Chapter 74: Because habit wearing fox ladies with big hooters are factually hot
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I’m back from the dead bitches!

The last poll was a duel of magics where I put the strongest mages (+1) that have appeared in this story - though it has to be said I didn’t include Mother, Chaos or Munzumira. Throwing away the ones who would clearly win I threw the vote to you guys and the result was that the winner in a duel between the magic users would be… Violet. 

For those of you who don’t know, Violet is the main character of “Days of a Wrathful Demoness” and is indeed far stronger than anyone else on the poll. Though that has one tiny caveat with this being a duel between magicians; she essentially only uses physical might.

Despite that she won with over 50% of the votes.

I do have some potentially sad news - I’m considering dropping this series in favour of introducing a new series since I am making essentially nothing on Hero. It won’t be immediately since I intend to finish the Moolesh Mountain fight which… Well it’s pretty much the climax of the first part of the ‘volume’. 

Please support my patreon where you can get a novel's pre-released chapters for only £2.50 where all three novels are 20+ chapters ahead - your support is needed!

Anyways, enjoy~♥

The group had to bathe in the awkward silence after the failed training session; at the very least Alexis said it would offer a baseline for Eel to start practising on her own.

In the end Alexis decided it was probably best that the little pup get a feeling for an area with little nature energy before they move to an area with remarkably more compared to their current area - the contrast should help her if less quickly than Alexis’ previous methods. Due to being an area which housed the [Void Beast] for who knows how long the area has been left all but drained of its nature energy. Furthermore, the only reason that the tree’s had lasted this long was due to benefiting as a side-effect of Alexis’ barrier since it was made from [Spiritual Arts] which used nature energy.

Unfortunately this area wasn’t going to last.

Alexis had informed them that it would need the help of the remaining few active (and powerful) {Fox Clans} or the spirits who had taken over in order to maintain the status quo. Considering the overall area wasn’t that large though it was unlikely to happen any time soon - so unfortunately when they returned the forest was likely to have died. It would slowly recover without help if given enough time yet not nearly fast enough to support the current level of foliage.

As for what the other three were doing as Eel meditated? Well Emily continued reading her book yet compared to before where she was casually doing it for enjoyment her brows were furrowed as her chubby cheeks puffed up with a serious expression. In comparison Promcarius just crossed her arms with closed eyes - seemingly resting with no concern for Eel. The mature Alexis was just sitting while watching over the girls with a smile while ensuring to stoke the flame.

Like that morning quickly approached while each member of the group did their own thing, the two members probably doing their morning exercises based on the shrill goblin cries.

<I wonder what’s the point in mating so much if you're not even going to make a baby… People are so strange~! Obviously it’s pleasurable but not like it can be better than a good hunt so why obsess over it so much to the point of causing problems like in {Orrid}?>

About two hours after the noises began the two adult lovers came walking up towards Eel & the others in their gear yet it didn’t take long to figure out something was wrong. Both walked in a particularly humorous way in which their legs were always spread apart by a certain amount while their hair being wet caused some of their cloth based apparel to stick to them. The stickiest area was between their thighs though as thick molten gobo juice streamed down from their rear. Elizabeth Jr. couldn’t help imagine how much was kept in their panties with that just being what escaped from the sides.

“Ohohoho~ you two certainly seem like women of culture. Didn’t think many in this country would actually be willing to sleep with a single goblin let alone an entire tribe - not even mentioning being able to walk afterwards! Call me a preacher but I think you two may quite like my {Voluptas Theocracy}~.” <Alexis>

“Well I have got goblin blood inside my veins so not that surprisin’ is it?” <Fuka>

“Enjoy breeding goblin - tried being bred.” <Lyada>

While saying that, Lyada slid her hand to rest on the metal buttox of Fuka only for that impact to make cum leak out from the holes between plates. The Fox who was previously in a worse state obviously didn’t mind as she stood up to look towards Fuka with a graceful smile. Her tails wagging behind herself.

“Mhm~ still doesn’t change the fact I think you two would fit in quite well there compared to the horrible religion they follow here. We are probably more diverse than even Smi- I mean Sohn-Tochter’s empire is and you seem like girls who like diversity and freedom. If you ever feel like you need to create a covenant I’d always be willing to help with my own goddess - she would absolutely love a talented paladin like yourself who’s this strong already~.” <Alexis>

“Hm… Well I suppose ya are alright ‘n’ certainly can’t be worse than the {Church of Light} in hindsight. I’ll hear ya out when we arrive in {Goberz Kingdom} though I make no promises about my choice Likely can’t hurt more than when I took those bas-” <Fuka>

She suddenly cut herself off when noticing the curious gazes upon her from both Emily & Eel, looking at them for a second before shaking her head.

“Hm~? Well if you join, with how wild things can get, I’m not sure if I can say it’ll be painless yet you do seem like a couple who like that kind of pain. Not that I can say anything about it since I’m obviously no different ohoh-” <Alexis>

“Would thy quit with the meaningless banter and clean thyselves up!” <Promicarus> 

Honestly with how strongly goblins smelled it was easier to smell them first than it was to see them first if not for the fact they’d been waiting for the girls. With how she was it was no shocker than Promicarus would immediately show her ‘mild distaste’ at the smell of the pair yet not even Eel could really blame her. Though not as bad as Alexis had been, they really did stink!

Covering her nose and mouth to prevent her from breathing in that musk, Promicarus quickly spoke up to the two ‘goblin survivors’.

“The malodor of goblin is not something I desire to perceive on the forenoon or ever… Honestly, has thine got no common sense? Perhaps all that goblin piss & cum clogged up thou’s brains as well as thine’s over extended sphincter!” <Promicarus>

“Hm~ Icky’s got a point to be honest, you fucking stink Fuka fufufu~!” <Eel>

“Sorry, sorry; we’re off now~!” <Fuka>

“I think it smells nice…” <Emily>

“You're a succubus Mils; I think it’s not shocking you’d like it fufufu~.” <Eel>

Upon hearing the kind of obvious point from Eel, Emily couldn’t help but redden slightly while lifting her book up to hide her face. Still the hands holding the book also turned red as did her revealed body so the book did little - on the other hand Promicarus was unmoving. It wasn’t because she was still glaring at Fuka though, true to her words she headed away, instead she was looking at Eel. She wasn’t angry as one may expect either.

Her gaze was more one of surprise mixed with a little something Eel was too foreign with to notice.

“What did you call me?” <Promicarus>

“Hm~? Icky fufufu~?” <Eel>

The self-proclaimed demon lord couldn’t help but blink her eyes a few times before a smile different from her usual arrogant one. Once again it was far too complex for the hatchling to understand as the girl turned away from Eel once more. Arms crossed below her chest as she spoke in an equally unusual tone for herself.

“A nickname huh… Hah, sounds about as dumb as I should expected from you but not all too bad I suppose. If anything being Icky fits me just fine…” <Promicarus>

That one really confused the Hero since even she could clearly tell something was wrong with the egotistical puppeteer who she (regrettably) admitted was strong. If this was any other time the being would argue with her till they began another duel since they had no adult supervision that would stop them - highly doubting the beast would stop the spat. Yet against all odds she just took the somewhat insulting nickname peacefully?

It made Eel feel… Stifled.

She wasn’t unsure why - even if she hated Promicarus - there was something about her being like this which made Eel upset. Like when something she was hunting suddenly dove into a burrow thus making her unable to finish her pursuit. It wasn’t that she enjoyed arguing with everyone but not arguing with Promicarus now felt… Wrong?

Looking around she wanted some help yet nobody else was around at the moment leading to just an awkward silence. Biting her lip Eel felt her inadequacies for the first time in a while… Well if you don’t count her being flung around like a doll several times during this trip. Either way she knew she couldn’t help and would likely just accomplish nothing so just remained silent while watching the back of Promicarus’ head.

An hour later the three adults came back while discussing something or another with a general friendly vibe between them all. It seemed that Fuka & Alexis got along well enough which then resulted in Lyada also liking her. Then again; anyone who liked a ‘womanly figure’ couldn’t dislike the overly voluptuous fox. She especially enjoyed the conversation the pair were having at the moment.

“Ohohoho~ your lover certainly has a very nice penis Fuka, it fit so well in my hand while just being satisfying to stroke with that foreskin~.” <Alexis>

“Big Lyd’s may lack a lot but she certainly tries to make up for it.” <Fuka>

“*Chuckle*~ you’d certainly never be wanting from that delightfully thick and creamy breakfast of hers~.” <Alexis>

“Ya should join us one of these nights. I feel bad ya had to only resort to gobo cock for all these years. Not that gobo’s are bad - I support my home colours any day of the week! Jus’ must be boring having to deal with the same cocks day in day out with no variety.” <Fuka>

“Oh~? I think I’ll have to accept that offer when I next get the chance~.” <Alexis>

Alexis who may as well have been naked last night was now wearing a new robe - the outfit as a whole could be said to be very nun-like. Typical black outfit with white accents yet for a skirt she only had a cloth on the front revealing everything else to be visible if not for those voluptuous tails. Her rump bouncing to clap as her hips moved while she walked and her breasts, already open at the bottom, looked like they were ready to burst out her habit. All the while the {Cross of the Dreamer} was clearly displayed over her white neckerchief while her veil and cap was raised at two spots to clearly show her high standing fox ears making it somewhat cute.

The bunny which kept close to the woman’s tails (pun intended) couldn’t help but move up to slide a hand under the tail to crop a feel of what was hidden under. Still the two women who noticed didn’t say anything but just grinned at one another since they knew they were teasing the poor bunny. Even as that arm made some suspicious pistoning motions Fuka just chuckled.

“Happy pound fox butt.” <Lyada>

“Hm~ of course you would be ohohoho~!” <Alexis>

Saying that the kitsune nun revealed a graceful yet smug smile while her hip tilted to the side towards Lyada's hand in a far more exaggerated manner.

“Lyada really does spoil me so I can’t refuse when she’s this excited to fuck ya alongside me; I just hope she doesn’t leave me for these things ahahaha~.” <Fuka>

While saying that Fuka moved her hand up to poke those giant bouncing breasts right in the tip causing that funbag to dip. The fox did grab Fuka’s wrist with her own fully gloved hands to stop her from pushing too much against that specific spot since it would be annoying if she needed to change outfits again after having just done it. She didn’t seem upset as she leaned in to kiss Fuka on the cheek with the same graceful flare which may as well have been a racial trait.

“Oh~ well you certainly seem interested in my nipples, Fuka~.” <Alexis>

“Who wouldn’t be simple seeing goblins ram their dicks in ‘n’ out ya nipples like that - wonder how it feels being on both ends of that.” <Fuka>

To that Alexis just chuckled once more.

“Oh~ trust me, it feels absolutely divine having your breasts used while it is still somewhat common for Kitsune to be captured just for our nipples… Well, our beauty and natural grace likely also has something to do with it? Either way it’s so… Wonderful…” <Alexis>

Fuka could tell the woman was getting excited just thinking about it, which was surprising since she didn’t get that heated even with Lyada’s finger playing with her butt. Though that had been removed and the bunny was now sucking on it with great relish. Hearing that the fox turned to her with the same smile.

“I hope you enjoy that, the natural anal lube of a {Nine-Tailed Kitsune} like myself is like an exiler that ensures bountiful balls to satisfy even a dragoness endurance~.” <Alexis>

“Really?!” <Fuka>

The excitement was clear on Fuka’s face.

“Powerful bloodlines like mine do lead to our bodies being a treasure trove of useful effects after all - do you want me to sit on Lyd’s face tonight~?” <Alexis>

“Yes!” <Both>

“Ohohoho~.” <Alexis>

“*Cough* A-anyway, how do your nipples do… ‘That’?” <Fuka>

Changing the topic back once again; she was quite interested in another possible route of pleasure since that means not only more money but more dick…

“Hm~? Oh, the nipple penetration, it’s a natural trait Kistune have as well as quite a few other types of beasts~. Though it can be quite damaging especially if they chose to cum inside them… Hard to wash out while the effects of damage are almost instant… At least it helps with size? Mine weren’t exactly as they were now and kinda get in the way now…” <Alexis>

“Oh… Well they look nice at least, ya look quite motherly? I-in a good way!” <Fuka>

The fox looked a little sad as she cupped the bottom of her own breasts in an attempt to lift them though with little actual success. Hearing that Fuka also couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that it wasn’t possible. Then again if it was possibly damaging enough to affect the chest of someone as powerful as Alexis maybe it was for the best?

“I just hope my sisters still recognise me when I go back ohohoho~...” <Alexis>

Things had suddenly become awkward before Alexis spoke again to try to repair the mood as they came upon the camp.

“Hm~ well if we’re going to that Chaos kid’s territory we perhaps could look into some other method for you? Munzumira has ‘gifted’ it to several of her ‘indentured servants’ while I think there was a trend of people doing it back in {Voluptas Theocracy}. Of course, you should be wiser than me if you want to keep your firmness~.” <Alexis>

“Hmm… Maybe? I’ll have to consider it some more if it’s as good as ya say.” <Fuka>

“Watchu talking about~?” <Eel>

Turning to the dragon with big curious eyes the pair just chuckled softly before Alexis continued on to something that actually mattered at their current time. Placing one of her gloved hands upon Eel’s head to gently massage her scalp with practiced ease, the little pup soon nudging her hand deeply. Obviously quite enjoying herself before Alexis stopped the headpats.

“So we need to cut across those {Moolesh Mountain Range}? Wouldn’t it be best if we continue along the edge of the forest till we get there since I’m sure you could hunt enough to support everyone's stomachs, right? No reason to go back to face the wrath of those silly mortals that are playing hero with matters they don’t understand.” <Alexis>

Hearing that Eel did scrunch up her face to think about it. Yet, after a minute or two she couldn’t help but shake her head. There may be no point in the eyes of the fox yet she had some very important obligations that must be fulfilled in order to ensure the safety of all th-

“I want my money from the guild and if I don’t get it I’mma go beat up some priests!” <Eel>

She wanted that.

“Guild~? Oh, Photon lad’s place is it - if it is the same organisation you just need to report the situation since the guild isn’t allowed to accept quests which could endanger the stability of the ecosystem as a large without justification or prior knowledge. They are allied to {The Endless Knot Pantheon} afterall~.” <Alexis>

And yet again everyone stared wide eyed at Alexis as she just dropped several more world shaking bombs as if it was common knowledge.

“W-wait… Photon, as in {The True Hero}, owns the {Adventurers Guild}?” <Fuka>

“Oh you didn’t know~? Yes, he owns that as well as the {Mercenary Union} on the cultivators side of the planet. You didn’t think some mortal could be trusted to be in charge of something that has that wide of a scale, right? Rather than that it’s more believable a good egg like that Photon would be in charge. If only he didn’t swing the other way, not that there's anything wrong with that, I wouldn’t mind birthing a few pups for him *sigh*~.” <Alexis>

With that Eel just pushed her palms together before taking a long deep breath to calm herself as the leader of the party. Closing her eyes while going through the motions for a while before finally shooting her eyes open. Speaking with absolute calm as she turned to begin walking.

“We should backtrack to the nearest guild to report the church’s mission since lying about the seal of a [Void Beast] is a big deal. If we run into that fake hero or church minions we’ll just see what they taste like for dinner. Nobody would be able to say I’m not the real {Hero} after I devour his heart in front of them fufufu~!” <Eel>

“I’m not sure about that…” <Emily>

“Just go along with it Emily - it’s either that or she’ll drag us to assassinate the pope.” <Fuka>

Like that the story regressed!

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