Chapter 2
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… How strange, I am waking up now, but I feel that my body is heavy as if I had worked. What the hell is that? I immediately took the cover off me, well, the titan is on his feet as he was all morning, so I didn't stay in a brothel until a few moments ago.

I wonder where Frederica went, she usually pisses me off to leave the room… I always ignore it, but she hasn't failed once. Stopping to think about it, hadn't she accompanied me to my room yesterday?…

I looked at the corner of the room, there was a pile of clothes there, and at the top of the pile there was… maid clothes ?!

Don't tell me that… I did that to her and I don't remember !? That would explain my aching body, as she looks like a monster in bed, but if I don't remember, does it mean it was invalidated ?! Impossible, come on brain, we've been together for more than millennia, don't fail now!

- What are you doing, hanging around? Asked Frederica.

I didn't even notice, but my body started to walk alone, stopping to think, I hadn't seen her there in the corner of the room. Ah, I remembered now, she is always invisible when she sleeps, since she cannot control her vampire powers properly.

- I'm wondering what happened yesterday ... by the way, I'm going to turn on the light. - I said while going to the corner of the room, looking for the switch.

- Yesterday you used your powers, even though they were sealed, you kept bleeding, so I treated you with my blood.

- Got it.

I stopped with my hand next to the switch. Pausing to think, I feel that something is not right… weren't vampires limited to doing this naked? Since their bodies catch fires and their clothes burn. Wait, right now I'm naked, don't tell me that!…

I continued to take my hand and turned on the light, then turned to see Frederica. She looked like a helpless maiden lying with her back on the floor, her black hair contrasting with her fair skin and covering the tips of her wonderful breasts, she has her right leg over her left, not letting me see that part, her lips they seem softer than usual, she is really sensual.

- Wait ... Are you kidding me ?! - I shouted pointing the finger at her, there's no way she didn't do this sexy pose unintentionally!

- What are you talking about? - She sat with her left hand between her legs and rubbed her right next to her eyes, then our eyes crossed, I don't know what's going on here anymore! In cases like this, I have only one option left.

- You know ... I want to put it on.

- There is?! - She looked at me a little surprised, but as if she expected that.

- Put on my clothes, did you think of anything indecent? - It is now that I turn the game around or die trying!

- Who knows. - She stood up and approached me, her face was very close, enough for me to feel her calm breath, I looked deep into her eyes, my gaze was captured as if I was hypnotized. - How do you prefer me to understand?

Man… I got red like a pepper, I sweated a lot, my heart raced and I can't take an action, what the hell is that ?! I've already taken a fucking woman, something like that never happened to me! I want to take this girl for myself and stay with her until the night comes, or even more! It is as if your breath, which now touches my face, is taming me, but at the same time it is as if I had a wall that would prevent me from doing what I long so much!

- I'm going in. - What is it? Those words came from outside the room.

A young girl opened the door, another housekeeper, only much less mature than Frederica. She stared at us for a few seconds with somber eyes, in a way, seeing that girl made me calm down a little.

- Ah, sorry for disturbing you. - She said while closing the door and sneaking out.

- It ended the climate ... - Commented Frederica. - Well, let's leave that for later. - She said while walking away from me and was going to put on her bra and panties, if I looked at her ass while she was on her back? Is that a question to ask? Of course I did! That there is the embodiment of perfection, it is so round and smooth that it looks like a work of art!

I just put on my clothes, today I have some things to do, Frederica must have healed me because she knew that, since she rarely does that kind of thing. After she and I got dressed, we headed out of the room.

- Frederica, can I tell you something? - I asked her, already reassured.

- Speak. - She replied without looking me in the eyes.

- You in this outfit are wonderful, but without anything you look perfect!

-… I wonder if I should thank you. - She was indifferent, I really can't understand her.

- You were as cold as ever, I wonder if it would have happened if there was no interruption.

- You'll know, maybe one day it won't happen.