Chapter 3
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—{The Beautiful Damned Woman}—

*[Step]*  *[Step]*

The sound of my feet touching the ground was felt and heard only by me. Since I had decided to land somewhere near the *Forest Of Fairies*

I changed my position from high above and descended below. Trying to keep as much equilibrium as possible.

My wounds still hurt. Most of my organs are heavily damaged. Blood wouldn’t stop from coming out of the holes in my chest.

As a result. 

The moment I touched the ground I felt very weak. Too weak to walk or even exercise any strength in my muscles.

If it hadn’t been for my ten wings. Things would have gone differently. 

Maybe I would have never gotten out of that crater until my wounds healed completely. This would have taken some days or months. Probably even years if I had been in a more worse condition than I already am.

But, for some reasons. Immortality has it’s own ways to aid for cases like this.

For example.

If my body sustained a terrifying amount of damage and couldn’t keep regenerating anymore. Then another option would become available.

The living-dead state of being! A state where my brain and bones are still alive and working. Being in such as state would put a painful strain in your body until the soul recovers enough strength or power to heal my body.

Yep. It’s as you have heard.

Simply put. Death for people who have already died or surpassed it means nothing. I am not a simple fairy. Nor a simple spirit. If I really was that simple to kill, death would have taken me to paradise long ago.

I am an immortal.  A being who can live by using the formless energy of the universe, the elemental one, and also my own soul power to support myself.

• Formless energy is everywhere and it originally belongs to God(the creator). As such. The creator sometimes disperses it around to observe the world or even create worlds if he finds a land worth cultivating.

I won’t go into details about how I can use it since it’s a headache to even tell the theory behind it, supporting the universe. Formless energy is a high concept and unfortunately using it is difficult for the entire living or non living beings residing in Earth, Hell and the spirit world.

• As for the elemental one. We can say that elemental energy is everywhere. Even humans have some of it. Those who have it call it “Elemental Magic” since it uses the 5 elements of the world. That is fire: to burn, water: to freeze or make things wet, wind: to make air, and earth: to control the ground. The final one is lighting: to make energy or release it. 

Lighting is pure energy and sometimes it’s not categorized as an element cause it doesn’t have the properties of a natural element. But thanks to it being found in the sky during a rainy day, many sorcerers and magic students accepted it as a natural phenomenon that can be included in the elemental group.

As far light, darkness, void and life. They aren’t included in the elemental magic. They are considered special advanced powers which only a few individuals on earth can possess.

• Soul power(willpower) however, is different. It has to do with the *Essence* of what one’s soul is composed of and what type of energy or pressure it releases. Depending how it’s used, a person can even survive an illness. Even if that person wasn’t a sorcerer or fighter type.

Soul power is the easiest thing that comes natural to every being in the world. If used correctly one’s power can increase tremendously and achieve a state called “the path”.

It’s uses are many, but the concept of how an individual or person can properly use it varies from one person to another. It’s not possible for everyone to use power in the same way someone else does. Everyone has it’s own unique way to cast magic, use soul power and accomplish other feats which others may not. All beings are different and posses their own ways to use their power.

Neli: *[Step......step......step.....!!!]* *[Falls on the ground]*


“My butt hurt !!!”

“No! Correct that! My whole body hurts!!!”

I will cover the other parts of how magic is acquired and used later. Giving a hint is enough for anyone to feel curious enough. So, until I will get a bit better(heal), and later on explain all the important details.

Lying on the grassy ground, in the front of the forest, I didn’t dare to move.

Moving more than I already have, would seriously incapacitate me. My bones needed a brake. A long one at that.

Using my wings again was a better option. It reduces my burden and allows me to move rapidly. But, I am not sure if it’s even a good idea. Whatever little strength left in me would probably disappear. Reducing me to the state of a powerless being who by the way cannot even die.

“Should I make myself a new body to inhabit then???”


“It’s natural that my powers are weak now. But, creating a new body would lessen the pain at least.”

I certainly didn’t feel pain. 

My fights in the abyss have been more painful than this.

Especially when your enemy has s weapon capable of wounding your soul.

Yeah. The pain of the soul is on a different level when it gets cut or stabbed.

Fortunately, I am used to to the pain of flesh and soul else.... I would have gone *Berserk Mode* from all that agony.

In that state I really cannot control my *Authorities*. Once up a time I almost destroyed the entire planet. That was one of my most heaven and earth defying moments.

Fortunately, I am used to the pain of the soul, else Ezekiel would have meet his end long ago by a berserk me. 

Neli: [Just thinking of what would happen, if I really lost my sanity scares me deeply! Back on the underworld I was able to keep up with ‘the emperor of Hell’s’ base form strength, let alone kill ‘Demon Kings’ in my transformed state. Therefore, it’s best for me to keep most of what I have inside sealed, else the world is doomed!]

Taking a stance by crossing my legs and arms together. I was thinking and remembering some even more amazing things but....

“Oh, so that’s were you are!?”

Right in this precise moment I heard a voice.

“I have been searching the sea and the land in hopes of finding your dead body. But, it seems your presence weakening enough to disappearing was your way to conceal yourself.” *Fake smile*

The voice came from behind me.

It seemed concerned about me, yet had a strange familiar melody to it. As if it was saying that this person was searching for delicious men to play with, instead of worrying for the calamity that happened last week.

Hearing this voice made me feel annoyed. Like a tiny piece of needle playfully  poking my nerves.

Aware of her presence now, I did not turn myself back to see that person. Since I wasn’t even planning to hear her out after what happened to me these past days.

For now, my instincts were kicking in. Telling me to leave this good for nothing individual alone *FOREVER!!!*

“Come on! At least say a word like ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. I am one of your oldest friends remember.”

Neli: *[FRIENDS!!!! SINCE WHEN???]*

My expression distorted a bit cause of the rage coming from my  wounded soul. Yet, I managed to maintain my composure.

Tho doing so was hurting my broken bones a lot!!!

“Haa!” *[Sigh]*

“At least treat your grandmother with some respect will u.” [Feeling demoralized]

On the mention of the word ‘grandmother’. I finally begun to lose my rationality. Making it possible for my heavy and thickly condensed magical power to flow out with a dangerous vibe.

Neli: *[BLOODLUST !!!]*



The woman had angered me. So making her repent was a must!!!

Especially since this woman was actually out of place. Meaning that she was crazy!

“Aiii!!! That’s scary!!! Please stop that!!! Do you want someone to die from it!!!”

Yep. Some one might die. And that someone might just be you.

“What! I apologize! Just....stop....Even my breathing is becoming heavy here!!!”

“Ahaaaaawum.........!!!” [Tries to breath but cannot]

“............!!!” [Using her hands to speak in sign language.]

*Waves her two hands desperately!*

*Says to immediately stop this!*

*Pleads to you with her hands connected together*

“............!!!” * Please stop this torture!!!*

*[Finally brakes down and begs for forgiveness]*

*[Kneels down with her hands held together begging for mercy]*

Assuming that the woman would die from air deprivation, I suddenly remembered what my brother had said, a long time ago.

{~~”Killing this woman won’t amount to nothing, so just spare her. We need her for a little bit longer. At least until she fulfills her purpose.”~~}

Having remembered this I stopped emitting my bloodlust. To at least retain my dignity as a big brother rather than show mercy.

Right in that moment she began to breath again.

*Wuahaaaaa......!* [Intakes air in her lungs]

“Wuahhhh!!! Haaaaa! Waaaa....!”

“That was painful..... Thought I finally did see my father in heaven right in that moment.”

I didn’t pay attention to her. So I really had no desire to respond or even apologize.

Believe me! When I say that she deserves it! Yeah. This woman totally deserves what was comming for her.

A swift and painful death!!!

“Guess I have to use my final move then!”

“Bear witness to your grandmother’s power today of all days !!!” [Really Angry]

“NOEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *[Shouts out in a really loud voice]*

The beautifull......!

Sorry, gonna correct it there.

The damned voice of the woman made it’s way from the forest to the entire continent. As she shouted the name of a girl, who I hadn’t seen in about 100 or 200 years.

This was the beginning of a long conversation. 

One which I had planned to have for a while. But.

Not this soon!!! Damn it !!!


Tanned Girl: *[SHIVERS! Shivers! shivers!]* 

[Standing with her back straight.]

And thus, Noel was right in front of me. Wearing a really frightened face, as if the end of the world had come and there was nothing to do about it.

While the beautiful and damned woman stood near her with an angry red face. 
Ready to burst in anger, and probably even scold me to no ends.

She totally would have done so but apparently was hesitating. Her authority over her children could not work with me. So her only idea was to use her ace card from the beginning.

Thus again bringing us to Noel.

Noel: “ He...llo....” *[Gulps air then shivers again]*

Eve: “This is my trup card! As long as Noel is here you will listen to me and even call me sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother......etc.......!!!”

The woman continued to use different terms in different languages that didn’t even exist now, in the future, on earth or even in other planets.

It is then that I turned my head to Noel.

She was a teenage girl with tanned skin colored in brown. Her eyes were  *Crystal Green*. While her hair was a deep green too.

It looks like she had been under the sun for a long time. But whatever, describing her further comes later.

Firstly, I have to send this woman outside of this forest. Else she will never return again to her husband.

If by chance the fairies kidnap her again like last time. Adam would probably decided to divorce her. And forever beak the bonds that keept Man and Woman united as one.

That’s really dangerous!!!!!

Humanity would never be able to reproduce that way!!!!!

If this ever happened human life on earth would end before it even began!!!

This must be stopped at all costs even if we have to kill some of Eve’s handsome and favorite children!!!

Believe me when I tell you.

Here and now.

This woman is messed up.

Yep. She is totally messed up.

How and why???

I will reveal that later. Right now I have to keep Noel in check or else she would decapitate me or even tear my body in two pieces.

You guys might think she is a shy or a totally fine girl inside. But I don’t. Cause I had time to come and know her very well. So well that I also know that she has some screws loose.

Like that time she mated with Adam to create the ‘Druid’ and ‘Dryad’ race.

Making Eve weep heartbroken for an entire month. She even left him sleep outside of their house in order to make him seriously repent.

Yep. Adam was deprived of sexual intercourse and other forms of interactions for at least a month until Abel solved the situation somehow by making her hit Adam with some really heavy slaps.

That was the beginning of how women started to slapping their unfaithful husbands here on earth.

(Remember kids. If a woman ever slaps u. That means you were unfaithful to her. Hehe(smiles)


Reminded of how terrible and terrifying the women of the continent of Eden were. I turned my gaze to the beautiful damned woman who now had stopped saying alien words as a definition for me to call her grandmother.

As to how she was able to talk and use different languages, I really don’t know. Guess her father is responsible for that.

Neli: “So......”

“Are you gonna call your father when Noel screws up in immobilizing me?” [Serious]

“Or, are you going to use this chance to enter in the Land Of Fairies.” [Stares at the beautiful damned woman]

Neli: “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

As soon as she meet my eyes and heard these questions. She immediately turned her head, to her right side. Trying to avoid my gaze as much as possible.

[Shy and embarrassed? Nope she is not.]

[This girl is a total ‘Tsundere’!]

[Especially when she makes her mind to do something she deems necessary or funny]

It’s not that she didn’t have the strength to gaze at me. Nor that she was embarrassed. She has already stopped feeling shame for quite some centuries now.

What really made her turn her head was my unusual crystal emerald blue eyes. 

Among the many children she had conceived she never had seen such deep yet clear blue eyes. Sometimes it frightened her to the point of not daring to approach me, as if I was a different species totally unknown to her.

Other times, she would occasionally be drawn to me, feeling some strange sense of empathy that even I couldn’t perceive at all.

The beautiful damned woman had a motherly warm aura coming from her. It was being emitted constantly by her, making animals, sea creatures, and even humans kneel in front of her without a trace of hesitation. 

As to what these creatures perceived when being near her, I believe it was the warmth of a mother. The desire to be near a warm living being.

I had some clues about the way she worked, served her environment and aided the ecosystem. But what I really didn’t know was a lot. Only her father would be able to give an explanation about her true nature.

Having been silent for a while. Eve the mother of humanity. Was in deep thoughs. This didn’t last long however, since she made up her mind and said.

Eve: “No... I won’t be relying on my father today. Rather than that...”

“I wanted to see the Queen.... At least, what remains of her as of now....”

Hearing her response, a great shiver assaulted my body. Going from my feet, up to mund head. My body felt numb and my brain was shocked entirely.

Never in my eternal life would I have thought that she would make an effort to meet the someone directly. Especially the queen of the fairies at that.

Unable to move after having received some heavy injuries. As well as receiving a great shock from the words she said. I couldn’t help but ask her, another question.

Neli: “Why do you care so much???”

“It’s not like you two are great friends. Her state of being as a fairy shouldn’t concern you, given how you are a human.”

Hearing my words, she looked me in the eyes this time, trying very  hard to not be intimidated. Afterwards she said.

Eve: “I owe her my respect for her help she provided my children.”

“It’s not like she did much but I believe that a bit of respect for her is all what I needed to show.”

“Can you please show me the way. O fairy king. You, whom are the last of your race. The only human to ever obtain the inheritance. The fairy’s legacy.”

The woman was being honest. I could hear her heartbeat, and judging by the sound, she appeared to saying the truth. There were no lies, deception or hidden intentions inside her mind. All there was. Was a determination to see her friend alive until the end.

Feeling her desire for an audience with the Queen, I couldn’t help but exhale a bit of air from my still hurting lungs.

Guess I will allow it. Only today. Just for this time. Since she went and called me by my new title. Recognizing me a as the fairies legacy.

Neli: “Well.... guess I will make an exemption just for your case.”

As soon as I said these words the beautiful damned woman’s eyes started show signs of excitement and said.

Eve: “REALLY! Are you gonna allow it!”

Seeing this, I added some other sentences to restrain her.

Neli: “Yes. But only if Noel accompanies you. And also, only if you don’t separate from me during your stay there.”

My restriction words hit her ears. Making her feel uncomfortable, she was planning to do more than just meet the Queen. But she didn’t have room to complain about it, not when dealing with me right now.

Last time when she went into the forest to meet the fairies she didn’t come out for at least one month. The fairies kept her as a pet to feed and have around until Adam came to meet the Queen and made a deal with her in order to release his wife.

I didn’t know much about the deal and what was said. But I know for sure that if the fairies hadn’t accepted it, Adam would have knocked all the fairies unconscious and took her out with force.

Truthfully said his strength is quite great,  if he wasn’t strong enough to take back his wife from a bunch of pranksters like the forest fairies, he wouldn’t be called a man. Especially when he actually was the first living man on earth!

Eve: “Great! Shall we get going now! I am eager to see the ecosystem in which they live in.”


How does she even know this word??? 

Guess god works in mysterious was when it comes to his children.


To be continued.