Meeting Queen Katherine and Princess Violet (1)
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Two days after that night's sparring session...

"Here's this month's payment from the red light district, milord."

"Hmph, it's about time. Put it over there and leave. I don't want to be disturbed."

"Yes, Milord."

I'm in an extravagant study observing two figures. One was the fat ass Yulstein and the other was simply a servant.

After the servant placed a large chest on the desk and left, Yulstein opened the chest full of gold coins and started counting. 

"1000 gold coins. Not bad for a street filled with nothing but whores."

After about twenty minutes of counting, fat ass said happily as he put the coins back into the chest.

Well, that's to be expected. Prostitution isn't one of the underworld's moneymakers for nothing.

To sleep with a beautiful and sexy woman, a man would pay any price. Lust has no bounds.


"1000 gold coins… that's a lot of money!"

With shining eyes, I greedily stare at the chest as he drags it towards a certain bookcase. Call me a money-grubber but I'm happy to honestly say that in a few days, all that money will be mine. 

"Hey, fat ass, hurry up and open your safe so I can see what else you got."

I shout towards Patrick as he pulls on a book from the bookcase, causing it to slide to the side revealing a safe in the wall!

Although I saw such things numerous times during my three-year tenure as a hero robbing shitty nobles, I'm not going to lie, secret compartments are still cool!

Patrick unlocks the safe with a combination code and unlocks it.

"Quite the bank you have there. Must be worth at least a few mil."


In the safe were nothing but stacks of gold coins. So much that they were practically shining in the light!

Who said crime didn't pay.

After putting the money into the safe, fat ass closed it and once again hidden it away behind the bookshelf.

It was also during this time…


I heard a knock on my door.

"I'll be back fat ass. And when I do, your life will be mine…"

And with that, I dispel [Apparition], a spell that allows my soul to leave my body, and awake crossed-legged on a bed. As for where I am, I'm currently residing in a three-story inn close to the Yulstein mansion. There are fancier inns a lot closer to the mansion but I don't feel comfortable there (staff members are too pretentious) nor do I like spending money on unnecessarily expensive things. As long as there's a bed and food is served, I'm happy.

Thus leading me to this inn here. It's not too gaudy nor is it ridiculously expensive to stay here for extended periods. 

It's normal, inconspicuous. 


"...Who is it?"

Gripping the dagger I bought from a blacksmith, I got off the bed and approached the door with caution.

"It's me, Attendant Willis."

A familiar voice whispered. It was Attendant Willis. But just to be sure...

"Give me a minute."

I discreetly scan the door in front of me with my mana and sense Attendant Willis's mana signature and no one else's.

"Come on in."

Confirming that Attendant Willis wasn't followed, I opened the door and welcomed him in. 

"...Despite it being only two days, I'm impressed that you were able to gather so much information."

Upon entering my room and observing it for a few seconds, Attendant Willis said with praise.

On one wall were drawings of various people and next to them were notes of their age, name, occupation, and recent activities. I also have notes about each of their family situations. On the next wall was the blueprint of the Yulstein capital mansion. I had notes surrounding important areas of infiltration, such as servant entrances and blind spots during patrol.

On these two walls, I practically have the information of the entire Yulstein capital mansion!

"Having the government back you up makes things hella easier. If it wasn't for your men's help, getting this much info in so little time would've been impossible."

Staring at the walls covered in paper, I told Attendant Willis with a voice filled with appreciation. I'm only one person so there's no way I could have gathered information on more than thirty people within a 48-hour time frame.

It was all thanks to King Paul lending me his group of secret elite soldiers led by Attendant Willis. Without them, completing the assassination of Patrick Yulstein and taking his money… I mean, gathering evidence wouldn't have happened so soon. 

"...You say that but the majority of this information was gathered by you. Some of the information on these people are so specific, so personal, that it's almost as if they told you themselves. Do you mind telling me how you were able to gather such information so easily? It'll make my job a hundred times easier."

"Sorry, it's a trade secret. But let's just say that it gives the person an extreme headache."

There's also a possibility of turning them into a vegetable or decreasing their mental abilities to the point that they're an adult toddler but let's leave that out.

"Anyways, what brings you here? You usually are the king's shadow."

Wherever the king goes, he goes.

"About that, I've been told to tell you to hurry back to the castle. A very important event is about to happen."

"And that is?"

"Queen Katherine and Princess Violet are returning to the castle!"

With extreme vigor, Attendant Willis said. Hearing this, I remembered what Mary told me about the princess.

"The princess, she... can't speak right?"

At my words, Attendant Willis's face instantly turns sad and he releases a sigh.

"...Yes. Due to catching an illness when she was six, she lost her voice and her body became frail. The only way for her to communicate is to write. Sigh, I feel sorry for his majesty."

"I'm going to assume that he spared no effort trying to get her voice back."

"Of course he did. He tried everything from using rare healing potions to world-famous doctors, but nothing worked to bring her voice back. Thankfully, drinking those diluted special potions helped restore her body a little bit. She's still weak but she no longer collapses like she once used to. Despite that, he never gave up! He wanted to hear his daughter's voice, him or the queen. This was also the reason for the queen's trip. She, the princess, and their escort went north to retrieve a rare flower called the Goddess Tear. We received word yesterday from the queen at the town of Boris that that will return by sundown today!"

"I see. Then let's get going then...oops, wait a sec, I gotta take all these down. Can't leave these up here."

"I'll help put as well."


If some stranger was to enter this room and see walls filled with people and blueprints of a mansion, who knows what'll happen. Will guards be called or would they slowly close the door and pull a hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil?

Probably the former. Either way, the fewer people know of this, the better. 

"Can you put these in your space ring?"

After taking the papers down from the wall and arranging them in an organized and stacked manner, I request this of attendant Willis.

Space rings are made from a special mineral called Void Ore. It's a rare commodity, costing tens of thousands of gold coins just to own one. And that's on the cheap side, the more space you want, the more expensive it is. 

"I can."

Attendant Willis puts the Intel into his space ring.

"Thanks. I'll need to get myself one of those. Do you think Yulstein has one? It's not like he'll need it in the future."

"...How were you even a hero?"

"Don't give me those eyes filled with disdain. He's a bad guy. Bad guy. Compared to him, I'm a saint. And being a saint, I need to receive offerings. So what better person is there to do that than the ever wealthy, Patrick 'fat ass' Yulstein?"


"Yeah, yeah, call it what you like. Anyways, let's get going. We don't wanna be late."

I don't want to be rude to the queen and Princess by not being there. I got enough enemies in the castle already, I don't need two big shots to add on top of it.

"Okay. But before Queen Katherine and Princess Violet get here, you'll need to fix your appearance. It'll be considered disrespectful to meet them looking like that."

Attendant Willis pointed out.

"Hmm, that's true. I can feel my beard coming in."

Scratching the hair on my face, I agreed. I haven't shaved ever since I came here so I'm starting to have a beard slowly pop up on my face. The same goes for my hair, my ponytail is getting longer and longer as time goes by.

Yeah, it's about time for a haircut.

"When I get to the castle, I'll have Mary do something about my hair."

"Do that. Now then, let's hurry. They'll be here soon."

"Okay, lead the way."

And with that, I put my operation on pause for the time being to go and meet the queen and Princess of Talius.