Chapter 89: The coincidences
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Chapter 89: The coincidences

“What in the world?” Lu Chen fell onto his chair as he felt he was about to faint at any minute by how many comments and pictures were taken. He never realizes the influence of the three girls was this powerful. And now, he was being caught in the crossfire from their power.


Zhang Jian smirks while Lu Chen was processing the damage he had taken. He asks Lu Chen, “Brother Chen. Let me ask you: do you want a physical execution or a social and mental execution.” Zhang Jian had already decided that Lu Chen was going to be executed either way, so might as well give him some options.


Just standing in the presence of the three girls was already consider overstepping the boundaries. Zhang Jian wasn’t going to help him after what he did with Ye Meixiu.


“Which one’s better?” Lu Chen could only laugh dully. He felt either option he chooses would screw him over. But he had to ask out of curiosity.


“Hmmm, physical punishment is where I tell every male student in the school who you are, and they will be the one to pass judgment down on you. Social punishment is where I reveal to everybody in the school’s forum that the handsome male student is you and your account name. I’m positive they will be slandering or stalking you till the ends of the world."


“Both of them are basically the same thing!” Lu Chen said, baffled by how dangerous either options were. Either punishment would get him mauled by an army of angry and jealous guys.


“Hey, brother Chen. Before you die, I want to ask you something?” Zhang Jian asks, not minding about the glare Lu Chen was giving him.


Lu Chen’s face was twitching and glaring at him. Is my fate that sealed that you won’t even help your best friend on his death bed?! Lu Chen said while grumbling, “What do you want to know?”


“So mind telling me what’s your relationship between Ye Meixiu and you. No, tell me the relationship between the three girls and you?” One of the pictures taken was where Liu Fei Fei and Luo Ai had walked up to Lu Chen’s table. Seeing this, the first reaction Zhang Jian had was; what the hell?! Why are the two of them there?


But it made Zhang Jian really curious about the relationship between the four. The expression of Luo Ai when she was gazing at Ye Meixiu was showing some familiarity between the two of them. It was super suspicious.


Lu Chen didn’t say anything else and went silent. He looks away from Zhang Jian, signaling he doesn’t want to talk about it. Lu Chen knew it was going to be a problem once Zhang Jian realizes the truth.


From Lu Chen’s expression, Zhang Jian knew he wouldn’t be getting the answer out of his mouth the easy way. He knew Lu Chen would take the truth to his grave, so he asks another question,  “Alright, let me ask you this; how the hell did the four of you got together?”


Before Lu Chen could comment, Zhang Jian adds, “ Depending on the answer you give me, I’m going to have to kill you even faster than the mob of males waiting for you.”


Hearing his words, Lu Chen felt awkward as he was about to say it was a coincidence. But Zhang Jian gives him a look, saying if he said it was a coincidence, then he wouldn’t believe it. But Lu Chen got no other explanation, “It was really a coincidence the four of us had met up.”


“So it’s a coincidence that the angel asked you to lunch, and then the fairy and empress was there, and you guys had just greeted each other like friends? Do you think I’m stupid” Zhang Jian said sarcastically.