Chapter 152 – Coconuts! Oh Coconuts!
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Through her ability to sense the fluctuation of air from the surroundings, Suria could feel and hear a few creatures approaching them from afar although she couldn't lift her head up. She knew almost all of the auras emitted; the vengeful fox, little Markisah, a foreign one which was quite strong, and a clean and nearly unnoticeable aura of the Lord. The most horrifying thing was the pressure upon her was increasing as the incoming creatures got nearer. She tried her best to calm down, but only the Sacred Tree knew how hard her heart thumped.
"Is that the one that bully you? The black and white one with four wings?" Suria heard the Lord spoke. Although she couldn't understand what the Lord was saying, it sounded like a question for confirmation.
"Yes. This is the one." The unmistakable voice of the vengeful fox was like poison to her ears. She too, knew the universal beast language and could guess what was the previous question to that answer.
Suddenly Suria felt like she has been squeezed slowly with an increasing strength. Her bones started creaking loudly it felt like snapping! Finally, she couldn't stand it and squawk with muffled breath within the stinky loamy soil. The soil entered her mouth and choked her. The almighty Lord of the Tricolor World Tree was choking and gagging continuously in a sorry state, making the rest of her subordinates sweated. What will become of them once their turn came?
"Fox! You! You aren't even hurt! This Lord is here bearing gifts! Tell your Lord!" In between her breath, muffled words came out from her beak full of dark and slightly wet loamy soil.
The fox turned the other way, pretending not to hear what Suria said.
"Stupid Fox! Are you trying to make me an enemy?!"
Still, the white fox ignored her while making a cute face with large googly purple-hued eyes towards the Lord beside him. She could hear the Lord actually fawn over him with an 'Awwww' tone while at the same time squeezing her even harsher! Yes, the aunty was that vengeful and petty.
"Hana! Please! Stop hurting my friend! Her bones are going to break!"
Markisah fluttered over the Lord's face nervously, as if trying her best to stop her. The other birds were awed with Markisah's courage! Such a courageous little bird! She dared to stand up and confront with the hot tempered Lord of the Lighting Serpent's lair!
Similarly, Markisah was also very helpless with Hana's actions since she knew how kind the aunty was. Additionally, she had never seen Hana so angry before. So, it was true that hurting the fox or the snake was like touching Hana's reverse scale. She must remember this!
Hana was surprised with Markisah's fluttering over her face and looked questioningly at Shiro. Obviously, the cute yet sly fox didn't translate what Markisah said to Hana just to teach Suria a lesson she will properly remember a little longer.
Shiro sighed. Play time was over. He then proceeded to explain while blinking his large cute eyes innocently, "The bird say, please don't hurt her Lord. She already learnt her lesson. Anyway, Mom, you should stop already. I don't want you to collapse here. Please take care of your health." At the same time, Shiro could already see Mom's nose was leaking with blood.
The pressure was finally lifted.
Hana walked towards the culprit with folded arms and a scrunched up brow. The large hornbill was still in a proning position, however, the beak had already left the soil. It laid its large head down and breathed slowly in relief.
In anger, Hana forgot that the bird was as big as a single-storey house. The beak itself was nearly two-meter long; hornbills always had prominent beaks. If Suria had the intention to open her beak and bit the aunty, she will be cut into two. The other birds were a little smaller than the four-winged hornbill, but not by much. All of them radiated a Noble's aura, though they weren't hostile. These birds were of differing colors and species. Even Markisah had never seen any of them appearing before.
Since Hana was so angry, she needed to confront this problem child and hear what she has to say. It was extremely rude to hit your own allies, especially someone who had promised you good things in the future.
"Do you have anything to say?!" The soft-spoken aunty, for once, increase her voice a few notches while placing both of her hands over her hips. It sounded like a scolding from an elder to a naughty kid. She only demanded that the kid uttered a word of apology and genuinely regretted what she did after some contemplation.
"Er... I didn't do anything. The fox fell on his own." Suria added defensively.
"!!!!" Everyone including Shiro inhaled sharply. This bird really didn't know her place!
Green veins appeared on the aunty's temples. The aunty had a frozen speechless expression etched on her face. Five seconds later, it turned into a deep frown! She swung her right hand out of reflex towards the bird's cheek! Accompanying her hand movement was a horrifying pressure slapping Suria until she rolled to the side a few rounds and vomited blood!
"O_____O||||||" Even Shiro was shocked this time.
The aunty really lost control of her temper with the bird. Once Hana realized she had gone overboard, she immediately asked Shiro to feed the bird with some All Cure Pellet.
What is wrong with me... Hana touched her forehead with worry. She wasn't someone who would lose her temper easily like this. Since she entered this place, she was starting to lose herself. She knew herself as someone caring who loved animals. Before, she would never ever hurt even an ant, unless it bit her kids. Cockroaches were exceptions. She will scream and ran away if she saw one, especially the one that flew to her face.
"Stupid Bird. You should just say sorry, you know." Shiro added after Suria woke from her coma.
Yes, the Lord of the Tricolor World Tree had been slapped silly until she fainted in front of her loyal subordinates. It had stained her reputation for good.
"How should I know? I merely stated that I have never even hurt you, stupid Fox."
"Truthfully, I've never seen my Mistress as angry as that. You better watch out what you say in front of her after this." At the moment, even Shiro pitied Suria a little. It turned out, if one had earned Mom's wrath, it won't be easy to stop her from punishing the wrongdoer harshly. This was an eye-opening event for him as he got to know Mom a little deeper. It turned out Mom wasn't all that saintly as he thought her to be after all. She has her temper too.
"Lord Hana, this Lord is here bearing gifts of seeds, as this regal one heard from our mutual tiny friend, Markisah, of your immediate need."
Suria flapped her large wings in slow motion, showing off to everyone how graceful she was, how elegant she was. Tiny rubbles and dried leaves fluttered about as the debris stuck to everyone around, dirtying them en masse. Her subordinates looked the other way while clearing their throats. It was hard to be subordinates to such a Lord. It was embarrassing. However, it wasn't so bad since the Lord of the Serpent's Lair didn't seem to notice.
"No Lord-lord. Mistress. Hmphh! I'm a woman! What seed? Did you tell her, Markisah?" Removing a branch and a few stray leaves from her head, Hana asked questioningly as she turned to Markisah for confirmation.
"Nope, I didn't." Markisah shook her tiny head. The lovely crown-like feather atop her head bobbed to the side adorably. However, she froze once she saw Suria giving her an obvious meaningful stare. Even Suria's eyes were 20% larger, without blinking.
"Err... As a matter of fact, It seems that I did in passing. Ahahaha..." Markisah chuckled drily. She sounded so fake! Everyone could detect her tone and gave a helpless sigh. Nonetheless, the clueless 'Lord of the Serpent's Lair' couldn't read the body language of a bird so well. Hence, they were able to pull it off, albeit just slightly. Even Shiro didn't try to make things hard for the hornbill for once.
"Okay, let me see the seeds you mentioned." Hana held her hand to the bird with a no-nonsense attitude.
Suria signaled to her subordinates.
Immediately, they fluttered about looking for the seeds that had fell off from either their beaks and their talons. The movement from their gigantic bodies inadvertently created gusts of wind. It wasn't merely 'a gust of wind' when a few gigantic trees from the nearby vicinity fell. Hana had been timely placed behind an ice barrier, courtesy of Shiro's fast thinking. If not, the aunty would surely be flung far away just like him.
Hana and Shiro gave Suria a long stare with an unhappy look etched to their faces, making Suria so embarrassed. These birds really brought more harm than good.
"Er... Give us a moment. We brought it along just now. But because of the fall, we lost the seeds somewhere within these rubbles."
"Oh? So, now it's my fault?" Hana raised her brow as she folded her arms over her chest.
"No, no, no. No one's fault." Suria added hastily.
Finally, the 'seeds' were presented in front of Hana as the ice-barrier was carefully removed by Shiro. Sphere-shaped 'fruit' the size of volleyball of green and brown were stacked high. There were so many of them! Although it looked like tiny seeds to birds with one-meter sized beaks, to Hana, they were big and heavy.
"Coconuts! Oh coconuts! I love coconuts!" Hana smiled happily. Last time, Kuro had brought back some for her to use. However, she had used it to cook many things and to make sweetened honeyed drinks. Once the fruits had finished, it was hard to get more!
"Where did you get these?! Is it far from here?" Hana squatted down in front of one green-colored coconut and easily slashed the top part with her Clawknife she kept on her calf. It wasn't obvious at all until she took it out. Hana slipped it in the folds of Kuro's skin she tied over her left leg. It turned out, doing it this way reduced the possibility of hurting herself since only Kuro's mottled skin was able to withstand the sharpness of the knife made from Shiro's claw.
The aunty unceremoniously held up the green fruit and drank loudly in a most uncute manner. Since no one was around to judge her, she didn't care to act polite.
"...Glug.. Glug.. Glug.."
"AHHHH!" Hana let out a shout after she finished drinking the whole coconut water!
"What? What?!" Shiro and Suria simultaneously asked in a panic.
"It's so great to be alive!" Hana cut the coconut into two once she finished up the water in one seating. She then proceeded to dig the flesh by using a self-made spoon she carved on the spot with a block of wood from a fallen tree nearby. Now, the aunty was so good, coupled with the sharpness of the Clawknife, a wooden spoon materialized like magic within 2 minutes!
Her actions were observed by Shiro, Markisah, Suria and her subordinates, and the Elemental Fiends who arrived not too long ago. They quietly waited until the Mistress of the Lair sated her desire for coconuts.
New info they got at this moment.
When the Mistress was angry, feed her water from the green coconut.
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