45. Night Visit
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Wei Liuying spent most of her time to eat and sleep over and over for the day. When it was night time, she already felt much better even though she still has her fever. Xiao Qing was still guarding outside her room, but she could clearly sense another people’s presence in her room.

Slowly, Wei Liuying sat down on her bed and looked at the window. “Visiting a lady’s room in the middle of the night is not a gentleman’s act.”

“Are you sure you’re sick?” A man’s voice trailed in the middle of the night as a shadow-no, two shadows leapt into the room. Even under the dim light, it was easy to see their handsome features. As Wei Liuying had already met with one of them a few times in the past, she recognized him almost instantly.

“Your Highness the Third Prince, Strategist Yang,” Wei Liuying greeted them, but she didn’t leave her bed. “What do I owe to make the two esteemed guest come to visit me in the middle of the night?”

Her tone was respectful, but Yang Xian could see that she was displeased. It couldn’t be helped. Who would be happy to have two grown up men come to visit unannounced in the middle of the night?

On the other hand, Ji Sheng was more curious as to why she recognized him. The two of them have never met before. “I’m surprised Third Miss Wei knows me.”

“Your Highness sure jest. With your name resound in the entire Han Shi Kingdom, who wouldn’t know of you?” Wei Liuying replied.

“You’re correct.”

Wei Liuying looked at the two of them, who conveniently took their seats without moving from her own position. The two of them have high positions and normally, it would be impossible for her to even interact with them. But now, the two of them suddenly entered her room.

“Could I know the reason for your visit today? I’m sure that Your Highness didn’t have a hobby to visit a lady’s house in the middle of the night, right?”

“Depends on which lady….” Yang Xian was about to continue, but he sensed a glare from the side. He quickly shut his mouth and pretended that he didn’t say anything while putting on a goofy grin on his face.

Wei Liuying pursed her lips.

“We come because Yang Xian is curious about your books,” Ji Sheng said, selling out his friend without any hesitation.

“Books?” Wei Liuying asked in a low tone. She recalled the last book that she submitted to Manager Xin and sighed. The two of them must have already seen it when they came to visit Shi Yan on that day.

“I didn’t expect Strategist Yang to read my books. I’m honored.”

Yang Xian laughed. “The books are interesting, but what caught my interest is the content inside. Little Lass, I can see that you have deep interest with war and northern border’s history. The way you analyzed the past even leave me intrigued.”

Wei Liuying blinked her eyes. The only reason she was interested was because of the ‘Art of War’ that she read thanks to her mother’s insistence. There were a lot of important points from the book that she found to be very helpful, thus she chose to analyze the large war that occurred in the north.

“The reason for your visit today is?”

“I want to ask you, what kind of method do you think will be possible to end the war with Xiong Tribe?” Yang Xian got into the main point.

“Naturally, there are several ways that’s possible. Correct me if I’m wrong as I’m not familiar with the current situation at the north. However, I believe that in the recent years, there are powerful generals who emerged from both sides. It makes the war stalled and some smaller tribes took the chance to rob the cities, right?”

Yang Xian nodded. “You’re correct. However, in terms of overall power, we still have some advantage.”

“Are you telling me that your advantage is because of your endeavor, Strategist Yang?” Wei Liuying asked amusedly.

Yang Xian shrugged, neither admitted nor denied it.

“Peaceful end would be the best, but if it’s not possible, a grand war will be ensued where the two sides will be forced to use all of their resources for battle,” Wei Liuying replied.

Hearing that, Ji Sheng passed a glance at Yang Xian. It was exactly what Yang Xian told him before they came to the capital city. If the battle couldn’t be resolved soon, the two sides would be forced to fight a grand battle because of the lack of resources on Xiong Tribe’s area and the emergence of many other tribes that possessed threat for Han Shi Kingdom.

However, Wei Liuying shouldn’t have known about those problems, right?

“Why?” Yang Xian asked.

Wei Liuying’s eyelids fluttered. “In the past, the two sides strike a deal because of a long lasting war that continued for a long time. Long lasting war is tiring and naturally, it’s the reason why there’s an agreement in the first place. However, after Emperor Xuan become the leader, the skirmish had started to occur and then develop into war that lasted for years.

Counting the time, it has been more than a decade war, so I presume that the condition of the border is no longer the same as before. The two sides will be forced to enter a grand battle soon in order to settle the war if a peaceful solution couldn’t be achieved.”

Yang Xian nodded in agreement. “As I thought, your research about the north area is plentiful.”

“Many thanks for your praise, Strategist Yang,” Wei Liuying said calmly. Han Shi Kingdom is large, and it was impossible for her to know about all of them, so her focus has always been the north and the capital city itself. Though, she had to admit that the north area was much more interesting than the capital city because she was tired with the constant scheme between the noble families.

Thankfully, most of them didn’t have any relation with her whatsoever.

“However, you haven’t told me the specific method.”

“Marriage alliance between the two sides will be the most plausible, am I right?”