Chapter 1: Endless Regret Part 1
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Chapter 1: Endless Regret Part 1

“Fei Fei… why?” Lu Chen said as he falls to his knees, holding onto the bloody wound on his abdomen. His voice quivers in disbelief at his wife’s sudden betrayal.


Her crystal-like black eyes shine through the darkness. A peerless porcelain white face devoid of any impurities. Which made her turn into the definition of what a goddess should look like. Just by standing anywhere, she would make the area look like a world-class artwork.


The couple were childhood sweethearts and were arranged to be married to each other by their families. When Lu Chen heard about this arrangement the first time, he was overjoyed as he had been in love with Liu Fei Fei since their childhood.


He made an oath to himself that he wouldn’t let his wife have any suffering, and every day will be the happiest day of her life. And that he did, every single day whatever she wanted, he would do it. 


Some orders were nearly impossible to accomplish. However, Lu Chen was able to achieve it given some time.


Each, and every time, he would tell her about how he accomplished what she wanted. He had a look of longing. Lu Chen wants to be praised by the woman he adores, but the only thing she said to him was,


“Oh, is that so,” and continues to give Lu Chen an indifferent gaze. The gaze of indifference that displays no ounce of compassion or love.


Even now, she shows no signs of guilt or remorse as she holds in her hand the knife covered in her husband’s blood.


Lu Chen slowly gets up and places one of his hands on her shoulders, “Fei Fei, I love you more than anything. I know that you didn’t like to marry me in the beginning, but isn’t there any feelings?” 


Yet, no response.


Tears form in his eyes as sadness begins to overflow in his heart as he continues, “We’ve been together since we were kids. How could you do this to me?!”


When Lu Chen brought up their history together, Liu Fei Fei’s indifference turns to coldness as she glares at Lu Chen. She slaps his hand off her shoulder like he was a pest.


“Lu Chen, let me ask you this.” From her gaze, Lu Chen was stunned at Liu Fei Fei’s expression, and she continues, “When have you ever loved me?” Her statement was cold as ice, devoid of any emotion.


“Fei Fei, I have always loved you since we were kids!” Lu Chen roars, tears trickle down at his eyes, mixing with the blood coughing out of his mouth.


How could she doubt my love for her! Lu Chen was in disbelief. The love of his life doesn’t realize how much she meant to him.


Liu Fei Fei chuckles at the baffled Lu Chen, “Love me? You forced me into this marriage, don’t you remember?” She remembers how Lu Chen had threatened to kill himself if she doesn’t marry him.


She coldly smiles as she declares, “That isn’t love. It’s an obsession. You’re just a sick person.”


Her words pierce Lu Chen’s heart as he breaks down in tears.


“hic .. no... hic... I don't believe it.”


Liu Fei Fei continues as she doesnt care about how devastated Lu Chen was, “Accept reality. I never slept with you in our eight years of marriage, and I will never show you my affection.”


Lu Chen wanted to continue, but all he saw was her hollow eyes, devoid of any emotion or warmth. The same dull eyes she had given him throughout their marriage. 


It had clicked for Lu Chen. He didn’t want to believe it was true, but he was forced to now. Liu Fei Fei’s heart has no ounce of love for him.


As Lu Chen was processing this thought, a figure walks through the front door.