88 A Visit to the Dungeon
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Five minutes later, Ao Jing walked into the town together with both the Liangqiu brothers while Zhou Ming slowly trailed behind. A talisman was taped to Liangqiu Min’s back, obscuring his features from the people around them.

Ah, playing this type of fantasy game really sucked sometimes. The worst was that even though he wanted to send a message to Shangguan Yu, he didn’t really have an opportunity because Liangqiu Huang had suddenly discovered his chatty side now that his brother was saved and was repeatedly reassuring Ao Jing of his gratitude as if was worried that just once would not be enough to express himself.

Ao Jing glanced at Zhou Ming, hoping that he would get the hint and warn Shangguan Yu but the guy wasn’t acknowledging him at all. In fact, he looked as if he wasn’t there with his thoughts at all or, even worse, as if he had switched into the automatic following mode and taken off his headset. Normal people might give a warning when doing so on a mission but with Zhou Ming … It wouldn’t be surprising at all if he had just straight up forgotten. Just from the few interactions before, it was obvious he didn’t always think that far ahead.

It seemed there was no way to get around this. Ao Jing could only sigh inwardly and then continue to walk toward the prison with the two Liangqiu brothers. Soon enough, they arrived in front of the gates.

Ao Jing looked at them with some resignation. Even though he had said before that Shangguan Yu might not be there anymore, neither of the Liangqiu brothers seemed to have taken that seriously. And anyway, hearing it and actually seeing it were two different things. Most likely, when they noticed that he had actually escaped, that would trigger quite a few problems. Even if it didn’t clash with this task, it would definitely bring problems to them afterward. After all, escaping from prison was being punished in this game.

His mind was going a mile a minute while he was trying to think of anything he could do to divert their attention and make them go somewhere else first. Maybe he could pretend to be sick? Then they might take care of him first.

But then again, they were two people right now. Maybe Liangqiu Min would just go to get Shangguan Yu while Liangqiu Huang would stay with him or help him go back and rest first. It was entirely possible.

Then what else? Should he suggest just going to merchant Wang’s place first to see what was going on there? But that also wouldn’t work out since they hadn’t even wanted to wait in the teahouse. It seemed that they were really doing this time.

They finally reached the corridor leading to the cells and Ao Jing’s heart jumped crazily. Maybe he should just run away? Then they might follow him to check. Just then, Liangqiu Huang stopped and took out a key.

"Was it this cell? I could’ve sworn it was one of the cells in the back."

Before Ao Jing could react, a familiar voice came out of the cell. "Are you saying I switched cells on my own? If I was able to do that, I wouldn’t even be in here!"

Ao Jing looked up, his eyes widening in surprise. What was Shangguan Yu doing in the cell?! Hadn’t he … hadn’t he escaped long ago with Zhou Ming? They had even met up in-between! How come he was here?

Shangguan Yu gave a teasing smile when he saw his boyfriend’s shocked look but he didn’t dare to say anything in front of the two NPCs. Instead, he turned to Liangqiu Huang. "Your brother is obviously still alive so are you going to let me out?"

Liangqiu Huang actually nodded his head without delay. "Yes, of course. I am sorry for making trouble for you. I didn’t know you were helping him."

Shangguan Yu gave a wry smile. "Well, at the end of the day, I did try to kill him."

Liangqiu Huang nodded but didn’t seem too disturbed. "You tried but you saved him as well. The good offsets the bad. Furthermore, you did so because you were played just like me. How could I fault you for that? The real perpetrator is somebody else." He shook his head and then motioned down the corridor. "Well, you can come out now. There’s no reason to stay inside anymore."

Shangguan Yu nodded and then stepped out of the cell, walking over to Ao Jing’s side. "I guess the two of us can go then."

Ao Jing nodded as well, wanting to say quite a few things but still unable to do so. The two of them left together, walking out of the dungeon with the intention of leaving the city as well. After this whole ordeal, there really was a lot to talk about after all.

Shangguan Yu couldn’t help but glance over his shoulder after just a few steps though. "Zhou Ming …" He stopped in his tracks and gave him a grateful smile. "Thank you so much for your help this time. The two of us should really meet up to play together more often in the future."

Zhou Ming … stayed silent and just stood at the same place.

Ao Jing’s lips twitched. "I think he’s in follow mode."

Shangguan Yu’s brows raised. "Well, wouldn’t be the first time he does this." He sighed and turned back to his husband. "Let’s just go then. Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether he’s here or back at our house when he gets back. They’re both safe areas."

"Mn." Ao Jing nodded and the two went on their way again.

Before they had the chance to even leave the town, they were stopped by the guard of the Mo family though that they had met before.

Shangguan Yu and Ao Jing exchanged a glance, slowly raising their brows. It seemed they still wouldn’t be able to leave the city after all.