Chapter 91: A Cheating Husband and His Wife
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Chapter 91: A Cheating Husband and His Wife

“Ahh, it’s been like five years,” Lu Chen replies, he met him at the start of first high, so it should be around four to five years.


“And out of those five years, why the f**k did you not tell me that you were childhood friends with them?” Zhang Jian was raging at him now; he couldn’t take anymore. He felt that Lu Chen was a hoarder and was hiding the best treasures from him.


I could have met with them sooner. Yet this bastard decides to hide it from me. Am I not your brother?!


From Zhang Jian’s loud outburst, everybody in the class turn in their direction, wondering why the playboy was screaming. Lu Chen quickly tries to calm him down, “Hey Zhang Jian, keep your voice down. You’re bothering the other students.”


But Zhang Jian was anything but calm as he wasn’t going to take it anymore, ” NO!!! Lu Chen, we’ve been together for five years, how could you betray me. You A**hole!  F***er! Swine, traitor...”


With all the profanities and curses you can think of, Zhang Jian went above and beyond as he said everything he could think of and some he just made on the spot.  All of it directed to Lu Chen. Lu Chen felt somewhat guilty and found it hilarious at how much Zhang Jian had known. But Lu Chen still decides to apologize,


“Ok, ok. I’m sorry for not telling you about it.”


“Hmph. I don’t want to talk to a traitor like you.”


“I’ll treat you to lunch next time.” Lu Chen uses the only method Zhang Jian likes; bribing him with food.

“You think just buying me lunch would change my mind.” Zhang Jian looks away from him, “You think I’m a naive child.” Even though he said that his ear starts to move, and Lu Chen saw it as well.


“Then how about two days of treating you to lunch.” Lu Chen increased the offer.


“Hmm?” Zhang Jian’s will begin to waiver.


Lu Chen smiles as he knew that he had caught Zhang Jian. But as he was going to push even further to bribe Zhang Jian, murmurs in the class. And all of them is about the two.


“They look like a cheating husband trying to get the forgiveness of his wife.”

“Is Zhang Jian and Lu Chen a thing?”


“Now that you mention it, they have always been together.”


“They’re both handsome, each having a different aura to them, and they look good together as a couple.”


“I’ll definitely ship that!”


“Let’s make a forum, shipping the two of them.”


“Hahaha, who do you think is top and bottom?”


“Of course, Lu Chen would be the one on top. He has the cold and prideful CEO vibe to him. While Zhang Jian is the complete opposite; he got the flower boy image down to the pat. He is one hundred percent bottom material.”


"I disagree. Zhang Jian should be the one on top, and Lu Chen should be on the bottom. I feel even though Lu Chen has the cold CEO vibe, I feel he is a hidden bottom. Zhang Jian, on the other hand, could be either a bottom or a top. So I rather see a cute Lu Chen on the bottom. ”


At first, it was the guys joking around with the two. But then the girls start to chime into the conversation, making it more realistic. The female students were so loud that it was loud enough for the whole entire classroom to hear. Some of them that were even drooling, imagining the two together.


Lu Chen and Zhang Jian were coughing out blood now.


What the hell! Who would want to be in a relationship with this a**hole?


F**k, Flower boy, bottom, I’m a macho man goddammit.


Both of them turned to each other and glared at each other.


“” This is all your fault! ””