: Ch 2 : Beautiful sunshine
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[Big chef/Old man]

[Human adult (old man)]

[looks like a dirty old man wearing a chef's outfit]


[Human adult (youthful age of 67)]

[Youthful grey hair and eyes and shriveled up face]

[10th Of August 9:42 AM, Saltlake city, 4th district]




Atsumi is trying to quickly get me to the restaurant to show me something. Although I say that, I can only move so fast when I'm this tired.

Leaving our little house, I rub my eyes and yawn while trying to wake up. We live in a good place. Not to say that our house is really nice looking, cause it isn't. Anyone can clearly see the two siblings with slightly worn out clothes coming out of a wooden hut with several holes in it, are somewhat out of place in this part of the city where most of the middle class lives.

Although our financial situation isn't the best, we're actually really blessed, considering the circumstances. After all, usually, orphans don't get to keep their parent's house and live in the middle class district that we live in. Without anyone powerful to back you, you can't really do much against the greedy bastards who control most of the land. The feudal lords, or something? I think that's what they're called.

Luckily for us two, we have a single little connection that keeps us from being thrown out. That connection being our late mother. She was the friend of the owner of the restaurant I work at, aka my boss. If it were any normal restaurant then it wouldn't matter; but, this restaurant just happens to be the most influential restaurant I've ever heard of. It brings in a ton of revenue from the people who are coming through the city. Enough that offending the owner would be asking for trouble. It's because of him that we get to keep our barely functional house and even work in his amazing restaurant.

Oh, we're here. I guess my walking, or rather sleepy stumbling, was slow enough for all that reminiscing to take up the whole walk. Well, I'm a little more awake now, so let's go see what Atsumi wants to show me.

"SURPRISE!" (Everybody in ZA WARUDO)

Arriving at the restaurant, the scene was indeed quite the surprise. Theres not a single customer in sight, yet right before my eyes, lies a big table filled with amazing, delicious looking food. It's like a banquet was prepared for some ginormous party! What's this all about? Even all the staff is out here!

Mei: "What's going on? Is it my birthday or something and I just didn't know it?"

Atsumi then laughed and said as he smiled "No, big sis. This is a party I worked hard to make for you, so hurry up and dig in before it gets cold!"

Wait... Atsumi organized all this? That's incredible... I'm not one to waste food, especially such delicious looking food when it's right in front of me, so in my shocked and absent-minded state I just went along with the flow of everyone's expecting eyes pressuring me. I don't understand exactly what is going on as I am still somewhat tired and exhausted from work. After taking my first bite, my eyes widened as I became wide awake, yet I was frozen in place, in a state of pure bliss from the feeling in my mouth. I've never tasted anything this good in my life! It's no doubt even better than that old fat chef who works for my boss, and he even learned how to cook straight from the boss himself! I wonder if the boss actually made this? There's no way though. Today is just a simple, regular holiday, so there's no reason for the boss to come cook for us. Unless, there's something that I don't know that might make him? If this is the surprise that Atsumi wanted to show me, then yeah it explains why he told me that it's be better to see it for myself since I doubt I'd believe it if he told me straight up that the boss himself actually cooked us a meal...

Atsumi: "You're sure eating a lot. That means you like it right?"

Atsumi says with a concerned expression, pulling me out of my daze. Turns out I've been stuffing my mouth as much as possible without noticing, just to keep the amazing tastes coming. Whoops.

Mei: "Dish ish amashinh! Woo ade dish- *gulp* excuse me. Who made this? The only one who should have cooking skills this good should be the boss, yet I don't believe he would make us food just for some holiday, right?"

Then Atsumi grinned as he puffed up his chest.

Atsumi: "I did! I spent the whole week learning and experimenting on how to cook you the best food ever!"

He said that with his eyes sparkling and an expecting look on his face as if he's yearning to be praised.

Mei: "You did? My little Atsumi did?" He nods his head vigorously as I turn to the head chef who works under the boss and say "Is that really true, dirty old man?"

Big chef: "I'm not a dirty old man! And yes it is true, I was there the whole time."

Mei: "..."

Big chef: "Stop looking at me with those disrespectful eyes! Wanna get thrown out, brat?!"

I just ignore him as I turn back to Atsumi who has the most adorable smug little face I've ever seen on this planet.

Mei: "So you really did all this?"

Atsumi: "Yep I worked reeeaally hard to make the food as good as possible so you'd like it! Do you like it? Does it taste good? Did it make you happy?"

Mei: "It's wonderful, Atsumi. I'm so proud of you."

As he hears me say that his face becomes so bright with that smile of his I could swear I can see stars in his eyes. I swear, this kid is just too cute someti- no, ALL the time. I don't deserve such a cute little brother.

Atsumi: "I'm so so so happy you said that! Thank you so so much! AAAH!! I just can't thank you enough!"

Mei: "Thank you? What are you thanking me for? I don't think I've done much to deserve thanks. We've been barely scraping by and I even had to let you start working to help out, even though you're still so small... How did you even get all this in the first place?"

Atsumi: "What are you talking about, big sis? You've given me so much that I don't think I could ever repay you! Every single day you work for so long, just so I won't starve! You always cheer me up when I'm sad, and even hug me and give me most of the blanket so I won't be cold at night..."

His eyes starts to water as if he can't hold something back anymore.

"...and-and, *sniffle* e-even though I c-cant even d-do as much as you to help, can't e-even w-work as hard as you can, can't even *sniffle* even make e-enough money to buy you s-something to make you smile... *sniffle* y-you still say that I'm the most precious thing in your whole world! Even though I can do almost nothing for you and am nothing but a burden, you still love me so much! You still make me so happy when you look so sad! I could never ask for a better sister! You're the best part of my life and all I want to do is make you happy! That's why I want to thank you for everything you've ever done for me..."

At this point he is bawling as he hugs me really hard.

"...so please... stop looking so sad..."

Ok if I don't spoil this kid RIGHT NOW then I think I might die for a multitude of reasons. How is it possible for him to grow up into such an angel when he has ME as an older sister...

Even though I try so hard not to, I always end up doing things I know would make me a bad role model... I'm not the nicest person out there... they say my attitude is horrible, even though I'm not doing it on purpose... and despite all that, you're telling me that me trying to teach him how to be a good person actually worked?

At this point, I'm almost 100% sure he's actually an angel that can't do wrong... yeah, no matter how I look at it, I don't deserve to have him as my brother, but... I can't leave. I can't leave him because he doesn't deserve to be abandoned. He doesn't deserve to have his older sister abandon him for such stupid reasons...

I almost wish he didn't like me so that I could leave. If he hated me, then what reason would I have to stay? Yet, for some reason, he can't hate me. He literally can't.

I understand now. I absolutely have to make this kid as happy as he can possibly be. All this time I've been teaching him the things I've been learning, in some half hazard attempt at raising him to be a better person than I am, but that wasn't simply enough. I have to make him happy, even if I don't deserve to. I just can't let this kid cry tears of sadness ever again. I can tell that he's truly happy right now. This kid is truly happy, simply by making someone else happy. Because you deserve it- no. Because you want it, I will promise you. I will promise that I will do my best to fulfill the role as an older sibling in your life, to make sure that I never have to see those tears. Those tears that you cried that night mom died.

Mei: "It's okay, Atsumi. I promise. I didn't know I was making you sad, so I promise."

Ah. I think I'm crying now too. I don't want to ever let this hug go.

"Thank you Atsumi..."

Thank you for shining bright like a star...

For being my ray of sunshine...