Chapter 94: Feng Meifeng
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Chapter 94: Feng Meifeng

“Call me class monitor.” Feng Meifeng said with a frowning face. She wanted to keep some professionalism at school, and Lu Chen was the bane of that as he didn’t care about authority.


Even now, Lu Chen laughs at her. But it was different from the unconcerned attitude he had for her. It wasn’t out of scorn or contempt at how she demands respect from him. He reminisces about the past and how the same is happening to him again. Out of all the people in the past, Feng Meifeng was one of the only people who would talk back to him in class.


Seeing her face sulk more, Lu Chen nods his head as he asks,” Ok, class monitor. What do you need from me?” He knew the only reason she was talking to him was that she was the class monitor, and it was her duty to check up on her classmates. If she wasn’t the class monitor, she would have treated him like air.


From how nonchalant Lu Chen was around her, Feng Meifeng then glares at him and asks, “Have you finished writing down what college you wanted to apply to?”


Lu Chen looks at her in confusion, “ What are you talking about?”


“I mean your college applications. Everybody in the classroom had already handed in their applications to me, but you.” Feng Meifeng’s eyebrows twitch.


This guy, when are you going to grow up and take responsibility for your life? Even if you had to change your appearance, you’re still the lazy bum of the classroom!


Before Lu Chen’s sudden arrival in the past, he was a rich and overbearing second generation with no regard for order or education. Instead, he would just wing it. The only two students that were able to hold a proper conversation with this ignorant person was Zhang Jian, his best friend. While the other was Feng Meifeng.


Well, Zhang Jian would be having a proper conversation with each other, while Feng Meifeng would always argue with him. Even if he had an overbearing personality, she didn’t care about his threats and status at all as she would continue to talk back to him. Them arguing was a common occurrence in the class to the point that their classmates were used to it.


Lu Chen had forgotten it was close to the end of the school year, and it was college application month. He said, “Oh my fault, class monitor, I didn’t do it. I’ll do it tomorrow.” College wasn’t on his mind right now as there were other important things to do.


But Feng Meifeng wasn’t having any of that. Her face turns into a scowl as she went off on Lu Chen, “Seriously, Lu Chen! When are you ever going to get your act together? You have the worst grades in our entire year. And yet you haven’t decided on what college you want to go to? Unbelievable, When are you going to stop relying on your parents?”


Hearing her statement about him being a useless person, Lu Chen brows furrow. He retorts, “ I already have a plan after I graduate from high school.”


“Plan?” Feng Meifeng didn’t believe him at all as she retorts, “You think I believe that you have a plan? The only plan you have is to lay around and do nothing, letting your life wither out. No, as your class monitor, I will not let that happen.  You better get your act together, and the first thing to do this is finishing your application or else.” The last part wasn’t needed, but Feng Meifeng added it to make a point.


Feng Meifeng continues to pester Lu Chen. Like she was a parent who's scolding her child for lazying around and doing nothing. As she was acting like a parent, her classmate was looking at this as a peanut gallery.