Chapter 79 – At the Worst Time ❤❤❤
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Miria was leaning onto Ast’s side and watching him carve a crystal into the desired shape of a specific sigil as he often did during their free time around a campfire. There was just something mesmerizing with how the ornamental knife gently sliced off bits of the mineral, sending them into the heat, which resulted in small and colorful explosions, this time, leaving a green afterglow.

Umbra was quick to notice Selene’s intentions and returned back to his realm, well aware that he wasn’t yet as close with the others to not make them at least a little uncomfortable with his presence during their private time. 

For him, reading a person's thoughts from simple physical signs was already not that hard, but paired with the connection the three of them now shared, he could do it even more accurately without employing any of his mental techniques. 

“My Lord,” Selene finally gathered all her thoughts and called out to Asterios.


He stopped what he was doing and raised his gaze from the crystal, glancing at her alongside Miria.

“Not that long ago, while we were undertaking that quest to find the missing child, we briefly discussed how charming you can be. At that time, it was more in a jesting manner, but today, I wanted to touch upon it with a bit more serious—KUUUHHNNNGGG?!”


Seeing the foxkin suddenly clutching her chest and beginning to fall forward mid-sentence, Miria instantly jumped over the fire and caught her friend before she hit the ground. Asterios was right after her and arrived by their side, dropping everything he had been working on.


“Stop talking before you bite your tongue off!” Asterios shouted and placed Selene down on her back with Miria’s help.

During their time together, they’ve never seen her in so much pain before. Asterios could tell that it didn’t compare to what she was going through during their last full moon together. And as Selene said, the night was still young; it was way too early for the symptoms to show up if their treatment was having effects on her condition. And they were sure it did.

The scene unfolding in front of their eyes was something close to what Selene had told the two about; her suffering from way before she met Asterios and received his help. 

Every single muscle in her body was stiff and tense to the level where they could be easily noticed over the exposed parts of her skin. The only things stopping her from rolling around while writhing in agony were Ast’s and Miria's hands. 


“Master! What is happening?! Shouldn’t Selene feel almost no pain after you helped her so much?!”

“I don’t know! Hold her down for now!”

Miria caught Selene’s wrists and pinned them to the ground on the sides of her waist while sitting on the foxkin’s legs. She had to use quite a lot of strength to fight the occasional increase in resistance when another wave of pain made Selene’s muscles clench and unintentionally apply more force into her movements.

Asterios quickly drew on the energy of his second source, starting to spread it all over his internal circuits, and lifted the bottom part of Selene’s dress, revealing her slim stomach, now strained heavily under the tension caused by the spasms.

He pressed his palms onto her abdomen and sent a small wave of spiritual energy to expand his senses over Selene’s circuits. But, the moment it left Ast’s fingers, it immediately bounced back, pushing his hands away and making it scatter into the air with a small blast of force.


“I’m fine! I got a bit careless.” 

Focusing much more on the fine details of it, he repeated the motion while exerting very precise and meticulous control over how his energy entered Selene’s body. The moment he got a peek at her circuits and source, the sight shocked him so much that he was rebound again.

“Ugh! Her spiritual energy is going completely haywire. There’s clearly way more of it and it’s much stronger than before. Even with the external circuits almost back to full efficiency, it’s still more than her body can handle.”


“Master, look!”

Asterios glanced up at Miria and then followed her gaze since her hands were quite busy. He instantly noticed what she was pointing out. Instead of three shimmering and bushy tails behind Selene’s back, they could now count up to four, with the last one slightly see-through.

“I don’t know the details about Spiritual Foxes, but I think Selene is advancing! That’s why there’s so much energy!”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I have to do something about this. I’ll try helping her release it outside. Keep her down. I apologize for this in advance.”

He made a quick motion with the fingers of his left hand and the hidden blade slid out from his gauntlet. Acting very carefully, he made a cut in Selene’s dress from her neck down to her sternum and pulled the material aside. Retracting the blade back, he pressed both of his hands onto the middle of her chest, where Selene’s source was located, more or less.

Immediately after making contact, he started intentionally forcing the situation where his own mana would mix with hers and create an outburst, pushing his hands away while also drawing out some of Selene’s energy with it.

Unfortunately, after a few short minutes of repeating that technique, there was barely any noticeable change in her suffering. The expelled spiritual energy was being generated back at an incredible speed, replacing the chunk that he got rid of almost in an instant.

“This won’t work… Something different…”


Asterios started biting on his fingernail while staring at his distressed friend, going through tens of techniques in his mind to find any that could in any way help in their current predicament. But, none of them would do what he was looking for.

~Umbra. Can you like shield her mind or something?~

~I’m afraid the spiritual energy she is releasing is way too chaotic for my current capabilities. If I began before this started, I would be able to ease that tension a little.~


Asterios pondered for a while longer and sighed.

“I guess we can only rely on this.”

Miria watched him suddenly draw out the hidden blade again and cut his finger, starting to paint some array consisting of many sigils on the revealed part of Selene’s chest. She put more mana into her Physical Strengthening to make Selene wriggle a little bit less.

“What are you going to do, Master?”

“I’m going to use this one technique that will allow me to share more of my spiritual essence with Selene than how much I normally can with a passive transfer. After mixing with her own essence, it should result in quick growth and a raise of her limits, which in turn will ease the pain, as we learned before. Normally, you shouldn’t share too much at once, but this isn’t a normal situation.”

He finished the formation and activated it immediately, placing one hand over the magical sigils while using the other to form a sign with all of his fingers straight up except for the ring finger and the thumb, which were connected with each other, making a small circle.

A crimson aura started seeping out of Ast’s body and slowly flowing down his extended arm, towards the spiritual formation. Selene’s eyes opened wide when it made contact with her skin and began sinking into her body. She made brief eye contact with Miria, who gave her a wry smile.

After around fifteen minutes of transfer, accompanied by countless screams of pain, the resistance Selene was unintentionally putting up lessened a little bit. She was still assaulted by almost rhythmic waves of it, making her whole body tense up and twist, but the change was noticeable.

“It’s working. And the fourth tail is getting more visible, Master!”

“It is, but it’s still too slow. It’s way harder to pass essence than energy, even with this technique. And if this is going to intensify around midnight, we might have very well done nothing,” he spoke without opening his eyes, fully focused on channeling his essence.

“Ghhhnnn! It’s fine! Hnnnggg! I’ll just… ghhhhh… wait it out… as always… ACK!” Selene tried to smile at Miria but it was broken immediately by another pang of pain.

“Damn it! I can’t do it any faster!” Asterios opened his eyes and cursed.

“Master.” Miria captured his attention for a moment. “Wasn’t there... a more efficient method? You know… ummmm… more… direct one?”

Seeing a little blush on Miria’s cheeks and how she slightly avoided meeting his gaze, Asterios instantly realized what she was thinking about. He completely forgot about it in the heat of the moment and they even confirmed its authenticity and effectiveness together in the past. But…

“There’s no way I’m going to have sex with her in such a situation, Miria.” He shook his head after a moment.

“But that would definitely help a lot! Because every time you… come inside… it feels like my body is being filled with your essence to the brim... And I always grew stronger quickly... And also, whenever I have an… an orgasm… it’s like my mana explodes outside...”

She tried her best to keep looking straight back at him as her cheeks grew even redder. But, for Selene, she wasn’t going to let her shyness stop her from convincing him.

“We are mates, Miria. This would be no different than me taking advantage of the situation to force myself on Selene against her will. I can’t—”

“Master, Selene is actually—ah!”

Distracted by her conversation with Asterios, Miria was taken by surprise and one of Selene’s wrists escaped her hold, moving to grab Ast’s collar and pulling him down in a flash. Before either of them could even react, Ast’s and Selene’s lips have already been joined together in a rough kiss; his eyes widened to the brim as her tongue dove into his mouth.

Their kiss was broken by another wave of anguish, making Selene accidentally bite on Ast’s lower lip strong enough to make it bleed, and both of them grunted in pain before moving away. A red trail traveled down Ast’s chin.

She stared into his eyes with a strained smile. “Just… nghhh… do me… fufu—ghhn!”

After staring at her face twisting in pain for a brief moment, Asterios sighed. “Alright. I’m really sorry this is how your first time is going to look.”

“Doesn’t… matter… kuhhh… We can… ghnn… have a proper one… afterward…”

He leaned forward to join their lips together once more and used that opportunity to transfer some more essence to her with his saliva. Selene tried to hold her body in control, but she couldn’t stop another wound on Ast’s lips from appearing. She did feel a little better now, receiving his essence both from his hand and through the kiss.

She retracted her hand from his collar and moved it to hold onto his thigh, gripping it strongly. Asterios had already made up his mind so he drew the blade again and cut the rest of Selene’s dress, leaving her just in the black panties. If not for the situation they were in, he would take a good time admiring her well-developed body and stunning figure.

He brushed the side of Selene’s face and started heading towards her underwear with the other hand. “Let’s get you ready as much as we can then.”

“I don’t think that’s necessary, Master.”

Miria had already acted before him, being way closer to Selene’s bottom since she was sitting on her thighs, and pulled the fabric aside, revealing the most precious place of the foxgirl. Miria traced her finger over the pink slit and showed Asterios a fair amount of slimy liquid on her furry fingers.

“Just as I smelled before, she’s already as wet as she can be. Selene is still a beastfolk and we are under a full moon.” 

Miria then leaned towards him, licked the trail of blood off his face, and pecked Ast’s lips.

“Make her scream in pleasure rather than pain, Master.”

She then jumped off Selene and stepped away, plopping down on the grass in the distance. Selene managed to nod at her, showing her approval of Miria not going back to their realm, and instead, staying to watch how things unfold, in case she’d have to intervene.

In the meantime, Asterios quickly got rid of his clothing. He pried Selene’s legs open, clenched together from pain, and positioned himself between them, leaning forward over her.

“Just hold onto me closely. I’ll try to come as soon as I can. Gods, I never thought I would be saying this ever.”

“But… ghnnn… my nails…”

“Nothing that we can’t heal later.”

Selene nodded at him and hugged Asterios very tightly, practically forcing their bodies to press against each other. She could feel his warm chest squishing her breasts and he experienced two soft mounds grazing his skin with their hardened peaks.

With their faces close together, Asterios dove for one more kiss, timing it out just after another shiver that tensed Selene’s body.

“I’m putting it in then.”

Glancing down, he aimed his penis at her entrance by rubbing his glans around her labia. She truly was amazingly wet. He could feel it easily. The heat and moistness that hit his nerves when his tip touched the pink entrance were enough to make him as hard as he could get. The anxiety of not being able to properly hold his erection due to the intensity of the situation and constant worry about Selene was washed away from his mind.

“Alright. I’ll do it slowly so—guh?!”

Selene’s legs suddenly wrapped themselves behind his waist and clamped strongly, pulling him into her with a lot of force. In a blink, Ast’s dick traveled through her moist vagina, tearing through her hymen without either of them even noticing it before his pelvis slammed against her bottom with a loud clap.


The cry that left Selene’s mouth was a little different from the grunts released in the past half an hour or so and it didn’t escape their attention. Unfortunately, it still was partially a cry of pain, and the eight stinging lines that appeared on Ast’s back were proof of that, created from another one of her painful spasms; the reason behind her sudden movement.

Still pressing him hard against herself, Selene gazed Asterios straight into his eyes and joined their lips together.

Before he started moving, they exchanged a few very rough kisses while his hands were squeezing her considerable breasts and rubbing her nipples. Asterios wanted to do as much as he could to make sure he wouldn’t just add to Selene’s pain.

“Mhhggnnn… Move… Nghhh… Don’t be afraid… ghnnn… to enjoy this...”

Encouraged by the enchanting fox lady, Asterios started rocking his hips. Selene’s insides were incredibly hot and pleasurable so he didn’t have any doubts he would be able to come quickly without holding anything back. That thought reminded him of something and he hastily drew a certain small rune on her underbelly.

That was close...

With that covered, he focused back on relishing the sensations assaulting his dick, repeatedly sliding in and out of Selene’s amazing pussy. It not only was admirable how tightly her internal walls coiled around him, but for better or worse, Selene’s almost regular pangs of pain resulted in her muscles additionally constricting on his cock, making it even better for him.

He really hoped Miria was right about the spiritual release during her orgasms and tried his best in playing with Selene’s breasts while pounding her leaking hole. She also didn’t just slack off, and even with all the now-slightly-lesser agony, she made their tongues dance together as passionately as possible.

After around two minutes of relentless efforts, Asterios was nearing his peak, still not believing that the day when he would be trying to cum as fast as possible would come.

“Mgghnnn… I’m actually… ahhhnggg… almost there… Ghnnn...”

“That’s good. Focus on absorbing the essence.”

Feeling the pressure building up in his lower body, Asterios thrust his hips as strong as he could and Selene’s pussy constricted again perfectly in time with his action, making him release his first load inside her deepest parts. A flood of milky-white liquid rushed through Selene’s tight tunnel, spreading warmth all over it.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to come with him, but the comfortable sensation filling up her body both from her mouth and pussy was already something marvelous. For a brief moment right after Asterios came inside her, all the pain disappeared and she moaned fervently into his lips.

They parted, panting into each other’s faces; each of them from a different kind of struggle. The pain was slightly lessening but it still was very much noticeable and kept making Selene’s muscles stiffen and tense repeatedly.

“It’s better… Nggghnn… But I might need… some more…” she spoke to him, having a little easier time not clenching her teeth.

Selene’s face was starting to turn slightly flushed, which was a good sign. Asterios kept kissing her elegant lips and teasing her clit with his fingers until he was back up for another round.

During that very brief break, Selene’s seizures toned down and she was now less writhing in pain and more like convulsing or shivering each time she was hit with it. That allowed Asterios to pick her up and sit in a lotus position.

He grabbed Selene’s plump bottom and instantly started slamming her pussy down onto his rod. She still held him tightly behind his back with both her arms and legs, now raining a bit more controlled kisses onto his lips from above.

“Ahhh… Ghnnn… Ahhhnn… Ahnnn…”

Some more pleasant-to-the-ears noises started dominating Selene’s repertoire of cries as they kept making love. Even though she still trembled regularly, it was clearly beginning to look more passionate.

Asterios noticed that her fourth tail was now no different than the others, which meant that she’d most likely solidified the fourth stage of her Awakening. In their current position, he could admire how all of them danced enchantingly behind her back. An idea surfaced in his mind.


A clear moan full of pleasure traveled through the air after Asterios had grabbed the base that held all of Selene’s tails together, beginning to run his fingers through each of them near that connecting point. Her head flew back, forcing Selene to stop the kisses.

“If you do that! Ahnn! Ahhh! I will—AHNNNNNNNNNNNNN~!”

Selene’s whole body trembled when Asterios gently pulled on her tails. This was not from pain but all from extreme ecstasy. Her pussy narrowed on him again, this time from reaching an actual orgasm. 

He didn’t stop thrusting, rubbing his face all into Selene’s marshmallowy breasts, now right in front of him with how her back arched beautifully, and also came shortly after her, filling her womb with another luscious load.

She fell onto his chest, panting roughly. Even if all of this was hindered by the lingering pain, and even if it was possibly only half of what she could feel when compared to doing it under normal circumstances, Selene was cursing herself for taking so long to make up her mind.

“Selene? How is it now?” She heard Ast’s voice near her fluffy ear.

“Much better… Haaah… I think… it’s almost gone…” She even found enough strength to chuckle a little. “Miria was right… I felt like my circuits exploded when I came, pushing out a lot of mana...”

Selene then leaned back and positioned her face in front of Asterios, placing her hands—still slightly shivering from time to time—on his shoulders.

“My Lord. I’m really sorry it’s this late, but please, let me become yours. I think you are my destined Soul Mate. I’ve already decided on that a while ago but didn’t know how to bring it up. I was actually going to ask before this happened. Miria already told me she is fine with it. Do you thin—”

Seeing her back to the usual refined expression, perhaps a little nervous now, Asterios smiled and couldn’t help but pull her into a loving kiss. Selene’s surprise quickly dwindled and she started reciprocating it with her own advances and their exchange grew even more heated.

Asterios was the first to pull back and he grazed Selene’s long ear with his fingers. “So, does that mean you are officially joining The Summoner’s Harem?”

She chuckled again hearing his teasing tone. “Only if we can renegotiate the amount of essence I receive from the leader.” Selene licked her lips seductively.

They laughed together and leaned in for another kiss. She was the one to break it off first this time.

“Now that I feel a little better… Do you think we could go for some more?”

“For as long as you want, Selene. Just let me make sure I will last long enough to satisfy you properly this time.” He planted a peck on her lips and turned his head to the side. “Miria, could you pass me—”

Asterios froze when his eyes landed on the panthergirl. Miria was still sitting in the same spot as before, but with her legs spread as wide as possible, her shorts—along with the underwear—missing and nowhere in sight, and with a huge puddle of love juices under her butt, flowing steadily out of her pussy, currently being invaded by two furry fingers.

When they made eye contact, her fingers started moving even faster, and Miria’s whole body soon trembled; her eyelashes fluttering while she bit on the palm of her other hand.

“—that blue potion from before…” Asterios finished his sentence, slightly in a daze.

Without moving her gaze from him, she reached out and picked up his pants alongside the belt with pouches, for whatever reason, lying next to her instead of somewhere on the opposite side of Asterios and Selene, where he threw them earlier.

She skilfully pulled out a vial with blue liquid and started crawling towards the duo, hastily arriving at their side.

“Ummm… Thank yo—mmngghh?!”

Asterios extended his hand to receive it, but instead of handing it to him, Miria uncorked the container, and with a single swing, poured its contents into her mouth. She then pressed her lips against his before he could react, still a little in a daze from seeing her almost enthralled state.

He fell to the side under the weight of her body, pulling the chuckling Selene alongside him, and swallowed the potion forcefully fed to him by Miria’s very passionate and deep kiss.

“Fufufu~ Seems like someone grew a little restless while watching us go~”

“You okay, Miria?” Asterios asked after all of the liquid went down his throat and he could escape her mouth.

Miria’s eyes started jumping around his face a moment after hearing Ast’s question and she instantly turned all red.


He chuckled and scratched behind her round ears. “It’s fine. It’s a full moon for you too.”

“Please, don’t mind me, Master. You should focus on Selene. I can… take care of myself. Thanks to you, it's not as strong as it could be...”

Another hand appeared on her head. “You can join if you want.”

She glanced to the side and saw Selene smiling at her softly.

“I… I’ll go after you then…”

“Fufufu~ Well then~ Let’s not make our precious friend wait too long, my Lord~”

Miria pulled herself off them and allowed Asterios to bring himself and Selene up again.

“How are you going to take me this time~?” Selene smiled at him seductively.

“I have just the perfect idea.”

She chuckled when Asterios spun her around and made both of them stand on their knees, with him behind her. He wrapped one of his arms around her underbelly, the other over her soft breasts, and pulled Selene into a hug, squashing all four of her bushy tails between their bodies.

“Clever, fufufu~ You can now enjoy them as much as you want while you pound my yearning pussy~”

She arched her back to raise her butt towards him and turned her head to initiate a delightful kiss. Asterios felt a furry hand guide his penis right into Selene’s leaking snatch and caught Miria smile at him from the side with the corner of his eye while his tongue was entwined with Selene’s. He nodded at her and thrust his whole rod into the foxgirl's pussy all at once.

“AHN! Mhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn~ Yesssss~”

Selene moaned in joy as Ast’s hard cock forcefully parted her internal walls. He immediately started thrusting his hips while moving his right hand to her clit, beginning to tease it alongside her nipples.

“Ahhh~ Ahhnn~ Ahhh~ I’m really starting~ Ahan~ To like it~”

“I should have done this from the start, huuuh… Your tails are so fluffy and ticklish...”

“Ahnn~ Ahhh~ Come on then~ Ahnn~ Show me how much~ Ahhhh~ You enjoy this~ Mhhnnn~”

He pulled her back more into him and raised the tempo, hammering Selene’s amazing hole relentlessly. The pleasure started quickly overtaking her body, completely devoid of any pain anymore, and she couldn’t keep kissing him any longer, switching to only moaning into the air.

“Ahhnnn~ Ahhhnn~ Ahh~ Ahh~ So much better! Ahh~ Ahhh~”

Seeing a free spot, Miria quickly hugged Ast’s side and took over his lips after he turned his head towards her, letting her shower him with some loving affection while he listened to Selene’s amorous moans. 

Asterios was being assaulted by a plethora of mind-numbingly pleasurable sensations, making it incredibly tough not to burst too quickly, especially after the previous two times.

His cock was repeatedly rushing through Selene’s perfect pussy, stroking him with her tight and comfortable internal walls. With each thrust, his chest was smushing the four fuzzy cushions, creating tingly sensations all over his skin and teasing his nipples. To finish all of that, Miria was passionately making out with him while also running her hand over his pecs.

“My Lord~! Ahhnnn~! Ahh~! Ahh~! I’m going to~! Ahh~! Ahh~! OHHHHHHHHHH~!”

For a brief moment, Asterios stopped kissing Miria and moved his mouth to clamp his lips over one of Selene’s long ears, making her whole body spasm from pleasure. He thrust his cock deep into her hole and offered this fluffy goddess his third load full of semen and reverence, gently pinching her clit at the same time.


Selene’s body kept trembling for a good ten seconds after Asterios finished coming inside her snug pussy. The amount of seed Selene received that night was slowly starting to exceed her holding capabilities and some of the white liquid began steadily dripping outside of her slit, still stretched by Ast’s cock.

“AHN?! Wait! I’m still sensitive!” Selene cried out when something started tickling her lower lips.

They both looked down and saw Miria licking and sucking all around the edges of Ast’s shaft, buried deep in Selene, not allowing a single drop of his tasty cum go to waste. 

Her meticulous efforts quickly brought the fox lady over the edge again and Asterios could feel his rod getting squeezed by another constricting orgasm from Selene. He held her close until she regained her strength and then pulled out. Miria instantly got to sucking all of the cum straight from his rod.

“Haaah… Haaah… I take it back… Miria is NOT allowed to join us… Haaaah…”

Asterios chuckled and gave Selene a loving kiss after turning her body around. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling during the whole exchange, making it a little difficult for him to keep caressing her lips.

“Alright. I’m going to rest up a little while you reward your little kitty for waiting patiently. After that… If you still have some energy left…” she leaned into his ear, “I think there may be some more space left inside for another refill.” She softly bit on his earlobe and backed away with an impish grin.

Then, Miria proceeded to receive Ast’s rough affection for almost an hour, just the way she loved it. Wary this time, Asterios sneaked a contraceptive rune on her without Miria even noticing, shortly before he nailed her yearning pussy doggy style. 

After that, he had to gulp down another, slightly stronger stamina-enhancing potion, because the two beastfolk girls were still up for more fun and started taking turns until midnight arrived and all of them finally ended up completely spent, losing track of how many times they came that night.

Asterios had to ask Umbra for help at dragging the two into the tent, unable to do it by himself. Safe and sound—and full of his essence, in every sense of that word—the beautiful duo snuggled closely to his sides and Asterios fell asleep in their embrace.


This took way longer than I expected, mostly because making the scene above still feel comfortable while it retains the important part was quite tough. I'm still a little afraid of the reception of it, but it's something that was planned for a long time and I thought it over countless times, deciding that I still want to make it that way, considering everything that led up to it. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. It's just a little bit peculiar.


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