Chapter 70: Filling up the beast in front of {The Queen}
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Poll this week was about people's opinion on Promicarus… Poor Promicarus…

Like two mothers at a junior football match mixed with RB spam is how I’ll choose to describe this chapter. 

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In the distance a lone fox woman used her onyx Bladed Bo Staff as a form of entertainment as she spun it between the two rings between her two index fingers.

Despite doing that her gaze was still upon the action in front of herself - though honestly it wasn’t going too well. Since Fuka’s shield was all but gone she could hardly help since even if her holy powers weren’t weak (no god meant no buffs) it wouldn’t help much. They also figured that if a glancing blow could completely ruin the high-quality shield it wasn’t a smart move to actively charge towards the enemy.

This left the tank with an inability to really tank thus just threw the occasional [Holy Slash] toward the {Void Beast} to try to at least readjust the attacks of the creature. Lyada was also in a similar position as she danced around with her rapier drawn; sending constant wind infused strikes into the {Void Beast} even if it achieved very little. Even her own little descendent could only do too much as she danced around just like the bunny girl - her sword blocking the mighty blows from the claws while her sword glanced over whenever the fake tails thrust out in an attempt to erase her.

The blade intent managed to ‘erase the void’ but it only seemed to make the creature more assured on it’s goal to erase her. Alexis also couldn’t help but chuckle softly seeing how the little pup constantly would unconsciously position herself between her allies ready to leap in anytime an attack seemed like it would land on them. The girl didn’t even seem to realise her own actions as she did it all without intention - clearly her strong instincts coming into play make the fox smile.

Still a few slices here and there may as well mean nothing to the powerful {Void Beast} else they wouldn’t be so feared. They weren’t too impressive if not for their ‘void attacks’ combined with ‘void body’ making them hard to kill or defend against - unless you were approaching the peak of ‘weapon cultivation’ not much could be done. As impressive as Eel’s inherited intent was, she could only do so much with the borrowed power from her bloodline. If it wasn’t for her amazing regeneration in addition to vitality there was no way that the constant attacking, blocking & dodging would’ve long left her with nothing in the tank.

Despite that, the smile never left the hunter's face as she constantly jumped about the battlefield while doing something none of the other girls dared to do as a claw barely missed her… She charged straight towards the beast with a smile upon her face. Running to the ‘growling maws’ of the {Void Beast} she reeled back her spear for a moment as intent infused itself into the tip - she was well aware magic based attacks wouldn’t do much either for a slash from her sword.

If that was the case she would just need to keep attacking it until it couldn’t fight anymore!

To achieve this she recollected a certain spear art from a certain knightness sovereign. Yet when she began to mirror the motions she recalled those nine tails came from behind the creature making it so Eel had to quickly jump back or end up… Well, as nothingness, since it seemed like being hit by the void only created more void. She couldn’t help but click her tongue with impatience while raising her sword to block the claw coming from the side as she was once again sent flying over to Promicarus who seemed to be happily talking to Emily.

With that scene Alexis couldn’t help but let out a laugh while tilting her head towards the sky with a foxy yet graceful grin.

“Ho~ her way of using her spear reminds me quite a bit of you Sohn-Tochter. Yet so does her unconscious decision to do everything herself. Perhaps you both have a lot you could learn from each other due to that~?” <Alexis>

In a less flashy than usual manner (literally considering she usually appeared as lightning), the mighty {Sovereign of Storms} slowly materialised from the clouds up in the sky. This time she actually appeared without her armour on revealing her true appearance under the armour with the only thing marking her identity being that spear. This spear she held in her left hand while the right hand rested under her just as mature bust that appeared to sag softly with its impressive size… Not as large as the fox but mature enough to fit her profile.

The outfit she wore was a indigo one piece dress with a fur collar - the skirt open in a slit manner to reveal her long legs - while a black glove covered her entire right arm. Her slender left hand was soft to the sight despite the faint sign of age upon her eye which gazed upon the hatchling who was currently making a ‘suggestion’ to the bleach blonde. Still her face's passive expression refused to change or even twitch.

The most notable thing would be the noble aura that exudes from every fibre of her mature and beautiful appearance - making it clear why Sohn-Tochter was the one called {The Queen} - while her face and voice held no emotion.

Her expressions are seemingly as void as the {Void Beast}.

“She wields her spear like a child with a pointy stick.” <Sohn-Tochter>

The woman's plump lips were a painted flush regal blue with her visible eye being the exact same colour in both iris & eye shadow. Even her shoulder length straight blue hair was the exact same colour - her fringe being expectly led to cover the other side of her face though so it was hard to tell if it was true for both eyes.

“Oh~ well she is a child with a pointy stick so I would say she’s doing pretty well for her age then wouldn’t you ohohoho~?” <Alexis>

“True as Mother’s godhood I suppose - at least compared to the mortal’s in both the continents she is far ahead in terms of age. She had nice form when it came to her attempted thrust yet she isn’t fast enough to get the attack in unfortunately. For someone who’s just started using two weapons she is also showing great dexterity.” <Sohn-Tochter>

“Oh~ you seem to like her Ms {Dragon-Slaying Spear}~?” <Alexis>

Despite Alexis’ delighted words one wouldn’t think that was the case since the way the woman in question spoke was just as emotionless as always. If one didn’t know her they would believe she was uncaring about the girl and merely answered in response to Alexis. Still it was very clear to Alexis that the seemingly emotionless woman was anything but.

“I’m merely stating the truth as an observer; the girl has potential. Unfortunately the {Void Beast} is already too strong for her to deal with by herself so it seems that I shoul-” <Sohn-Tochter>

“You’re a bit eager to call it over though I suppose it’s natural as an older sister that you’d act this way. Still do you see that look on her face? Even if she did need your help she would refuse it since you’d be ruining her fun - when was the last time you did anything for fun~?” <Alexis>

Despite being shot backwards Eel took little time recuperating before she once again continued her dance with the {Void Beast}. It had already managed to mimic the shape of a {Nine-Tailed Fox} quite well at this point and it was slowly becoming more agile making it harder for Lyada to keep up - this meant even more focus was being put on Eel. Yet this time Promicarus lifted her two hands up for two large ‘ice spears’ to form before she lowered her hands to slam down into the creature's claws to pin them. Strangely the beast let out a ‘groan’ of pain as it seemed these spears bypassed it’s defence.

This wasn’t important to Eel as jumped to dodge the desperate tails that came flying down before finally having that head right in front of herself.

“[Triple Thrust]!” <Eel>

With that three intent fused thrusts collided with the {Void Beast}’s head…

However considering it had no real head that just resulted in not much difference other than the intent coursing through a larger area. This meant she technically did more damage to the creature yet it showed no signs of dying as it tore it’s claws out from the spears. It proceeded to clap with Eel only managing to dodge thanks to a Promicarus throwing a black string around her waist to yank her backwards into an awaiting Fuka’s grip. Seeing that Sohn-Tochter closed her eyes before slowly answering.

“Never.” <Sohn-Tochter>

“So why are you here following this girl. You have no intent on killing her despite her draconic bloodline right now so I don’t understand… Well, unless you seek to protect her~?” <Alexis>

The {Queen} just shook her head however whether it was to throw away her own rogue thoughts or in disagreement to the fox could only be known by herself.

“I’ve made a mistake which I can’t fix and I’m not sure what to do about it. I ended up attacking my own kin by zealously seeking to do my duty - it could be argued that trouble could arise from dragons receiving a champion yet even then I should’ve looked into my target to deliver accurate judgement. If I can’t give accurate judgement, what's the point in all I have done to get to where I am?” <Sohn-Tochter>

“... *Sight* You need to find some way to express yourself, Sohn-Tochter. If you don’t I’m afraid some day you’ll die from a heart bursting with too much turmoil. It’s simply not healthy whether you are the heavens or not.” <Alexis>

“I can’t. I’ve never been able to for as long as I’ve lived - no matter how much I wish to cry or smile it never comes. Like a dam built up around my heart letting me feel yet not know what to do with it. Though maybe it’s not that bad since it allows me to be impartial.” <Sohn-Tochter>

Though her words were just as emotionless as they always were while her face showed no remorse or sadness they showed her true feelings in their own way… Yet perhaps that could be said to be her own curse. A harsh life where she could only rely on herself to protect not only her and her slowly deteriorating mother but later a younger brother & sister left her unable to express herself in any meaningful way. Despite what many would believe the woman known as {The Queen} had no noble mother.

Her mother was nothing but a sex slave at a brothel with her as well as her infamous siblings being nothing but accidents from that life.

From a young age she couldn’t show weakness since the sadistic beasts that abused her mother would likely turn to her instead. Even when her bloodlines awoke she was already fighting against her once masters with the weak mortals in the backdrop; weakness wasn’t something she could show. Now when she stands atop the {Mortal Realm} as {The Heavens} as an unquestionable existence nobody would dare judge… She had no idea how to express herself as a person instead of a knightess or ruler.

Knowing the pain the girl was unable to relieve her pempt up feeling even after all this time Alexis could only give her a long look of pity. Turning to look towards the group of girls she saw a surprising sight that brought a smile back to her face - Eel was of course darting around the battlefield like usual yet this time it was different. When Sohn-Tochter turned she was surprised at the speed Eel was moving while darting about at a seemingly random pattern which the {Void Beast} simply couldn’t keep up with. Movements Sohn-Tocther knew far better than anyone else as this was her own style of fighting even if she hadn’t needed to go all out in ages.

To be fair Eel herself also couldn’t keep up let alone the already slower {Void Beast}.

<By giving up most of my mass I can maximise speed in order to copy the movements I heard about in legends and even witnessed a bit myself… Yet just like in training even while holding back this much I still can’t control where I’m heading. Guess I need more levels in dex than I currently have?>

Despite this fact she was still able to land attack after attack by running her blade against the now flailing {Void Beast}; the creature trying desperately to erase the hatchling pup. The reason for her being able to manage this was simple… She wasn’t. Instead she was being provided footholds exactly when she needed them due to the dark wires of a certain puppeteer who seemed to react perfectly in response to every slight movement of her rival.

The result of this unusual tag-team ended up resulting in Eel appearing to almost fly around the creature carving it up like it was lunch. Every single time an attack appeared like it would hit her she flipped away before darting back in to continue cutting it up - the constant infusing of intent caused the {Void Beast} to literally shrink in front of all those watching. Emily couldn’t help but turn to the mysterious girl who seamlessly was waving her fingers around as if a conductor guiding the performance in front of her. The succubus biting her lip, unable to contain a spark of jealousy as she couldn't help, wondering if she would be able to do the same if she wasn’t overpowered by the lust earlier.

Rather than giving herself to this jealousy through which would inhibit the one she loved she began to consider how she could accomplish the same. Considering what equipment improvements she could make while also considering which magics would work well to make use of this ‘new ability’. For that reason she never missed a single section of either of their actions.

Meanwhile the two older women just silently watched for a while before Alexis decided to speak once again.

“Hm~ it seems sometimes the most efficient teams come from two enemies settling their differences to work together for a common goal? Is that not exactly what you did with those lightning dragons. It appears you really are quite similar ohohoho~!” <Alexis>

“What are you getting at, old fox?” <Sohn-Tochter>

“Oh~? I’m simply looking after my juniors is all~.” <Alexis>

A gentle smile formed on Alexis face as she showed little scheming in her eyes… Yet the experienced leader hardly believed that. The fox-kin had ‘cunning’ as a racial trait, thinking this wasn’t even derogatory, they themselves were proud of this. To think the oldest living member of the strongest variant of such a tribe wasn’t cunning was nothing short of stupid. As if answering this curious thought she soon spoke up - smiling graciously as she gazed at the pup.

“Oh~ sweetie I forgot to mention that nine-tails means nine attacks all at once~.” <Alexis>

As she said that her nine tails suddenly shot out from her body in a fan as the aura of her pure-bloodline filled the area making many of those that were lesser (so the two normal people) fall to their knees. The biggest reaction though was the little pup herself who suddenly felt her blood boiling once again as her own nine tails shot out her back. As if she suddenly remembered something her bloodline was filling her with excitement as she shot into the air above the torso of the now far smaller {Void Beast}.

A hunger filled her eyes as well as lips as an beastial smile formed on her face.

Once again she pulled back her spear but when she finally called out her chosen art the dragon hunter couldn’t help but raise a brow; perhaps the only sign of emotion the woman could manage.

“[Tripple[Tripple[Tripple[Tripple[Tripple[Tripple[Tripple[Tripple[Tripple Thrust]]]]]]]]]!!!!!!!!!” <Eel>

What could only be called an absolute rain of blood is what resulted from the art… Part of that would be from the torn open the undeveloped muscles that couldn’t handle the immense full power of the racial ability; the fox bloodline no worse than that of a dragon, lion or phoenix. Still a lot of the crimson rain was indeed the blade intent leaving from the end of her spear which easily tore apart what remained of the {Void Beast} as well as the ground under it.

A huge dirty mist took over as the ground was upheaved by the power of the multi-art - one which Eel fell straight into on account of Promicarus crossing her arms. The wannabe demon lord simply had a smug smile on her face as she walked away as the rest of the party dove into the dust cloud in an attempt to recover their leader. She had done her part so why should she save the silly bloated chest girl anymore than she has!

“*Chuckle* So what do you thi- What is it with these young beasts disappearing on me without so much as a word…” <Alexis>

Sure enough {The Sovereign of Storms} had seemingly exploded into thin air at some point leaving the fox talking to herself. The fox initially was left pouting at the vanishing act but turning to the sight of the Bunny Goblin couple dragging out a coughing hatchling pup by her feet quickly made her frown vanish. A warmth she didn’t bother hiding filled her expression instead.

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