Chapter 1
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It was late afternoon when I heard knocking coming from my door. I blinked, but soon let go of the video game controller and got up from the greenhouse. Walking through the huge hallway of the mansion, I finally arrived at the concierge. I looked at a mirror I had placed next to the door, and I noticed that my dark circles had grown even more on my pale face, my huge black hair did not help my appearance at all.

I took a deep breath and opened the door reluctantly, I came across a black elf; a government official, to be more exact. She wore her police uniform, a black skirt and a blue blouse, with a black denim vest over it; I remember when I gave the suggestion to the head of the department, I really didn't expect him to accept ... I soon noticed that the black elf's face started to get a little red.

- Pervert! - She yelled at me.

I didn't understand anything for a moment when I decided to look at my body to see if something was wrong. I was naked. I ended up forgetting that elves care about that kind of thing ... well, I think I should respect the customs of other species, although I don't understand why they discriminate so much the way we came into the world ...

- … Sorry about that.

- What are you doing?! - Who asked this question was my servant Frederica, normally she who attends people; then I directed my face towards you.

- I came to see someone who knocked on the door ... - I really don't want to fight with her, the arguments she uses are very appealing ...

- Naked?

- … My bad.

- Anyway, go get dressed!

I just headed for my room, which I shouldn't have left. To start with: what made me leave there? That was when I realized what was really at my door. I stopped beside my servant Frederica and put my hands on your shoulder, she was wearing a long maid dress like the anime ones, I always liked those styles.

- Run from here. - I told her.

Noticing my perception, the being at the door decided to show its true face. His eyes became red; your blue skin; his formerly black hair is now snakes. I did not hesitate and went quickly to her, I looked at her for a moment.

- Who sent you here? - I asked while holding my anger, the one that ended up showing on my face.

She didn't answer my question, and then tried to punch me in the face. I was making a face that I didn't use my maritime skills, but I still managed to transform the mucus in my right arm;I increased their size several times and added more fibers, not to mention that I added dandelions in my hand.

Before she hit me, she managed to sink her teeth, which I had just created, into her forearm. I didn't believe she would tell me why she is here, since not even the pain of having her arm pierced made her scream. The being in front of me is a chimera, without a doubt, has no memory of anything and was certainly forced to come here, even knowing who is the resident of this mansion ...

- I wonder who is an idiot who created you ... chimeras should be beautiful and effective ... not ugly and useless. Although I don't want enemies to reach my maids ... I think I'm going to create a defense group.

She punched my face with her other hand, at this point in the championship it doesn't make much difference, since the teeth that were stuck in her arm had paralyzing poison. It didn't take long and the chimera passed out; I returned my arm to the usual one and held it behind my back.

- How heavy! - I screamed as I collapsed next to her, that woman was heavy! - Help here Frederica! Shit, she's already gone!

I could easily transform and get out of there, but we were on display for anyone passing by on the street. Yes, leaving my mansion off the street and not onto a huge trail surrounded by flowers! Who cares about these details? Anyway, I waited until Frederica returned, she was definitely the only employee strong enough to help me ... it took a while, but she finally showed up. I have never been so happy to see your black hair and brown eyes being accompanied by your fair skin.

- What are you doing? - She had asked me without understanding anything, but the repudiation on her face was remarkable.

- Help here Frederica! This woman is heavy! - Normally I wouldn't be ashamed of the people on the street staring at me, but this human body I use affects my emotional and is making me ashamed just for being naked!

- Yes Yes. - She walks over to me and slightly raises her long dress with her hands, Frederica took a deep breath and took her foot back, then kicked the woman in the belly, throwing her into the street.

- Urh ... - I stared at the girl who rolled several times in the air before falling to the ground, certainly the beings that passed there did the same.

- Some problem?! - When I looked at Frederica she was ‘breathing fire’ and snapping her fingers.

- None. - I pulled myself together and went into my house, closed the door and pretended that it never happened.

- What was that, master? - Frederica was already calmer, I walked up to my room with her as an escort.

- I have no idea.

- But didn't she attack you?

- Really ... but I don't know who sent her, since you kicked her out I couldn't find out ... - When I looked at her, I stopped talking, her expression was tenebrous.

- Are you defending the one who attacked us, even when I was in danger?

-… Is there an answer that pleases you?

- Who knows.

- No, it definitely doesn't exist.

- Tsk!

Frederica was really angry this time, even though I lived in this world for four billion years. I still don't know why she was more irritated by this than when I went into the bathroom while she was taking a shower… don't get it wrong; that was how she got out of the sea, she had no idea that terrestrial beings were ashamed of it, that time she was irritated, however, not like now.

- You know I love you, right? - I tried the last weapon I had up my sleeve, but ...

- You love is a travesty orgy. - As you can see, her tongue is very sharp.