Chapter 95: Are we getting another playboy in our class?
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Chapter 95: Are we getting another playboy in our class?

The peanut gallery felt they were watching a romance movie right now. The climax was about to start, and their gaze focuses more on the two of them. The girls especially were talking about the two of them;


“It seems that the class monitor is on Lu Chen more today.”


“She snapping at him more this time.”


“Lu Chen’s giving up, and so over it face is so cute!”


“See, I told you Lu Chen is definitely a hidden bottom material.”


Seeing Feng Meifeng was still ranting about how lazy Lu Chen is for the past five minutes, she doesn’t notice the whole class was whispering about them. But Lu Chen, on the other hand, heard the bottom comment. They are seriously not going to let that bottom thing go. Alright, time to go. 


Lu Chen decides to shut her down, “I’ll make a note to change myself, ok, Meifeng?” Before she could say anything, Lu Chen starts to walk out the door.


“You think you could leave the class by just saying you’re going to make a note of it?!” Feng Meifeng said while snarling at him. She wasn’t going to let him off the hook as he hooks her hand around Lu Chen’s arm, “I won’t let you leave this classroom until you finish the application today.” Knowing that Lu Chen would forget about it the next day, she is determined to make him do it by today. If I don’t make you do it today, then my name isn’t Feng Meifeng.


“Feng Meifeng, I swear on my life that I will finish my application at a later date. So can you let go of my arm now?” Lu Chen rolls his eyes. Is all girl’s grip that strong? It felt like a gorilla was holding onto his forearm, and it felt like she was going to crush it like a fruit. 


While that was happening to Lu Chen, the scene had become ambiguous for all the students to watch. Some of the students continue to murmur,


“Hey, I just realized something. Isn’t class monitor the only other person that talks to Lu Chen beside Zhang Jian?” 


“Now that you mention it, she does talk to him a lot. Well, mostly argue with him.”


"Guys, Did you forget that Feng Meifeng is the class monitor? It’s her duty as the class monitor to talk to him about school work.” One of the students who had a crush on Feng Meifeng didn’t want to believe Feng Meifeng was close to Lu Chen.


“Yeah, why would the class belle talk to mophead Lu.” Another one of Feng Meifeng’s fans said as well.


“But don’t they look good together? After all, Lu Chen’s handsome and class monitor is pretty.” 


“So not only did he prey on the three great beauties, now he spreading his fang onto our class belle. ”


“Are we getting another playboy in our class? Look how he’s flirting with the class monitor.”


What the hell. How the hell does it look like I'm the one flirting with Feng Meifeng! Heck, I’m not Zhang Jian. Lu Chen felt wrong that he was being blamed for being a womanizer for something he didn’t do.


Lu Chen looks at Feng Meifeng, who was continuing to look at him. It seems that she didn’t hear what the class was saying about the two of them. She said, “No. If I let you go, you’re definitely going to leave it alone and play around!”


Lu Chen looks at her resolute face and sighs, “Fine, I’ll do it, just let go of my arm.” He couldn't stand how everybody was looking at him like he was a womanizer.


Hearing how he agreed to finish his application, Feng Meifeng decides to let him go. The moment her grip loosen, Lu Chen did the same thing when he came with Ye Meixiu: strategic withdrawal.