Chapter 162 – Blender-no-jutsu
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The creatures around talked in hushed tones before. But once they saw the Mistress shed a tear, all noise disappeared completely. Everyone’s heart was in their throats as they took a few steps backwards in panic.


Four creatures took a step forward bravely!


“Mistress! Let this old one, and these other children receive your blessings! We humbly request to be your arms and your legs. We vowed that we would heed all of your commands.”


Alpy, the turtle, spoke courageously with a loud voice, making everyone else gasped visibly. The other three also stood their ground as they stayed in a line with the old turtle with gazes full of determination and expectation. In their hearts, they prayed to the deity of Water to bless them by softening the Mistress’ heart.


Unfortunately, Hana, who was squatting while peeling the coconut husks, couldn’t even tell that the creatures were talking to her. She made a blur-looking face and blinked her eyes a couple of times quizzically when the large turtle, floating golden fish, mud brownish crocodile and the familiar pink river dolphin who loved to tag along with her approached her a bit too near.  They did make cute sounds animals always made, but of course, she was a bit too busy at the moment to observe their lovable antics.


“Impudence! Nobody can force themselves upon the Mistress!” Shiro spat disdainfully. He was not stupid. This turtle was the one who shrewdly turned the gears within the little girl’s clan in the palm of his paws. It was him who disseminate the ‘Dam Haji’ Mind Sharpening Technique, and it was also him who reaped the most benefits before leaving. Shiro knew that their intentions weren’t as pure as what they exhibited right now. They just need a thigh to cling on, and Mom was the most ideal choice since she was very kind and accommodating.


What is it, Shi-chan? Sensing Shiro’s unhappiness and linking it up with the four freshwater creatures who crowded around her like they wished to be cuddled and petted, Hana immediately asked him telepathically. Shiro quickly relayed the information to her for guidance. He felt that there was no need to make a soul-pact with these untalented ones.


Hana held up her palm to gain the attention of everyone.


She turned to look at Alpy, the turtle, then at Saras, Kolo, and finally, Mata.


“Do you know what you guys are getting yourselves into?” Hana asked stoically and kept her gaze pinned at the four freshwater creatures around her one by one.


“Truthfully, this old one doesn’t really know. But what we know is, at least we will live under your care safely for now. That is all this old one cares about at the moment. In return, we pledge that we will follow your orders absolutely.”


“Simply speaking, your lives will be linked to mine. It is a permanent bond. Once I perish, you will unequivocally perish too without question. Are you sure?” Hana added, after listening to the large turtle’s reply from Shiro. She, too, can read between the lines. This turtle and his friends just need her protection. She was generous enough to help them out before when she talked to the Grand Elder. In her opinion, it was quite a sturdy shield; they didn’t have to force themselves to truly join her and her pets.


Without a pause, the four of them nodded vigorously without thinking.


Feeling satisfied, Hana placed the coconut flesh she had been peeling into a pinkish plate brought over by an Elemental Fiend; everyone knew that was the Lord of the Crystal-veined stream’s sacred scale! The Mistress used it as a plate to hold stuff!


“Saras, clean my hands.”


The river dolphin sprayed a soft stream of water on Hana’s hand after being instructed by Shiro.


Ku-chan, what do you think? Hana didn’t forget to ask Kuro’s opinion. She knew he must be watching.


Go ahead, Mommy. Your soul power will increase exponentially with the expansion of our family. Don’t worry about their loyalty. Once contracted with the Soul-pact branding, no one could ignore your command. Kuro added confidently from a faraway place.


I see. Shi-chan? How about you?


Will they be an asset to our group? With or without contracting them, will there be a difference since they helped out already? I believe you should only contract someone powerful enough. These minnows are quite… inadequate. Shiro voiced his objection in a gentle tone. These little ones are just too weak and unworthy; they won’t be able to protect Mom at all. If Mom contracted everyone here, she would definitely die from bloodlost. There are just too many of them out there! However, it is up to you, Mom. I am enough to protect you for the time being.


Although I agree with Shiro’s opinion, there is truly a big difference in using a contracted slave than not using one. The more, the better. Mommy already noticed it, right? Kuro chuckled lightly with an enigmatic tone. Sorry, a bit busy here. I got to go now, Mommy. Do whatever your heart tells you.


Take care, Sweetie. How about you, Ara?


Mistress! I would love to have them around! The more, the merrier! Ara answered eagerly.




..No matter... We follow Mistress...


Hana nodded silently while closing her eyes for a while. To others, it looked like the Mistress was contemplating between accepting or rejecting the shameless request of the four servants. The four spirit beasts, in particular, were all jittery waiting for the Mistress’ decision.


“Alright. All of you will follow Ara and Chomper permanently from now on.”


The four servants, along with the rest of their friends, cheered happily!


Thus, the ceremony of wrenching the souls of the four freshwater creatures to half took place immediately. It looked so dry and straightforward; the rest were unsure what actually changed with the four former servants of the Waterwave Clan. They only knew that at this moment, the four servants no longer belonged to the Waterwave Clan, but has defected to the Serpent’s Lair!


They gossiped in hushed tones with each other animatedly. After a while, most servants who were close to the four creatures had formed a new goal; they need to follow the footsteps of the first four! They were practically the ‘influencers’ among the servants!


However, the elites only showed disdain towards the rest of the servants; they saw the defection as a form of betrayal to the clan. Although the clan deemed the servants unworthy to be groomed, it still treated them well by supplying these ungrateful ones with underwater caves of their own, and food to fill their bellies regularly.


This event gave a bad taste to the elites of the clan.



Gramps Alpy and co. could surely feel something changed within them after ingesting the Mistress’ blood!


The most notable one of all was the appearance of voices from many creatures apart from the Mistress in their heads! They could hear the Young Miss’ soft congratulatory wishes for them and the arrogant snort of Lord Shiro. Besides that, the soul bindings were so strong, their soul had been torn to two, leaving them weak and trembling.


This was what it meant to be the Mistress’ persons. They could feel the Mistress’ presence within them as if she owned their very souls and could dictate her commands using the established bonds. If the owner of their souls perished together with what she took from them, there will be a high chance that they will perish too. This shows that the Mistress wasn’t making things up. Logically, if something happens to the Mistress, even if they didn’t die as rumored, there would be some kind of backlash. Alpy analyzed calmly and came to such a conclusion.

As such, since the bond had already been established, he concluded that there won’t be a chance to back off anymore. He realized that the Mistress was very kind, as she reminded them to carefully consider before taking such a big step.


Alpy’s gaze softened. The Mistress was indeed one of a kind; considerate, generous, and cared about others regardless of caste and ability. He also knew that the Mistress was highly intelligent and could read his intention like a book. But she still took them in.


What benevolence.


The four of them knelt down (or bow down, to those without legs) in reverence. So much trust for such a short meeting; they were flattered to be valued to such a degree. They understood now why Lord Shiro was unsettled with their presumptuous request. The Elemental Fiends followed suit. The shameless Suria didn’t bow down, but she landed and closed her eyes to show respect as her other Noble guards followed her actions.


“Alright! Stand up and work your butts off for me!” Hana laughingly hugged her four new lovable pets. Even the crocodile didn’t look so hostile now.


“Let me teach you guys a new technique!”


The four diligent freshwater creatures bellowed excitedly!!!


Hana took out and held two more ‘plates’ with pinkish shades on her left and right hand. At the same time, both boiling bubbles a few meters away popped, revealing cooked tapioca and sweet potato pieces. Shiro transferred the tubers into both plates like a magic show!


“See? Our tubers are finally done.”


“Shi-chan, control Iceblade attack at a single axis, within a container made from ice. It must be hollow in the middle, and the attack must only move in a circular motion within the small container.”


A one-meter sickle-shaped ice-blade appeared within the air space at the top of everyone’s head, and it started spinning slowly. To everyone’s horror, the speed of the gigantic Iceblade was increasing. No other birds dared to fly at the moment and only watched upwards in fear. They knew what would happen to stubborn birds right now; yep, freshly ground fertilizers.


“Is this correct?”


Hana, “=______=||||”


“No. We’re not going to grind anyone here. Reduce everything to the size of Chomper’s head at least.” Hana patted Chomper’s head, who just happened to float next to her.


The large sickle-shaped blade shrunk immediately. The blade was now about ten centimeters long. It moved by itself in a circular motion as if it was dancing.


“This is good enough.” Hana nodded. “Add the hollowed container and let it spin within. If you have problem maintaining the motion of the blade, placed a straight ice-shaft in the middle, and modeled the blade like this.” Hana scribbled the diagram of her favorite modern tool, the blender.


“In my place, we call it Blender-no-jutsu.” Hana spoke with a straight face while trying her best not to laugh; it would be really comical to see everyone shouting ‘Blender-no-jutsu’ while employing the technique later.


She added while pushing the middle part of the frameless spectacles with her index finger seriously, “It has many forms and can be materialized with different kinds of elements. The key is Micro-control. I’ve once taught this to Lord Shiro actually. Due to his overwhelming aptitude with Micro-control, he was able to grasp the concept extremely fast. All of you can do it too, with enough practice and perseverance. Anything you lack, can be compensate with hard work.”


The whole crowd cheered loudly! The second teachings in one day!


The Mistress was the best!



Suria observed the Mistress’ explanation coupled with the movement of the white fox. She contemplated for a while to ruminate the concept behind the white fox’s precise control over the spiritual energy to be converted to frost elements. She admitted that she wasn’t as good at manipulating the wind elements as the damnable fox. She needed more one on one guidance if she plans to master the Blender-whatnot Technique.


But, was it really okay for her to learn it and ask for direct guidance from the Mistress? It seemed that the Mistress wasn’t too fond of her after she sucker-punched the fox a little. Hence, she called for Markisah over to confirm first.


“Yes, Lord Suria. How can this humble one be of assistance to you?” Markisah was a little afraid of the Four-winged Mistral hornbill. It was because, the Lord had an accusing gaze upon her after she had been trashed hard by the Serpent’s Lair’s group. It wasn’t even her fault. But she couldn’t speak for herself, else she might be disowned by her own clan.


“Markisah, can you go and ask, is it okay for this Lord to learn the Blender-thing technique?!” Suria didn’t want to be presumptuous again. What if he got trashed again by the Mistress?! She won’t be able to face her subordinates again.


“Can, can. Hana had never stop anyone from learning whatever she taught. If she didn’t plan to disseminate to all, she wouldn’t show it to everyone over here. However, it’s up to each individual whether one can benefit from her teachings or not.” Markisah shrugged nonchalantly. “Infact, she had taught me many things, I just didn’t bother to learn. I know I won’t be able to do it since I couldn’t even feel the famed spiritual energy spoken by everyone. I’m just a normal bird.” Markisah flapped her wings with a ‘I-don’t-care-a-shit’ attitude, which made Suria felt so indignant!


That little bird didn’t even know she was metamorphosizing into a true blue spiritual avian, thanks to her freeloading so frequently in the Serpent’s Lair.


Alright! I’m going to thicken my face to get direct guidance from the Mistress! Suria slapped her own face with her wings to give herself some spirit!