Chapter 97: Like An Ordinary Child
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Chapter 97: Like An Ordinary Child

“Young master, shouldn’t you have fun and be hotblooded and bathe in the gazes of all of those young ladies?” Elder Wu jokes.


Elder Wu thinks back to the time where Lu Chen’s grandfather was the same age as Lu Chen; he was the definition of what a super playboy should be. He had at least two women with him every single day to play around with. And Elder Wu would be the person who would stop his grandfather from going too far. Those days were the funniest and most dangerous days of his life with his grandfather.


However, with his brows furrow, Lu Chen looks at Elder Wu, “Why would I ever do that, Elder Wu? Those girls who only rely on looks to define someone would divorce me the moment I lose it.” Lu Chen said firmly. He couldn’t trust anybody that would base a person on their looks. Most certainly could not be his girlfriend.


While Lu Chen said this, he doesn’t realize the betrayal of Liu Fei Fei had affected him more so than he realizes. Due to this betrayal, Lu Chen began to develop a great distrust towards people around him. Although some of the gazes the students were only out of curiosity and fascination, he still felt they were trying to scheme something at him.


The only people who weren’t on his radar were those who are closest to him. 


Seeing how serious he was about his thoughts, Elder Wu felt conflicted that Lu Chen wasn’t like his grandfather. The one thing that held back his grandfather from becoming stronger was his sense of freedom. His grandfather could have succeeded more in his younger days if he had become more serious about his life. However, he was too carefree and was obsessed with picking up girls and partying.


Naturally, he felt happy that Lu Chen was sensible for his age, unlike his grandfather. However, it’s because of his grandfather’s sense of freedom that made the Lu corporation where it is. His sense of carefreeness allowed his grandfather to have a broader understanding of what’s around him. Lu Chen, on the other hand, was too strict with himself. He felt that Lu Chen would not be able to focus on the bigger picture.


Elder Wu felt Lu Chen should enjoy his childhood like an ordinary child. He shouldn’t be focusing so much on the family when Lu Xiaotong and Zhang Wenling could still hold down the fort.


But right now, Elder Wu's role is only to watch over him. He cannot decide what his choices are. The thing he could do is be a guide for him not to go down the wrong path.


“Young master, at such an age, you already understand what type of people you should be friends with. Sometimes I wonder how old you actually are?”Elder Wu felt that Lu Chen was like a 40-year-old man, hiding his fangs for the perfect opportunity.


Lu Chen scratches his head. He couldn’t just say that he was a middle-aged man. How crazy would he have sounded if he told Elder Wu the truth?


“Well, I have to mature at some point.” Lu Chen said as he continues, “Oh, Elder Wu, do you know who was sending that killing intent towards me?”


Elder Wu nods his head, “Young master, you don’t need to worry about who sent the killing intent towards you. It was nothing more than a minor bug.” Liu Fei Fei was just a child who was sending off killing intent all sporadic that everybody could feel it. Even though the killing intent was real, it was nothing more than just a child acting angry.