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War Agent 355,821 - Reporting latest events from humans on Earth.

In the world year, 4B, it was discovered that the end of humanity was near. Research has found that thanks to radiation the planet would split into two existences. One would go to the X1 universe, as it was called. This universe would make all your things more fragile, and if a human steps there, that universe will be destroyed, but before being able to do so, he would die because the air in that place is different from ours, interestingly, we discovered that organic living life would not be affected.

In the other universe called X2, all things in that universe would become several times heavier, any human who stepped there would be killed by the pressure of that universe. Organic life has not gained resistance like inorganic objects. Humanity has no resistance to survive in either, and all we can do is pass on our knowledge.

Several teams were assembled to gather knowledge and put it on metal paper, since for some kind of reason, paper caught fire; mankind for the first time in all time, has come together, unfortunately this was only possible thanks to our destruction… at that time there was no class difference, until the A.A were allowed to pass on their knowledge.

Then the day finally came, this is the material that I will pass on, unfortunately it does not help much. I just wanted to tell you, beings that humanity has marked, don't hate us. Now without further ado, I will tell you about the brand you won, it represents your soul, you will be able to survive thanks to them; Kraken, the one who bears the mark of laziness; Potis, the one who bears the mark of hatred and Hoker, the one who bears the mark of punishment.

One day the universes merged again, I hope you: Kraken, my goldfish; Potis, my pinscher and Hoker, my hard-fingered parrot that made me lose several girlfriends… become strong and survive.

War agent 355,821 ... or rather, veterinarian Louis.