Chapter 72: Their own desires
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Wow… I do not think I’ve seen such a unification from you guys with 82% of SH readers choosing to go for the winning option - nobody for the opposite option. Those of you may be wondering what this particular poll was about and to summarise it was about the previous polls winner; {Sovereign of Storms - Dragon-Slaying Spear - Sohn-Tochter the Queen}. 

Anyway the winning answer was agreement of wanting to see Sohn-Tochter in a tight fitting school girl outfit with the other percent leaning towards a school swimsuit instead.

Also Fuka discusses important things with her kin this chapter… Yea it’s an 18+ one again.

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Anyways, enjoy~♥

When Eel finally awoke once again she found herself looking up at the beautiful star filled night sky.

The countless moons within the sky seemed to almost glow with celestial brilliance while the swirling galaxies and constantly moving gas clouds gave the sky a sense of life. Although a human may be curious about what the meaning behind such a scene was or maybe consider how such a phenomena was produced she felt nothing like that. Instead she simply thought that when she made her own lair she would ensure that she got a nice view for when she had her own little hatchlings!

<Maybe I could try claiming a star of my own… No, actually I don’t think I have the heat resistance to live in a star plus I think they belong to another Beast Clan. I could perhaps steal an asteroid or frozen comet since I have some water dragon in my blood - that would be nice, however I don’t think Leaf would enjoy such places being part tree and all. Guess I’ll just live in a big open roof cave in a nice groove while I could also have Emily put all those fancy formations about to make the place nice and safe!>

Meanwhile the larger beast, who was watching the younger one's brow furrow as she considered her future real estate upon her lap, couldn’t help chuckling.  It was only at that point that Elizabeth Jr. figured out that she was actually receiving the converted lap pillow from a far cleaner Alexis while Emily read beside the fire. The fox had also moved two of her puffy tails to lie upon the front of the dragon-hybrid in order to act as a blanket - a very high quality blanket at that!

“Hahaha~ did you have a pleasant rest little one? You seemed quite tuckered out with the backlash of using your dragon abilities without a core as well as tapping into your equally legendary fox bloodline for the first time. Though I must admit you really surprised me with how talented you are~!” <Alexis>

While saying that her fingers slowly combed through Eel’s scalp, calmly sorting out the girl's messy hair. Occasionally she’d also softly pat some rogue hairs from the girls face with a warm graceful smile upon her face - though she didn’t exactly ask permission to get so close. Still Eel didn’t mind the woman's touch but rather felt strangely comforted as she closed her eyes to fully accept it.

“Mm~ it’s very comfy but weren’t you all messy before due to living with the goblins~?” <Eel>

“Ah~? Yea I took some time to wash myself off at a nearby stream while also washing the worst of the mud off yourself with the help of your little girlfriend. I am curious as to how you two met but I also feel like this is the first time we’ve properly sat down and talked… Well it’s the first time I’ve sat down to talk with anyone in ages ohohoho~.” <Alexis>

“Mhm~.” <Eel>

With that the little dragon turned around while still resting on the plump pillows which could arouse the jealous desire of many. Not realising how great it was though she looked for the rest of her party only to discover no sight of Fuka nor Lyada watching - usually at least one of them would be on guard during the night. She did notice that Promicarus was skulking around yet couldn’t tell if she just had her eyes closed or was actually sleeping.

“Oh~? If you are looking for those two other girls they told me they would sleep in the church after asking me about the possibility of being forcibly impregnated by those goblins. Of course since I've managed to keep my chastity up front for my future primary mate it’s hardly a worry yet from the sounds of the church…” <Alexis>




Currently the pair of adventurers found them in a situation which many of their fellows would consider a worst case scenario yet one wouldn’t think that the case seeing how they were reacting to it.

Perusal at this time of day Fuka was completely nude while on her knee’s in front of Lyada with her head rapidly bobbing up and down the bunny’s bloated shaft. Her eyes wide open to gaze up to her lover but instead of Lyada she was met with the ass of the goblin who was face hugging the hermaphrodite. The hips attached to the cute little green butt rocketed back and forth to treat her mouth like it’s toy but the noise of the hyena-bunny-kins tongue wiping all over that bumby green menace as if it were her day job… Well technically it was her night-job to do that so maybe it’s just a show of competency?

One of Lyada’s hand came up to grab the little face hugger so it didn’t fall from her face (while in the typical Lyada style teasing that dark green ring of his) all the while the other hand gripped the crimson pony-tail of Fuka. Lyada treated Fuka like the goblin treated herself. Though that wasn’t to say there was only one goblin and infact this wasn’t even the first batch as both girls could feel the warm proto-goblin fluid flooding their rears from their previous users.

Both the girls' asscheeks were a deep crimson as goblins desperately clawed at them while ramming their shafts as deep inside them as they could. Naturally they weren’t only servicing one of the little tikes at once but rather welcomed them to test the limits of their endurance. Of course the goblins were more than happy to comply while those who were bored of waiting for their chance were giving a helping hand. Fuka’s having no doubt she’d get cramps later from how many of their dicks she’d swiped to competition - based on how drenched she was in their musky firing squads it was countless.

Soon the pacing of everyone grew faster as Fuka’s mouth flooded with the bunny’s semen, the bunny’s taste buds burned by the strong goblin batter caused her cheeks to expand all the while fresh goblin nut was pumped in their rumps. The two ‘gents’ Fuka was helping out also let out their own payment, jets of thick musky goblin love caked her head and back. An annoying situation occurred when Lyada let go of the face hugger which resulted in him landing on Fuka’s head thus making Fuka deepthroat the blast.

Pulling her head back for a breath at last she finally spoke.

“Come on with ya next batch - gimmi it harder this time since I’ve only came twice~!” <Fuka>

“*Sigh*” <Lyada>

As Fuka said that more goblins moved in to replace the old while one glaring at Lyada’s mouth let out their ursula *Giii!* that passed for language while pointing at her. Despite her sigh Lyada bent forward to fully swallow that fat goblin cock as the goblin wrapped around her head before repeating the action of the previous. Like that the two continued taming an entire tribe of goblins though based on numbers (despite not having her mouth) Fuka clearly had the highest contribution.




“Well I don’t think either of them will exactly be sleeping, luckily us foxes are nocturnal so staying up at night is nothing~!” <Alexis>

Instead of focusing on her friends her mind got pulled towards another thing of note.

“You still haven’t lost your first time even despite being part of ‘that’ religion while living with a bunch of goblins for year~?” <Eel>

Alexis blinked a few times yet she also wasn’t a blushing human maiden since she wouldn’t classify herself as either human or maiden. Towards the question she was more surprised the little one would ask about it. Still the little cutie in front of her was curious about her life so who was she to refuse answering her; plus it must be quite unusual from the perspective of the knowledgeable.

“Indeed~ although it can be said that Voluptas is very open with sexual relations compared to other countries and we certainly don’t care about something as silly as ‘first times’. We still are somewhat sentimental so it’s said that sharing your first time being mated with your primary mate or ‘significant other’ - offering your wombs first residence to their baby. I haven’t found the right man or lady yet so I’ve never lost my first time. That is admittedly quite embarrassing for an Apprentice High-Priestess yet I don’t mind. Though I do wish for- no, never mind, I suppose none of that is relevant for yourself anyway~.” < Alexis>

Her graceful smile turned to one of longing just before she cut herself off.

After which she looked towards Emily as she spoke her words clearly noting how Eel wouldn’t need to worry about her future love life. Even if humans would consider something like that as puppy love, for beasts, 'puppy love’ was just love since they didn’t worry as much about pointless details as humans. In some ways they preferred to keep things simple which meant relationships tended to last a lot longer if sometimes not as ‘loyal’.

Similarly not only Eel wasn’t even embarrassed at the older woman's comment but in fact seemed almost proud of the woman noticing their relationship. Why be embarrassed about something as simple as love when it made far more sense to find pride in someone accepting you as ‘you. Did it not make more sense to celebrate than feel ashamed because you were ‘different’ or ‘lustful’?

Seemingly noticing the pups' thoughts Alexis too laughed a little.

“We, in Voluptas, strongly believe love is simply love no matter the form or people involved so it should be something that should be accepted. I could fall in love with a beggar from a neighbouring country and nobody would shame me - our religion isn’t just one of love between two individuals though. We also include our opinions over things like ‘dreams’ in both the ‘sleeping’ and desire sense. It could be my bias, however I am also a very experienced person, I truly think our Theocracy is a wonderful place to live…” <Alexis>

Eel sitting up as she listened to the woman's story yet still remained sat on her kneeling lap all the while Alexis just calmly watched over the girl with a graceful smile. She didn’t seem intent on convincing the girl to join her but seemed more close to a parent telling the story of their first love to their curious child. As if to further reinforce that one hand wrapped around Eel’s waist to let her head rest against her bosom while the other played with her fringe. Gently guiding the hair away from the little pup's eyes.

All the while the succubus in the distance looked up from her book with a soft smile of her own while one of the nine-tails actually sneaked around to rub her own head.

“So~ what’s special about being a Kitsune~?” <Eel>

“Oh~? I imagine from a religious perspective I should tell you nothing yet let’s be honest we can’t exactly pretend to be like mortals can we~?” <Alexis>

“Heh~” <Eel>

“Well anyway~ Kitsune is a general term for foxes like us who have stepped foot into being something greater than a mere mortal beast. Most common of course is the [One-Tailed Kistune] which every fox has the potential to become - a particularly weak descendent may become one as well. As for the peak; that is us [9-Tailed Kitsune] though my younger brother managed to actually develop a legendary 10th tail due to a beneficial mutation. Each tail we have represents another level of talent-” <Alexis>

“As well as our ability to use more skills together~?” <Eel>

“That is indeed the case, well done~!” <Alexis>

With that positive reinforcement she also patted the girl's head in a celebratory manner causing the girl to smile happily while nudging against the hand. Seeing the girl obviously wanted to be spoiled more, who was Alexis to refuse? One of her tails came around to act as a blanket for the girl's legs which was divinely soft despite their rather rough treatment - tails were the pride of the fox afterall!

“Usually even [Nine-Tailed Kitsune/Fox] like us would need to train in order to fully make use of their bloodline ability yet you were able to draw it out fully. That means of the most talented Kitsune you are even more talented ohohoho~!” <Alexis>

After saying that her hand moved down to continue grooming the girl while her head moved down to rest upon the girl. Lightly taking in her scent before she continued to answer the curious pups question - the doting clear in everyone's ears.

“That isn’t all we can do; before the spirits we were the ones who helped the Mother to balance nature with all that entailed. We didn’t lose that ability nor did we abandon our ancestral roots since most simply moved to help little Shuten with her realm allowing it to grow so large so fast while remaining far more stable than the {Mortal Realm}. Can be said that those who became demons still help support this realm in their own way~.” <Alexis>

“Wah~ Kitsune are amazing~!” <Eel>

“Hahaha~ yes we indeed are as you are as well. You simply don’t know how to make use of the spiritual energies but knowing how talented you are I’m sure you’d quickly figure out the [Spiritual Arts] in no time at all. Usually it’s a thing handed down from the mother to her children since the men tend to focus more on their weapons due to the nature of childbirth giving us a deeper connection to nature than our mal-” <Alexis>

At first Eel had growing excitement towards Alexis’ words, which technically wasn’t completely incorrect since Eel had already gently touched that part of her bloodline. Through the spirits blessing from a certain Nymph making her a guardian beast Eel had been able to use [Green Magic] which was a lesser version. Still her raised shoulders slowly began to lower as Alexis' words went on since it was very true that she had no parents to teach her - this was something that Alexis noticed.

She didn’t know a lot about the girl in her lap in all honesty.

Until earlier today she had no interactions with anyone outside the goblin tribe since they just bred with nearby livestock whenever they needed to ‘boost their numbers’. Yet seeing the cute little kitsune in front of her, how could her latent instincts not be peaked. Still she had no idea about the situation of the girl so it would be rather thieverous to take the girl as her own. She didn’t want to steal from others…

<Yet as a proud fox how could I let something as wonderful as this treasure go without at least attempting to capture her within my greedy paws~?>

“Oh~ well if you don’t have anyone else to teach you… I certainly wouldn’t mind taking you under my tutelage. Of course if you're not interested in coming under my tails and learning more about the ways of the Kitsune I can hardly force you - I will always be willing you listen to you should you change your mind~.” <Alexis>

Lifting her head from the girls head to look down to see what reaction she would have yet she didn’t have any as of yet. For one of the few times in her life Eel found herself frozen thus unable to react to what was just said. Although she wasn’t the wisest she could understand some of the implications from the fox. After a moment of consideration Eel nodded her head while speaking ever so slightly that it could be considered a whisper.

“Alright… I’ll try for a bit…” <Eel>

Alexis didn’t say anymore but simply moved her second hand down to also hug around the girl while pulling her deeper into her embrace.

As if sensing this Promicarus opened one eye ever so slightly to look upon the pair but her face was in an unnatural frown considering who she was. There was something deep and complex hidden behind the displeasure yet before she herself could understand it something changed in her shadow. It was subtle yet it seemed to almost turn into a reflection of the night sky above while slowly taking the form of a 5 foot tall figure.

“You have no need to worry about a little fox when I’ve already predicted Elizabeth to make this move; to her saint I raise a gunslinger. I would like to see how that old beast with the only action she received from the goblins raised on her breast milk can deal with a seasoned bounty hunter feared in the future. Just continue on with the plan and don’t waste time…” <Munzumira>

“... Yes.” <Promicarus>

As quickly as it appeared the shadows returned to their natural state.

Still Promicarus held no false hope that she wasn’t still under the womans watch; she was always watching.

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