82 Unconscious People Left and Right
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Zhou Ming looked around furtively and then opened the door, stepping into the study. As a result, he came to face the man that was still sitting at the table, taking a breather after finishing that letter. Both of them looked at each other, startled.

Zhou Ming managed to get his bearings back first. He gave a smile, closed the door behind him, and then just walked right into the study, pretending that it wasn’t strange that he was there at all. "Oh, I didn’t know that somebody was still here. I am here because of the letter."

The man still didn’t know what to say and could only look at Zhou Ming in stunned silence.

Zhou Ming smiled and looked around, his eyes lighting up when he saw the paper on the table. "Is it that one?" He pointed at it and then picked it up only to see another letter right below it. He tilted his head and picked up that one as well just for the same thing to happen again.

"Wow, you have a lot of letters there." He just took the whole pile, looking through them and noticing that all of them were the same. "Oh, didn’t you like your handwriting? I know that problem.

"You know, when I was studying a few years back, everyone always complained that they couldn’t read what I was writing. It was honestly quite depressing. I don’t think it was that bad." He looked up at the ceiling, thinking back to the time in university. It really hadn’t been long but he had heard that sentence more than once. But so what if his handwriting looked as if a drunk chicken had tumbled over a piece of paper? As long as he knew what was written there, it was alright.

Anyway … "Thank you very much for your cooperation. I’m afraid I’ll have to take you along as well though. You never know what we could need you for after all." He put the letters into his inventory and then struck the man unconscious.

Looking at the person on the ground, Zhou Ming pursed his lips. "Even as a fabulous assassin, I can’t believe how violent this game is. Seriously just striking people unconscious left and right." He shook his head as if in disbelief, stooped down and threw the guy over his shoulder, lightly patting his robe. "I’m afraid there’ll be wrinkles in there later on. I might need to get changed." With another shake of his head, he left the study, jumped back over the wall with slightly more difficulty now, and then took out the tanghulu from his inventory. Gnawing at it lightly so it looked as if he was eating, he went back to the entrance of the estate.

Mo Ju An and the guards looked at him in a daze, trying to understand what was going on. All the NPCs in the game were programmed to react as much like actual people as possible. And there just was something about a guy in a bright orange robe with a tanghulu in one hand and an unconscious person over his left shoulder that made normal people speechless. Even asking what was going on would be a display of major calm.

Zhou Ming used the opportunity to throw the guy on the ground, taking another bite of the tanghulu. He looked at it, surprised that it actually tasted quite nice, and then looked up at Mo Ju An and the others. "You wouldn’t believe it but when I went out to get something to eat, I actually stumbled upon another unconscious guy. There really must be a group of bandits nearby. Thankfully, they didn’t rob the food stalls or I would have had to go hungry."

One of the guards slightly raised a brow, looking at the tanghulu with a mixture of doubt and disgust. "This … is what you get when you are hungry?"

Zhou Ming blinked his eyes at him. "Yeah, do you have a problem with that? Anyway, I have a sweet tooth. Is there anything wrong with that?"

The guard raised his hands and waved them in defense, not wanting to start a fight. "No, I was just expecting something different. Anyway, what should we do with this guy?" He motioned at the man on the ground, hoping that it would divert the attention from what he had said just now.

Mo Ju An also looked at the man, not sure what to do either. "Does anybody recognize him? He isn’t dressed like a servant. I don’t think he is from this estate."

Zhou Ming pursed his lips, quietly continuing to eat his tanghulu. After a moment, he couldn’t help but suggest a possibility. "Maybe it’s a family member instead."

Mo Ju An’s lips twitched. "Actually, I don’t think this is what somebody of the Wang family would wear. They’re pretty … wealthy."

Zhou Ming nodded and fell quiet again, continuing to munch on the tanghulu. "Well, let’s just wait until the others are back. Maybe they have an idea of what we should do."

Since she had no other idea either, Mo Ju An could only nod, even though she was still wondering about how something like this could happen. It really wasn’t normal that people were falling unconscious left and right, was it?