Chapter 96: The Getaway
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Chapter 96: The Getaway

While Lu Chen ran out of the door, Feng Meifeng stood there motionlessly with her hand out as she watches Lu Chen straight-up run away from her. It took her a few moments to process what had happened. Then her face turns into that of a devil.


“LU CHEN WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!” Feng Meifeng explodes in rage. It was like a lion furious that her prey had run away. When she exploded, it scares her classmates who were watching.


“Oh, no! Clas monitor is exploding from rage! Everybody run for it.” One of the students warns the other student. Immediately, the others run for it, not wanting to face her wraith. From how their first reaction was to run away, Feng Meifeng’s mouth twitch. Am I that scary? 


She questions herself when she thought it was her fault. But when she remembers Lu Chen escaping her, Feng Meifeng’s angry face came back. Lu Chen, this is all your fault that they think I’m scary!


Little did Lu Chen know he was getting blamed for something he didn’t do. Well, maybe half.


Lu Chen stops running after he got to the front door of the school. Sorry, class rep, I know you mean well, But I will do it later. And besides, I’m a grown man. Lu Chen knew Feng Meifeng was doing it for his own good, but it felt weird that an 18-year old child was telling him to get his life in order.


Also, the curious looks he got from his classmate was something that he couldn’t stand it. He felt that he was a monkey in a zoo being looked at by so many eyes, waiting for something to happen.


Even now, Lu Chen still couldn’t get used to the students consistently staring at him outside or inside the school. He sees Elder Wu’s car and quickly walks towards the car. Elder Wy notices Lu Chen and greets him, “Hello, young-.” Before he could finish greeting Lu Chen, Lu Chen jumps into the car and quickly closes the door. He rolls the window down slightly. He said with a quick voice, “Elder Wu, quickly get in and drive.”


At first, Elder Wu didn’t understand why Lu Chen was acting so paranoid around the school. Are there enemies targeting young master? He quickly scans the surrounding, he finally realizes why Lu Chen was acting so paranoid. To think young master is so popular with the ladies.


There was a bunch of female students gazing towards the car. There was a bunch of female students looking towards the car. Some of the girls look at the two blatantly. While others were lurking behind a wall were secretly observing while trying not to get seen. Whatever type of way they were using to look at the car, they all had the same gaze. The gaze of hungry predators looking at their next prey to feast on, that was what their look meant.


Elder Wu then looks back at Lu Chen and how much of a sheep he is being. He laughs at how lucky Lu Chen was with the ladies, but the man in question treats them like the plague.


“Elder Wu, why are you laughing? Hurry up and get in, and let’s get out of here!” Lu Chen couldn’t take the gazes of the girls. It felt like he was on the chopping board, ready to get sliced. Hopefully, it will die down after a few days.


Elder Wu chuckles more as he gets in the car and drives. While he drives the car, Lu Chen looks out the window. Looking outside, Lu Chen checks to see if there were still girls looking at their vehicle. Seeing how there weren’t any more girls, he sighs in relief.


But what made Elder Wu surprise was that Lu Chen was able to tell it was killing intent. If it was an ordinary person, they wouldn’t be able to differentiate if it was killing intent or not. It would be just an odd feeling to them.