Chapter 93: I will let you see who the dog really is
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Chapter 93: I will let you see who the dog really is

When Gao Jinhai went home, he had gone onto the school forum to find any information about the mysterious, dangerous, and handsome student.


Most of the information he had obtained was useless, as the students were only discussing how handsome he looks. But there was a piece of specific information he gathered. There was a rumor going on that the handsome man might have been mophead Lu. It didn’t matter if it was rumored as Gao Jinhai believed it.


At first, he was shocked because of the significant change in his look. But then, it had turned into disgust over the fact that an irrelevant bug like Lu Chen had talked down to him. He even did it in front of so many students, which had destroyed his reputation. 


Was it because I order people to bully him?


Gao Jinhai had never talked to Lu Chen. However, he did order people to bully him even though Lu Chen’s family was more influential. The reason why he did this was to give his ego a boost. As even if Lu Chen was from an influential family, he was still beneath a person like him. Jinhai originally had planned to do it once, but the more he had done it to Lu Chen, the more addicting it got. 


Good! Ye Meixiu. So you choose that hideous mophead Lu over me, huh. I will show you what happens to you when you reject me. Gao Jinhai grins viciously.


His lackey starts to shiver from his grin. He knew that Gao Jinhai was going to plan something big for Lu Chen or Ye Meixiu.


“But boss Gao, if you mess with mophead Lu, won’t you face the wraith of the Lu family?” Even though Lu Chen had been bullied by everybody in the school before, nobody had taken it too far. They had still fear that the Lu family would retaliate against them.


“Idiot! Do you think I don’t know the consequence if I had attacked him?” Gao Jinhai slaps him on the head. He knew that if the Lu family finds out that he had done something to Lu Chen, they would definitely target him, particularly his family. His family would be stomped by them.


But there are other ways to make mophead Lu Chen suffer. Gao Jinhai smiles viciously, “I don’t need to harm him physically with my own hands.” Rumors, accidents, or bribery, there were many.


“Boss Gao is such a genius.” One of the lackeys begins to praise Gao Jinhai’s idea.


“That mophead Lu won’t know what hit him.”


The lackeys continue to praise Gao Jinhai, like what hypeman should do.


Lu Chen, I will let you see who the dog really is. Gao Jinhai decides that he had to teach Lu Chen a lesson.

As the class day ends, before Zhang Jian left the class, he reminds Lu Chen, “ Brother Chen. Don’t forget to treat me to a meal for tomorrow.”


“Yeah yeah, I know.” Lu Chen said sighingly. He had a promise to treat him to barbeque for the whole entire week. While he was packing up his material, a voice calls out to him,


“Student Lu Chen.”


Lu Chen turns around to see a female student looking up to him. He said with a casual tone, “What’s wrong, Feng Meifeng?”


The girl who had come up to Lu Chen was the class monitor of his class. Her hair was drawn into a man-bun giving her a serious and professional aura. Her hazelnut color eyes gave her a warm atmosphere.  And the school uniform accentuates the lively and youthful appearance. 


However, when comparing the beauty with Ye Meixiu and the others, she wasn’t as beautiful as them. Ye Meixiu, Luo Ai, and Liu Fei Fei are considered perfect 100 in the looks department. Then Feng Meifeng was a 99. However, compared to the three, she brought a wholesome and peaceful type of beauty.