Chapter 96 – Quick Recovery ❤❤❤
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The moment Asterios closed the entrance to the tent, two slender arms wrapped themselves around his chest from behind and he felt a soft, delicate pressure spread over his back. Selene’s face appeared by his and she sighed contentedly.

Asterios chuckled and rubbed her hair between those fluffy ears, making her smile beautifully. “This eager to recover?”

“Fufufu~ Very, my Lord.”

She let him go and Asterios led them to the middle, sitting them down. He extended his hand towards Selene and she took it, letting herself be pulled closer, leaning into his chest as their lips connected in a soft and gentle kiss. She smiled faintly from the tender peck filled with affection.

Pulling back, she chuckled at him charmingly. “Let me do the honors, my Lord~”

Receiving a nod of approval, Selene pressed her elegant lips against his again and began taking off Ast’s coat while showering him with small and fluffy kisses. She removed his clothing piece by piece while they were comfortably making out, soon getting rid of all the top parts.

She started running her hands over his chest and stomach, slowly trailing down with her delicate fingers. Not wanting to waste too much time, she quickly started fiddling with his belt, letting Ast’s tongue into her mouth now. He instantly shivered, noticing that some of the chilliness from their previous technique still remained in Selene’s body.

With a tame chuckle, she started mischievously sucking on his tongue while pulling off his pants. Selene’s fingers found their way onto the dark material of Ast’s underwear and she could feel the growing heat from the beast hidden inside, slowly waking up from its slumber. She was very eager to help it fully rise up.

Letting their lips finally part, she licked hers while playfully squinting her eyes. Moments later, she was leaving a trail of fragile pecks over Ast’s neck, chest, stomach, and abdomen, reaching the border of the forbidden land.

Asterios leaned slightly to the back and supported himself with his hands on his sides, spreading his legs a little bit. Selene laid herself on her stomach in front of him and slowly pulled his shorts off while giving Asterios a sensual gaze from below. His almost fully erect member sprung into the air.

Selene stopped kissing his underbelly and moved her face closer to the towering monument of desire, taking a long, slow whiff of it with her eyes closed, which made her sigh blissfully afterward. Her lips curved into a wide, delighted smile. 

Seeing her expression made Asterios chuckle a little. “What it is with you girls relishing in the smell of my cock.”

Opening her charming blue eyes, she gave the hard pole in front of her face a tender peck from below. “I don’t think you realize how potent your thick and alluring scent is, my Lord. I dare to say, it can bring any beastfolk girl of the species with a slightly better sense of smell into heat within a few breaths. Perhaps even the others. No wonder Miria can get a little bolder with an incentive this strong.”

“If I ever find myself surrounded by beastfolk girls, I’ll have to be really careful then.”

She chuckled softly at his remark and continued placing slow kisses over his shaft, adding gentle brushes of her fingers to the play. Asterios just watched how Selene kept perfect eye contact with him while showering his dick in noble affection, making it twitch from time to time, clearly happy with the treatment it was receiving.

“You can play with them as much as you want, my Lord~” Selene suddenly said, noticing how his eyes darted to her ears a few times.

Invited so warmly, Asterios placed one of his hands over her hair and began gently caressing Selene’s long white ear, trailing his fingers over its external surface and furry edges. She sighed pleasurably into his cock, starting giving it unhurried licks from the bottom to the top.

Asterios also released a delighted breath when she switched her approach. Selene’s soft and warm tongue tickled his jewels and glans in turns, bringing him some tame pleasure with each stroke. And she still remained low near the ground, clearly knowing how to make herself look like a good submissive mate, to bring her partner the feeling of carnal dominance. He watched how her bushy tail moved enchantingly.

Having savored enough of his delicious taste, Selene lifted herself on her elbows and slowly descended her lips onto the eager pole that was pointing to the sky. She slid it inside her mouth and immediately started caressing the glans and the shaft with her tongue from below. Asterios sighed again when met with the slowly warming atmosphere in Selene’s mouth.

As he played with her fluffy ear, she continued giving him a very gentle and careful blowjob, unhurriedly pleasuring Ast’s cock with slow and controlled movements. He thought she would work him up with these as it was very pleasurable, but Selene withdrew after a moment and licked her lips with a sly smile.

“We should make sure that all of your essence gets transferred through the proper channel, don’t you think, my Lord?”

He smiled back at her, watching Selene stand up. “And what is the proper channel for that?”

She placed her foot right in front of his cock and leaned forward, sensually bringing down her long black knee sock, which was part of the whole shoe. Looking him in the eyes, she took it off and repeated the motion with the other one.

Then, Selene proceeded to slide off her sleeves and reached behind her back. A moment later, she pulled her arms through the holes in her dress and allowed it to fall to the ground, revealing her beautiful body in its full glory. 

Ast’s eyebrows raised from surprise when he didn’t find the black panties covering her precious place, which was laid completely bare right in front of his eyes at just the perfect level, leaking some faint drops of love nectar that announced its longing for some sweet affection. He had no idea when she sneaked them off and a soft chuckle from Selene confirmed that she got him good.

With a graceful step, she moved over him and slowly lowered herself onto Ast’s waist while placing her arms around his neck. Her ample breasts brushed over his chest as she descended, grazing his skin with hard peaks before it received the sensation of heavenly softness when she finished and pressed her lips against his, squishing her considerable bosom between their bodies.

“Last time, I didn’t present myself properly to you, my Lord, so feel free to check every nook and cranny of my body today,” she said with a soft smile after they parted.

Asterios stroked her cheek with his hand and pecked her lips again. “I already knew how dazzling you are for quite some time, but I appreciate your gesture. Now then, would you mind showing me what is the proper channel to transfer my essence through?”

She chuckled and lowered herself even more, already having his glans pointed against her entrance and giving Ast’s cock a few wet kisses with her lower lips as she was moving her waist back and forth while they spoke.

Her warm pussy welcomed Ast’s member with a tight, loving embrace as it unhurriedly moved further and further through her snug passage. In a brief moment, she fit it all inside and released a dreamy sigh, just so close to a faint, amorous moan. 

Asterios quickly drew Alcove of Serenity sigil on the floor beside them and used the other hand to place a contraceptive rune on Selene’s underbelly, making her peck his cheek appreciatively.

“No need to hold back anymore,” he announced with a smile.

Selene sealed his lips and began shaking her hips up and down, poking her tight insides with his dick as they kept exchanging loving kisses. Wet sounds soon filled the tent surrounded by the noise-canceling barrier and both of them started releasing sighs of pleasure into each other’s mouths.

She was the first one to break the connection and leaned back while holding onto his neck, still rocking her waist at the same pace. Such a change of position allowed Asterios to observe her delicious breasts bouncing up and down right in front of his eyes and Selene smirked at him, announcing that it was clearly what she was aiming for.

“Mhnnn… Nhhhnnn… Mhnnn… You can play… with these too… my Lord… Mhnnn… Nhnnn…”

He would not refuse another invitation and moved his hands to Selene’s considerable peaks, cupping them up with his hands. As they gazed into each other's eyes, he began softly kneading them. Selene shivered a little when he lightly pinched her nipples. Her pussy also squeezed his cock in response.

The corner of Ast’s mouth raised itself into a sly half-grin. “I think I remember someone saying they enjoyed a little bit of pain during our first time.”

A slightly more visible blush covered Selene’s cheeks and he pinched her nipples again, a little bit harder this time.

“Nhhhhnnnnn~! My Lord!”

Selene’s pussy convulsed and she hugged him tightly, pressing her body strongly against his. A charming moan was released straight into Ast’s ear as she came a little. He stopped her movements by placing his hands on her plump butt and let Selene finish her high.

She loosened her grip on him and returned her face in front of his. Her chest heaved up and down considerably as Selene breathed roughly with a soft smile.

“I guess I can’t hide this shameful side of mine any longer from you, my Lord.”

He joined their lips in a passionate kiss for a brief moment before pulling away. “It’s nothing shameful. And, I’m pretty sure it’s my fault, isn’t it?”

She chuckled lightly. “Then, if I agree, will you take responsibility for it, my Lord?”

“With pleasure.”

Selene smiled charmingly. “I appreciate it, my Lord. But before that—”

Asterios was suddenly pushed onto his back and Selene moved into a squat over his waist, placing her hands on his underbelly.

“—we need to finish the first transfer.”

Sitting straight and showcasing her everything to him, Selene started slamming her pussy down onto his cock from above, releasing a myriad of alluring moans into the air. 

“Ahnnn~ Ahhh~ Ahhh~ Nhhhhnn~ My Lord~ Nhhnnn~”

She did not hide how good she felt. Not in the slightest. And Asterios did nothing less, also letting his facial expressions and occasional sighs or grunts inform Selene how well she was treating his hot member, nearing its first peak.

“Here is… your essence!”

Asterios moved his hands to her waist and grabbed it firmly. Timing it just to the moment when Selene’s hips were at the highest point, with his glans barely making out with the insides of her lovely pink slit, he pulled her down while thrusting his hips upwards, pushing his dick far into her snug pussy.


A loud slap traveled through the tent as they both came at the same time. Ast’s creamy seed rushed through Selene’s uneven tunnel in numerous waves while her internal walls attempted to squeeze him dry. Her knees banged together and her legs began to shake from the received pleasure. Two more tails materialized behind her back. She stared down at him with an enamored expression, lightly biting her lower lip. 

When their orgasms faded down, Asterios lowered Selene onto his chest and she started placing gentle kisses on it.

“First transfer, complete.” She chuckled, glancing up at his face with a smile.

“How many until we reach full capacity?”

“I’m afraid we don’t have enough time for that, my Lord, fufufu~”

“I see…” A smirk on Ast’s face caused Selene to raise a brow. “I should get serious then.”

His black hair changed into white in the motion of a passing tide and his eyes turned red, with their pupils shrinking into vertical slits. Asterios pushed Selene to the back while shielding her head from the impact as he pressed her into the floor. 

Without further ado, he thrust his hips into her again, filling up her beautifully lily with his cock. She quickly moved her legs around his waist and locked them behind his back, pulling Asterios into her even more as they started to roughly make out.

“Mfffffmmmm… Nhhhnnnn… Mmmhhhhmmppphh… Mffffhhhmmm…”

Muffled moans escaped Selene’s lips from the joint battle as Ast’s member ravaged her craving hole. He knew how much the girls liked his gleaming crimson eyes, so he spared no effort to lock them with Selene’s sapphire-blue ones. And he could tell she loved that.

To further increase his partner’s pleasure, Asterios began using one of his hands that didn’t hold Selene’s body down to play with her sizable, squishy breast, giving her nipple a good squeeze and pull in sync with his thrusts.

“Mhhhhh~! Mhhhnnn~! Mffffhmmm~! Nnnnmmmpphhhh~! AH!”

Somewhere in the middle of giving her alluring slit a good pounding, Ast’s arms wrapped themselves around Selene’s back and she suddenly found herself in the air, having her leaking snatch hammered in a standing position. She left his lips alone and continued openly showing her pleasure while being dropped onto his eager cock from above as it additionally rushed into her from below.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahnnn! Yes! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

During the wild motions, Asterios stumbled a little and Selene quickly created a spiritual barrier behind herself, causing them to slam into it like into a stone wall, pushing Ast’s penis even deeper into her moist pussy.


With the unexpected prop, Asterios began making the best use of it and caught Selene’s legs under her knees, spreading them wide to the sides while increasing the pace of his thrusting. Selene’s butt bounced back and forth between his waist and the solid disc of blue mana as he relentlessly nailed her pink crevice.

Nearing another peak, Asterios made a quick nibble on a passing nipple that kept jumping up and down near his face, causing Selene’s body to orgasm first from the sudden spike in ecstasy. She moaned loudly as her whole figure started to shake and he pushed his dick into her furthest depths to deliver another load to her very core.

Catching their breaths after the powerful explosions, they breathed heavily into each other with their gazes locked together. Selene closed her legs behind Ast’s waist to ease his burden a little and removed the temporary wall behind her. 

He noticed a new one forming horizontally this time, by their side. Realizing its purpose immediately after seeing the height at which the new spiritual platform hung in the air, Asterios pulled himself out of the warm embrace of Selene’s insides and pushed her onto the flying rectangle.

After she landed flat on her belly on it, he reunited her pussy with his cock by slipping it in from behind and leaning himself over Selene’s body, squishing her three bushy tails into her back, tickling his chest with them in the process. 

He was glad his scorching hot energy was somehow boosting his stamina too so he didn’t need to employ the help of a certain blue liquid in the middle of the session. He was finding more and more weird perks of properly circulating it.

Asterios cupped Selene’s chin from behind and tilted her face a little to match his, appearing over her shoulder, and they exchanged a sloppy kiss as her whole body kept jumping forward from the strong pounding that released rhythmic clapping into the air.

“Mhhhnn~ Nhhhn~ Fufufufu~ Mhhhhnnn~ You love these~ Nhnnnn~ Isn’t that right, my Lord~ Ahhhmmm~”

“You know me so well, Selene.”

She chuckled again and continued raining kisses on Ast’s lips as he drilled her pussy, using the spiritual platform like a desk of the perfect height. Asterios moved one of his hands to the base of her tails and started giving them slight tugs each time he thrust his penis into her snug passage, causing it to narrow even more.

He thoroughly enjoyed running his fingers through the cloudy fluff as much as Selene loved having her fur stroked and gently pulled. She really couldn’t believe that something like this could feel so good. Especially when having her insides poked in just the best spots by Ast’s hard dick. She almost felt like her tail and pussy were somehow connected, which was kinda silly.

Sensing another orgasm building up, even bigger than the previous ones, she freed his lips and gazed into his crimson irises while moaning into his face.

“Ahhh~ Ahhh~ I’m close~ Nhhhnn~ My Lord~ Mhhhmmm~ Fill me up~ To the brim~”

“Ask and you shall receive.”

To her short confusion, Asterios left a peck on her cheek and moved his face away. Short because she quickly realized where it had headed and her eyes widened. With her peak so close, she suddenly felt a much more violent tug on her tails, forcing Selene to release a lusty moan while her head shot to the back, and she was brought to the very edge.

But, at that moment, her fluffy earlobe received a firm bite and Asterios shoved his cock as deep into her tight hole as he could, throwing her off that orgasmic cliff with no hint of mercy. 

She screamed into the air, almost howling from the intense pleasure that surged through her whole body enveloped in violent shivers from the sensory overload. The fresh surge of hot liquid spraying her internal walls in short bursts was just the cherry on the top.

Asterios held Selene tightly to himself because the spiritual platform disappeared shortly after he had closed his teeth around her sensitive ear. They stood there in an awkward position, with Selene hunched forward, limply; both panting roughly.

He brought them down to the floor and sat down, leaning Selene back onto his chest while lovingly wrapping his arms around her waist. She rested her head on his shoulder and pecked his cheek with her iconic soft smile.

“It seems I have been mistaken. I couldn’t feel any more full even if I tried, fufufu~”

“Always at your service.”

Selene sighed softly and kissed him on the lips this time.

“I love you, my Lord.”


Recovery complete. Time to continue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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