Vol. 1 Ch. 8: Disappearance of Ethan Carter
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[Mio's POV]

I was happy.

Very happy.

I could fly if I tried. My heart fluttered with every step inside our love nest. Onii-sama forgave me for the past. It felt like he accepted me for what I am, a twisted woman lusting for her adopted brother.

This was like a knot in my heart but today, I became free!

I caressed Onii-sama's face while lying on his side. The cutest and most handsome man in the world. But he doesn't know that since I always accompanied him, not allowing him to get overly chummy with any girl.

The girls shrank away from me while Celia bitch kept the rest at bay with her high status. She was indeed a good dog of my brother, always running at his beck and call. Celia tried to win him with a brand new car on his birthday but she didn't know Onii-sama could afford it too. 

Her ignorance of Onii-sama's income was ecstatic. So many rich women threw thousands of dollars to see his smile on his stream.

My onii-sama is very popular.

He deserved it.

Oh shit, my panties became wet thinking about his kind smile.

I threw away my soaked panties. No point in wearing a fresh one!

I pressed my lips on Onii-sama's cheeks. "Onii-sama, can I take you now? You won't object if your cute sister claims your virginity, right?"

Hehe… oi, calm down!

I slapped myself. Not good. Onii-sama will hate me if I do it like this. I must remain patient and seduce him little by little.

I swallowed the sleeping pills, or my pure love will force me to do something to Onii-sama here. He should be awake when he pins me down and whispers sweet words in my ears.

Enough delusions! I don't want to dirty the blanket now.

I hugged him and closed my eyes.

"Good night, Onii-sama. I love you."

Onii-sama is the best hug pillow. Celia always chewed her nails when I told her about sleeping with Onii-sama like this.

I still remember the time she gritted her teeth and said, "You still can't marry him."

No, I will marry him. If I can't then I will… I don't know what I will do.

Urgh… if only the law allowed siblings to marry.


My eyes opened at midnight, my arms unconsciously stretched to embrace Onii-sama.


Where is Onii-sama?

I switched on the light in skepticism.

Onii-sama wasn't in the room. I searched the whole house but he is nowhere.

"Is he sleeping with the women down there?"

It can't be… they are beautiful but Onii-sama won't do it.

First, I apologized to Onii-sama for doubting him but it must be checked!

After wearing my clothes, I went down and knocked on their door.

Valentina opened the door while scratching her messy hair. I raised my brow at the deep scars on her arms and some extending from her white tank top.

She really was a soldier.

"What do ya need now?"

"Is Ethan here?"

Valentina yawned. "Who Ethan? The cute guy living above? Why would he be here? You really think I kidnapped him to rape him?"

She didn't seem to be lying. I bowed my head. "I am sorry for disturbing you at midnight."

I had to act politely to maintain Onii-sama's image.

Valentina rubbed her eyes. "Don't worry about it. Do you need my help in finding him?"

She looked like a kind woman. Regina also arrives behind Valentina in pale blue pajamas. "Did something happen?"

I shook my head. "I will contact you in the morning if I need it."



I returned to Onii-sama's room and fiddled with my phone.

Must I really contact Celia for help?

She would find Onii-sama quickly but I don't want to owe her.

I could have placed a tracker on Onii-sama's body if using tech was my suite. I tried. I really did. But the only result was a failure.

Aaaargh, Onii-sama, where are you? Your sister here is worried you know.

I just laid on the bed, wishing for Onii-sama to return.

Swoosh! A cold wind whacked my face.


I opened my eyes to find Onii-sama lying beside me.

How did he appear out of nowhere?

His clothes littered with dirt release a strong smell of sweat.


I shook him but he kept his eyes shut.

His pulse seemed normal. I heaved a sigh and took off his shirt.

The magic thing will come later but I need to take care of him for now. I threw off his shirt and a gasp left my lips.

"Onii-sama… how?"

Blood flowed from the small wounds stretching on his upper body. His swollen feet were impaled with many thorns.

Did someone chase him in a forest?

I can't come to a conclusion right now.

"Where have you been?"

Suppressing the urge to cry, I fetched the medical kit and applied the medicine to his wounds.

The deep scar on his right rib evoked some old memories. I gently caressed the reason I fell for him.

Back when he stood up for me, his back looked so wide shielding me from the criminals. He didn't even flinch from the gun aiming at us.

He was so heroic.

I had my entire world flipped upside down in a moment. My loathing at that time had melted away and only warm feelings for him were left in my heart.

Unfortunately, Celia was also there to witness Onii-sama's figure and fell in love.

And the next day, sitting at his bedside, watching him wrapped in white gauze, I felt like someone slashing my heart over and over. Unknowingly, Onii-sama had seized a big part of my heart after he saved me.

The same feeling sprang from my heart.

I gritted my teeth.

You fucker… I am gonna find whoever did this to Onii-sama and strangle you with my own hands.

No one messes with my Onii-sama.

Not even God.

I picked up my phone and called Celia. I didn't like Andrew but I could tolerate Celia. Barely.

She answered the phone. "Hmm… Mio, what happened?"

"Celia, Onii-sama is hurt… can you come over right now?"

"Hurt? How? Just hold on, I am coming!"

That reminded me that I never called her by her name.

I draped a blanket over Onii-sama. Celia must never see him naked.

The doorbell rang precisely four minutes later. She was fast.

"Where is he?"

"In his room."

She brushed me aside and rushed into his room.

I followed behind and found her looking at Onii-sama with clenched fists.

"What the hell happened?"

Her ice-cold voice surprises me.

"I have no idea. He disappeared somehow and just appeared beside me."

She grabbed my collar, her eyes carrying an intimidating glare. "Don't. bullshit. me. How could this happen with you here?"


I clutched her collar like she did to me. "You think I harmed Onii-sama? How dare you? It looks like calling you here was a mistake on my part."

All my anger burst forth in that moment, almost prompting me to bring my blade.

She released me and fixed my dress. "I am sorry. I couldn't think straight seeing him like this… let me call a doctor."

"Do it."

While she talked with the doctor, I sat beside Onii-sama.

His fingers shook; his eyelashes fluttered.

Onii-sama woke up!

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