85 Very Obviously Forgery
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As soon as Liangqiu Huang was gone, Ao Jing tried to use the opportunity and turned to the others. "Should we maybe go and get the carriage already? Since we’ve already accomplished our goal, I don’t think we need to linger here. Also, with this little sister’s condition, I don’t think it’s good to let her stand here for so long."

"Ah, right." Mo Ju An was startled out of her own thoughts and turned to the girl’s lover. "Why don’t you bring her back already and get the carriage to the door? We can leave as soon as Young Master Liangqiu returns."

The guard nodded. "Thank you, Young Lady." He inclined his head and then turned to his lover, gently taking her hand, and leading her out of the estate.

The others watched them, giving Ao Jing the opportunity to hurriedly sent a question to Zhou Ming: [What about the evidence?]

Zhou Ming turned to him and raised his brows, looking completely confused. [You mean those forged letters? I have them with me, ah! Should I give them to you?]

Ao Jing wanted to facepalm. Hard. Did this guy not understand what he was getting at, at all? [Why didn’t you let Liangqiu Huang find them?]

Zhou Ming stared at him, his expression going completely blank. After a moment, a light seemed to go on above his head and he gave an audible 'ah!', making the others turn back to him.

Zhou Ming tensed under their gazes, realizing that he had just exposed their silent conversation. And the worst thing was that he didn’t know what to do now. He really wanted to explain but what would be the use of that?

Ao Jing really facepalmed this time, and then slightly turned away, using the fact that everyone’s attention was still on Zhou Ming to send another message: [Find an opportunity to go and throw these letters out one by one. If Liangqiu Huang comes across them in the estate of merchant Wang, he might start to suspect something. Make sure you don’t do it too obviously.]

Seeing a row of clear-cut instructions, Zhou Ming heaved a sigh of relief. He turned to the others and gave a bright smile before rubbing his head and laughing. "Ah, I thought that I did something wrong just now. Since that Young Master Liangqiu will need a bit longer, I might as well go and get another bite to eat. I’m sure he won’t mind." He didn’t wait for the other’s opinion and just dashed out, going to a food stall and getting a mutton skewer this time, once again putting it in his inventory before he jumped over the wall and started to leave a trail of letters everywhere in merchant Wang’s estate.

He wasn’t too worried about the obvious part. Anyway, his luck was good. If he went to throw letters, then certainly, nobody that shouldn’t see him would see him. In this way, the corners of some paper could be seen everywhere in merchant Wang’s estate just a few minutes later.

Zhou Ming smiled to himself and then did the same as before: Leaving the estate in an unorthodox way, taking out his food, and then returning to the rest of the group. The two guards gave him another strange look but didn’t say anything this time around, as if they had learned their lesson the last time.

At the same time, Liangqiu Huang was on his way back to the group as well. The only person he had found was that same servant girl that had brought him over to the study and later the front hall. She looked like a frail girl so he didn’t feel comfortable leaving an unconscious man to her to bring somewhere. Thus, he had just asked her to lead the way to a place where the man could rest for a while and then carried him all by himself. As a result, when he stepped out and went back to the entrance of the estate, he suddenly stepped on a piece of paper.

He lifted his foot, confused as to why there would be paper lying around, and bent down to pick it up in case it was something important. As a result, he was startled.

What he held in his hand was the same letter that merchant Wang had given him before. "Did I actually lose the only evidence for the involvement of the Mo family?" He shook his head at himself and wanted to put the letter back into his robe, only to find a piece of paper folded there. He furrowed his brows and took it out, realizing that he hadn’t actually lost his letter but that a second one had appeared.

Liangqiu Huang stared at the two of them, looking from one to the other, unsure what the meaning of this was. He … He really couldn’t understand. He didn’t want to understand either. Because what was currently going through his mind definitely wasn’t something good.

For the time being, he just folded the letter up and placed both of them at his bosom before shaking his head and continuing on his way.

He really wanted to forget about this matter but, unfortunately, fate didn’t want to be in his favor. He just rounded the corner of one of the buildings when another piece of paper that was stuck in a gap of the barrel fluttered in the wind in front of him, very much like a white flag signaling that it was time for him to admit defeat and see the truth.

Liangqiu Huang’s hands trembled slightly when he picked the piece of paper up. Turning it around, he noticed that once again, it was the very same letter just that the last few lines were missing. Obviously, somebody had been writing it but not finished it. He could imagine just why that was the case.

He took out the two letters that he had already found and unfurled them, comparing the last few characters on the unfinished letter with the same ones on the finished ones. He noticed that there were a few irregularities between them.

This … was very obviously forgery.