Chapter 90: I have all day
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Chapter 90: I have all day

Liu Fei Fei and Lu Chen were fire and ice, cat and dog, oil, and water. They do not get along at all. So seeing how she walks up to their table and no fight had occurred made it suspicious.


You think I'm a fool!!


“Next, your going to tell me that you had walked down the street, and a swarm of sexy ladies brought you to a hotel against your will! Do you think that you have special powers or something?!”


Lu Chen pretends to be surprised, “Oh my! How do you know! Are you physic?”


“Can I strangle you?” Zhang Jian really wanted to kill him at this moment. Special powers, get outta here with that! The only strength you would have is being a**hole.


“I know you're hiding something from me, now talk!” Zhang Jian begins to corner Lu Chen before he has a chance to escape. He definitely has a hunch that his best friend and the three girls have a special relationship.


Lu Chen had always acted strange whenever Zhang Jian would bring it up. And with Ye Meixiu inviting him out for lunch and calling him “brother Chen,” Zhang Jian knew that he would have been a dog for not realizing something was odd.


“Ahh, the sky is so beautiful today.” Lu Chen tries to redirect the conversation.


“Don’t you even think about changing the subject! Do you know what I had to go through because of your ass!” Zhang Jian begins to tear up as he remembers how he was getting mauled by the girls, asking him if Lu Chen and Ye Meixiu were dating. He couldn't take it anymore.


“You better talk now, or our friendship is over!” he begins to shake Lu Chen by the shoulders, “If you don't, I’ll just post that you were the one in the picture!”


Lu Chen could imagine what might have happened to Zhang Jian was left alone with those girls, and he felt sorry for his friend. But all of the guilt was washed away once he started to threaten him.


“Hey, stop shaking me!”


“Not unless you tell me what your hiding!” Zhang Jian shouts as he shakes Lu Chen even faster, “TALLLLLLLLLLKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!”


Zhang Jian’s screaming and shaking at Lu Chen made him look like a child, wanting something from their parents.


“Ok, ok, ok! I’ll talk!” Lu Chen had enough of the shaking and screaming, “But it’s going to be a long story.”


Zhang Jian immediately stops the shaking. He sat down at his desk and crossed his legs, waiting for Lu Chen to explain his relationship with the three beauties.


“I have all day.”


I’m about to smack you right now.


From how smug Zhang Jian's face, Lu Chen was eager to smack that look off. But Lu Chen sighs as he was a man of his word. He explains how Lu Xiaotong was friends with Ye Meixiu, Luo Ai, and Liu Fei Fei’s parents, and due to this, he was childhood friends with the three. 


As Lu Chen begins to explain about his past, Zhang Jian's expression changes rapidly. 


First, he had a look of disbelief, then went into slight shock. After Lu Chen had finished explaining his past, Zhang Jian had a smiling face. But it wasn’t a good one tho, it looks like he had ascended to heaven.


“So let me get this straight, you're the childhood friend of the top three beauties of our school for how long again?” Zhang Jian wanted to make sure.


“We met when we were five, so about thirteen years.” Lu Chen confirms.


“And how long have you known me?” Zhang Jian’s rage meter was already rising at breakneck speed, and now it looks like it was about to break its limit.