Chapter 109: Lore, Lightning and Coroner
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Trimegal’s scream remained Sol Grandy’s signature universal irritant. More annoying was the falling ice-beam Trimegal fired from the sky. In a symbolic gesture of her draining patience, Melody conjured tower of flames, stopping those attacks in clash of ice and fires.

Luxinna appeared on a random debris with a grunt. It was obvious half-measure won’t murder the artificial dragon. Swarms of [Assault Fauna] peppered the dragon with blades of [Serene Glass] and accomplished nothing against those frozen armor. Melody’s attack barely dented it either. Thankfully, times spent fighting against Hikma had a taught the girls patience.

Luxinna swung [Historia], decapitating a draconic minion without sparing a glance. A spatial wave from Trimegal nearly broke her footing as it sent Melody crash-landed beside her.

“Infodump?” Luxinna asked.

“Yep, got everything,” Melody dusted herself, barely fazed by her high velocity trips. “It can operate up to a maximum of 124 minions. The ice out-put was about 25 kilotons TNT — relegated as nuclear level. The optic laser operated at a similar intensity to its ice. Rem was right. Those flesh emitted similar radiation to Sol Grandy. Worst, its regeneration rate is 134% of Cytortia.”

“Great,” Luxinna groaned. Cytortia’s 2nd Legend lent her almost legendary stamina and regeneration. If Trimegal healed faster than the former goddess, beating it would be a headache. “Weaknesses?”

“Its space defense and optic-blast have three-seconds cooldown. Limit power source meant it can’t activate ice-spells and corrosion radiation simultaneously. The most glaring of all is its energy got sourced directly from the Spiritium crystal buried in its chest.”


The girls quickly annihilated the minion attacking them. Luxinna promptly decapitated three with [Historia] and transformed her weapon to spear the last creature. Melody went with more barbaric approach, grabbing a draconic minion by its wing and ripping it to pieces.

“Can you pierce the armor with [Dravritra]?”

“Yes, but I saw an emergency surprises in its coding. Luxinna, we need [Edge of ADA] to finish it.”

Luxinna cringed, but sighed after three solid seconds.

“Fine,” Luxinna groaned. “Why?”

“Its final redundancies channel the power of that stupid moon. Only [ADA] can penetrate that gap.”

“Get me an opening,” Luxinna summoned her [Serene Glass].

Melody cracked her fingers and activated her EAPS. She pressed a start button on her homemade timer.

[Burning Asura: Dragon Dance]

Ever wonder where Dragons came from?

Lore time!

Multiverse had no shortage of dragon, but their ancestry was unordinary. It was a tale originating from the Multiversal Genesis — a primordial Big Bang that birthed the Multiverse. Astral realm recorded the Genesis gave birth to the forces governing realities: Prime Worlds; Dimension so massively powerful in Mana (one of them eventually become Phantasia), Imaginary Heritages; countless celestial treasures — living or dead — in rank of its own, and finally the two mega power of the Multiverse; the Center Force and Malice.

Both Dragons and gods decent from these Imaginary Heritages. While the Primordial gods’ [Divine Core] originated as reaction by-product of Imaginary Heritage [CHAOS], the Dragon-species were the brood of [Dravritra] in a war against its rival [Zen Long] in the early multiverse. Such biblical conflict carved the entire infantile multiverse into inhospitable Mana soup until [Zen Long] activated an Imaginary Heritage — [Edge of ADA] — to kill [Dravritra]. However, Imaginary Heritage of such magnitude self-destructed and butchered [Zen Long] who lacked qualities to wield the almighty [Edge of ADA].

The brood borne from blood of [Dravritra] and [Zen Long] scattered throughout Multiverse. [Zen Long]’s children ultimately sired the serpentine Flood Dragon and Wurms. Meanwhile, species of Hydras and Western Dragon originated from [Dravritra].

Despite their death, the strength of [Dravritra] and [Zen Long] qualified them for the throne of Primal Arcane as a series of techniques.

Rem estimated it would take centuries to master Primal Arcane with mild flavors like [Tenshou] and [Gift]. Meanwhile, volatile cocktail like [Edge of ADA] and [Dravritra] enhanced user overall performance as inactive Skill and roasted user’s physical and mental state at full activation.

Horizon Dawn’s Primal Arcane was essentially endgame nuke adjusted to level LV1, treating them carelessly was suicidal.

Such danger forced Melody and Luxinna to spend an entire year inventing a route to activate the nerfed version of their Primal Arcane without KO-ing themselves. Periods Melody spend to adapt her [Burning Asura Sky] into [Burning Asura: Dragon Dance]. While [Sky] converted her blood into a supercharged explosive crystal, [Dragon Dance] converted her entire body into energy reactor jumpstarted by her Mana. Unlike typical reactor that produced energy, Melody’s [Dragon Dance] existed to prime the gargantuan output of [Dravritra], minimizing her reliance on the Primal Energy that short-circuited her body. Even then, two years of fainting from over-timing [Dragon Dance] seared the risk into Melody’s psyche, hence her invention of personal Mana meter.

Melody’s blood intensified with raw energy. Unstoppable power filtered through her arteries, jumpstarted by her Mana, crimson aura erupted as her power surged. Melody’s golden eyes erupted with sunset glowed as the power of her spiritual progenitor responded to her call. 

“Cover me,” Luxinna created a lance of [Serene Glass] and began the summoning ritual.

“No problem.”

Trimegal’s six pairs of eyes glowed and released optic lasers, blowing the wreckage the two were standing with yields worth 24 kilotons of TNT total in six separate explosions. But a wave of flames countered the blast, efficiently dissipating the forces of those optic detonations. Fires swirled into a pair of fiery draconic wings, glittering with shinning spot of decorative solar fires.

[Dravritra: Wing]

Melody leapt. The replica of the forefather’s wing flapped, billowing flames and cosmic winds, rending the very earth asunder. Trimegal respond with a breath of lightning from its right head, but Melody vanished in a wing-beat before the lightning hit. As prime ancestor of dragon, [Dravritra] remained an unsurpassable wall of mystical marvel. Even as a replica, wielded by a novice, its proud wings proved superior against lightning coming at 100,000 Kilometer per second.

Melody outmaneuvers the torrent of lightning in a burning comet. Toxic breath from Trimegal’s left-head burnt into clean-air before the beat on the plasma wing. The demoness expertly maneuvered mid-air, U-turning into a dive-bomb at Trimegal, dispelling its tornado breadth with a single flap of her wing.

The air-waved spread throughout the city as a shock-wave with such intensity it nearly blew Luxinna’s into a building.

The gust of wind didn’t stop at the corpse of Fire-quarter. No, it penetrated to the Earth-quarter.

Andries reached to catch her friend from floating away like balloons meeting a monsoon. Even distance didn’t dissipate the intensity of the fight? She found it unbelievable to think these people were under S-rank.

Then her eyes caught a spectacular display of magical fire-power.

Was that a crimson claw-mark scarring the sky?

[Dravritra: Claw]

The draconian claw severed Trimegal’s neck, searing blood-red wound into the atmosphere. A click of Solarmaria’s fingers detonated the floating mark, blowing Trimegal’s attempt to regenerate its left head to glib. Flames rained from the sky, contesting with the blizzard summoned by the artificial dragon. The scene resembled icy landscape Jotunheim mashed with the fiery hell of Muspell. 

Trimegal fell to the earth, rasing rock and dirt in the collision. It growled and flung a building at Melody. The demoness carved the flying multi-tons rock to reveal Trimegal’s ginormous fist. The Dragon hid a surprise attack behind the building.

[Ice Punch]

Normal [Ice Punch] could shatter steel and organs with a sudden Temperature drop. Trimegal’s [Ice Punch] was enough to destroy military-grade flying cruiser. Melody noted the incoming punch and responded with appropriate force.

[Dravritra: Scale]

Melody met the punch with her ultimate defence. Trimegal’s first sent Melody, shielded by translucent crimson scale, tumbling. However, the icy crawl of the dragon pretender melted on contact with the primal ancestor’s scale. Spell-scaffolds holding Trimegal’s attack unrivaled under the majesty of [Dravritra]’s superior armor.


Trimegal grabbed Melody with it crawl, radiating with corroding light, before blasting her with all its optic-lasers. However, the [Scale] tanked the damage, giving the girl opening for a counter.

Melody’s hand flew.

A crimson slice flashed twice. The first cut removed two fingers from the massive golem, and the second incision blinded its eyes. Melody sternly detonated the crimson wound, removing Trimegal’s middle-head and claw.

The young Solarmaria grimaced at her chipped replica. What up those bones? Then she caught the image of Trimegal’s stump.

It was an ancient bone laced with spell-crafting circuitry.

Melody worked out Orwell’s construction method in an instant.

That smart bastard must have discovered a skeleton of an ancient dragon inside the catacomb. Then, using advance Amalgam and genetic manipulation, he remodeled the organic material with World Enemy's DNA, culturing Trimegal’s body by using the bony corpses of a long dead Dragon and boatload power sourced from Spiritium crystal. Melody must give Orwell the credit. That guy was absurdly smart at exploiting a lucky windfall.


Melody cursed. Timer hit the warning of [Dragon Dance] over-expenditures. At least she needed to whack the crystal before she deactivated. [Breath] would likely knock her body into a permanent coma. Fine. A full power [Claw]? No. Her finger still aching from repeatedly cutting through those reinforce Ice Armor and skeleton. Melody estimated the base-dragon must be around S-rank. What a lucky bastard.

Melody lifted her leg.

[Dravritra: Tail]

It was drop-kick landed with the force of meteorite. The attack that pushed even Chronicler’s legendary [Trinity] to its limit. 

Trimegal sensed the danger and unleashed its space-wave.

The wall of fluctuation barely altered the trajectory of the earth-rending kick, but failed to slow the blow. Melody’s leg smashed into Trimegal’s shoulder, crushing the blend of gravity . Like Guillotine through meat, the kick carved through Trimegal’s armor and crimson flesh—burning the Amalgam cells before it could react with the corroding radiation—and bulldozed the ancient bones beneath to ash.

Melody missed the crystal, but the attack was too broken for failures. The girl punched through Trimegal like executioner axe and annihilated the ground in a minor earthquake. Behind her, Trimegal’s right-side parted from its body — damaged beyond its regeneration to fix.


[Ice Create: Glacial]

Trimegal dropped a series of ice boulders the size of the house. The artificial dragon threw away its attempt to regenerate in favor of burying Melody Solarmaria under ice.

As [Dragon Dance] faded, Melody switched to forging. The girl who only got one attack to rely on during her battle with Orwell was dead. Three years of training gave the Empress plentiful time to develop new EAPS.

[Burning Asura: Nuclear Forge]

Using the combination of [Heavenly Eyes], [Forging] and [Anima Enchanting], Melody developed a technique to reforge her surrounding into enchanted weapon power by consumption of matter.

Rem watched the light-show and contemplated how it developed to this point.

“[Nuclear Forge]. An ability to reforge the surrounding material into a disposable enchanted weapon. Who would expect that lunatic to take my random rambling about Fullmetal Alchemist and blow invent a method to forge a Nuclear Power consumables out of brick? What can I say? Eat your heart out, Edward?”

Rocks beneath Melody reassembled into a pike decorated with orange enchanted line. Melody kicked her creation into her hand and threw it at those falling ice-bergs. The pike impaled the ice thousand times its mass. Matter combusted into energy and consumed the barrages in a super fireball.

Poor Trimegal failed to escape the explosion. In a desperate gamble, it regathered it minion and meld them into a magical circle hanging overhead. Now that Trimegal lost two-heads, right-side of its body and consigned the fact its various arsenal produced no result to speak; it activated Orwell’s emergency measures.

Merit where it was due, Orwell was unbelievably imaginative with the creation he slapped together on the fly. Among Orwell’s various installations, his use-this-when-you-are-screwed option took the desperate cake.

It was a magical circle of Amalgam/World Enemy’s flesh — specially designed to amplify the World Enemy’s power on the scale even Melody couldn’t destroy. On this occasion, the circle was connected to the Primordial World Enemy. Once activated, an immense gravitational pulse would strike the entire area with the power to squash an S-rank.

Being one of the most desperate invention Orwell ever birthed, Mehest himself hoped to never see it used. Nobody wished to directly grabbed the attention of world-consuming entity from the Malice for an instant win card. Thankfully, Orwell didn’t need to worry, because Luxinna was finally ready.

There on the roof, an elf held a copy of ultimate lightning — the most destructive Imaginary Heritage ever birthed in Multiversal Genesis.

[Edge of ADA] — the slayer of [Dravritra] and [Zen Long] — graced the battlefield.

Yeah, poor Trimegal had an even lower survival ratios than Shyme did.

“What the hell?”

Andries frightfully cowered at the five ominous, crimson magic circles floating in the sky faraway. The Inky blackness gathered at the circle like a hovering hammer of death lording her fate.

Then it happened.

The light.


Zeus’s Master bolt



Those are infamous weapon associated with lightning. Truth was the god mass-manufactured lightning weapon for ages. Its spark of supremacy permanently seduced the god’s [Divine Core] at genetic depth. They subconsciously forged their divine superweapon in the image of the original [Edge of ADA].

[ADA] weren’t like any Primal Arcane. As Imaginary Heritages of the most absurd order—the supreme force of conceptual destruction — no half-bake catalyst could channel [Edge of ADA]. Even Hikma’s [Conceptual Seal] only produced its fragment.

How could mere ceramic, glass, steel or Mana reach the forefather of lightning — the destroyer crystalized? 

Wait… Isn’t there are one True Magic that created miracle material that symbolized crystalized lightning? 

Yes, again, the elves were foolish. Luxinna and her [Static Glass] was the only combination in the Multiverse able to master [Edge of ADA] and endured its raw power. But, the sixteen-year-old Luxinna using [ADA] was like an LV13 character equipping LV1000 weapon. She got [ADA] in her inventory, but she was too under-level to pull its power out.

Good news, unlike [Dravritra], [ADA] was a weapon. Luxinna didn’t need to channel it, only activate and swing. However, activating [ADA] opened the floodgate of power Luxinna couldn’t even tolerate with her [Overdrive].

Hence, the elf spent three years developing her [Overdrive] into a new technique — [Overflow]

[Overflow] removed her natural limiter quick burst, unlike [Overdrive]’s enhanced state. If [Overdrive] is a marathon [Overflow] was a jump. While this evolution didn’t increase her raw-power, it allowed the elf to instantly shifted her attack gear and physical ability in split-semi seconds. This sudden acceleration could throw the fight’s rhythm in her favors. To an outsider, the elf will disappear mid-combat in a flash of lightning and reappeared instantaneously with an impaled opponent. Luxinna’s caliber with limit break reached the point where she could rapid-fire [Overflow] back-to-back with the speed of Cow-boy’s quick-drawing and Iai-practitioner’s precision.

[Overflow] allowed Luxinna to plan all her action pre-activation and executed faster than even [Overdrive]. For [ADA], the elf essentially used the LV1000 overkiller within split-seconds between activation and forced unequip. A single attack with [ADA] would utterly exhaust Luxinna, but the result was spectacular.

5 circles of doomed floated in the sky. The cloud of darkness inside hymned ominously. For the elf holding the shattering staff of glass, those creations of corrupted flesh seemed like a target. Finally, after an agonizing wait, the staff in her hand cracked into an indescribable white bolt brighter than Relativistic Jets of a Blackhole. The bolt arced with white celestial sparks as she lifted the fluid instrument of devastation.

The elf’s brain telegraphed the order the moment Luxinna’s limit broke. The attack would execute no matter what happened to her. Her arm already swung the weapon with pre-activated order as her mind and body blanked out.

Trimegal wailed as it witnessed the dimension cracking, unleashing the wrath of Dawn.

[Edge of ADA]

Six lightning bolts fell from the sky as ordered by the supreme ruler of thunder. Lightning large enough to reduce an entire Taipei 101 into a smoking carbon fell on Orwell’s kit-bash doomsday magic and the false Dragon. The circles of World Enemy’s fleshed burnt to fundamental particles — its Eldritch power annihilated at the bond holding them together. Trimegal’s towering height ate the bolt and instantly carbonized at its DNA. No armor of Ice or para-causal force could prevent its flesh from degrading beyond recognition. What remained of the perfectly dead Amalgam fell to earth in an unrecognizable charcoal.

Those lightnings knocked Andries and her fellow spectators flying. No amount of friction spell could stop the raw wind of that grand discharge.

As the blinding thunder subsided, Melody lighted the flare, declaring their victory.

By the time duke daughter got up, she witnessed the most wonderful of sight.

That day the entire Venistalis witnessed an overkill that relighted an undying hope.

The symbol of a man embracing the sun asserted its dominance on the corpse of Orwell’s dragon.