celebrate.No officials and nobles comes since my father forbid it. They can only send gifts or congratulations card.

As the crown prince, I should aware that I can be the target of an assassination.I've experienced it and it's not a decent experience.

When I see the room, I've seen so much laughter and smile. My father that touches the face of my mother with a cream like a kid, and the servant who has a smile painted over all of their faces, I want to protect it.

I want to protect this peacefulness.


The happy atmosphere is gone and the sound of the birds wakes me up. My room is an exquisite looking room if you considered we're in the medieval ages gold and red color are everywhere.Since I'm the crown prince, my mother can't be with me. On one year old, the crown prince must live an independent life. And I must learn the nobles custom.

"I really misses mom" I grumbled.

When I want to leave the bed, I see two maids standing at the doors. Twins? they looked really young and youthful,14 years old or something. You said that this is child exploitation? in your world it's. But here, it's a normal thing. The son and daughters of commoners already touched the works at the age of 13, beginning as an apprentice. And they would slowly learn how the works go. That's how the pillars of the kingdom reproduced with more experienced people.

" "Good morning your highness" " they bowed gracefully.

"Hey, how old are both of you" I questioned them directly, If you say that this is inappropriate action, asking the age of a woman, it's. But I'm the crown prince and in people's eyes, I'm still a toddler. After all, being a virgin for too long, of course, I adored beauty.

But They seem nervous.

and after some fidgeting here and there, and some whispering. The one that has small moles in her eyes spoke

"Your Royal Highness, we currently on our 9 years of ages"

"Hem, hem" and the other one nodded repeatedly.

But wait! 9 years old?? this is more than a child's exploitation. Call 911!

After more talking, I found out that their names are Mita and Nita. Both of them looked really similar, as expected of twins. But I can differentiate them.

Mita has a small mole below her eyes, she would be a smexy sadistic type of woman in the future. Looking forward with it.

And Nita has a girl next door charm,calm and pure.

They're a former nobles from a small kingdom that destroyed by the empire and come here with an acquaintance of the head maid.

Since they can't eat freely and already have the ethics of the noble,they employed as the new prince maid. Since the age bridge isn't too much, the prince can interact with them normally and learn how to socialize.

'Whatever, I'll go eat after bathing' I thought

I then get up from my royal sized bed. My little legs can't reach the ground yet, so I do a little jump.

"Please be careful,your highness" Mita rushed over with panicked face

What you think I'm that weak? Pei!. This Julius over here is a former legendary martial artist you know.

I ignored them and start walking into the bathroom to changes my pajamas.

As I walked, I also heard footsteps behind me and it's them! they followed me! .Coincidence? no way.

"Where both of you wanna go?" I asked.

This is so weird the only rooms that connected to my room are the bathroom and the changing room.

"Of course we're gonna follow you, your highness" Mita spoke with a soft voice.

"W-we're gonna clean your body" Nita also stammered

Ah, are we gonna take a bath together? ah, how nic-.

NO! this is wrong.

'No no no no.I'm gonna get arrested at this rate.'

'But I'm the crown prince so I can right? there's no police here.' (Author called 911 for real)

'No!, we cannot do it. In your eyes, they just like your grandchildren. You're so old you know'

'But! didn't you also wanted to see their bodies? after all, we are a virgin. Even when we go through that hole 14 times, we never experienced it for real.'

'T-th-that's true should we-.NO! Fuck you!..get out from here'

As my inner demon and angel debated in my head. I saw Mita walked towards me

"Your highness we already bring your clothes, so let's go to the bathroom. As you would be seeing the capital after breakfast. And also the carriage is already prepared"

"Y-you can go wait on the door. I can bath by myself" I'm really embarrassed. How can I get bathed by a child while my age can be considered as their great-great-great grandparent?.

"That can't do your highness! .As a maid, we must serve our master to the fullest!"Nita said with a determined voice. How weird wasn't she the shy type?

'Did you wanna see my pp that hard little girl' my inner demon spoke.


It seems my angel side has raised his holy sword and slain the demon

"after all that's our fate now" and she spoke with a low voice that I can't hear.

With that determination in her eyes, I can't say no.

Because I, Julius would never make a girl disappointed.

'are you sure you're not wanting to be rubbed by beautiful girl man?'

it seems my inner demon has revived.

NO! I have no such thought!...Maybe~