Chapter 98: Stock Time
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Chapter 98: Stock Time

“Alright, I won’t ask any more about this.” If it was nothing more than just a minor bug to Elder Wu, then he didn’t have to worry about the person at all. Then Lu Chen took out a piece of paper. He starts to write. Handing the paper to Elder Wu, he asks, “Elder Wu, when we get home, could you use the money in my account to buy these stocks?” 


Elder Wu looks at the paper, and he starts to make an odd face. He had some doubts about the stocks Lu Chen wants. Wanting to make sure, Elder Wu asks, “Young master, are you sure that you want to buy this amount of stock from these companies?” The companies Lu Chen wants to buy stocks from were not what Elder Wu expects. The companies were some that won't have a future or an up incoming company.


The price of the stock from each company wasn’t that costly. However, Elder Wu felt the company will not produce profits in the long run for Lu Chen. On the other hand, Lu Chen shook his head as he knew why Elder Wu was worried. He explains, “I know some of them might not bring much profit at all. But I have to take chances to gain something back even if it’s the slimmest of margins.”


Even though Lu Chen says; these stocks might not produce a large enough profit, what he thought was different. Lu Chen knew these stocks would sky-rocket in value in the future.  So he decides to take advantage in the beginning before they start rising in price. Some of them will skyrocket in value real soon, while others would increase at a later date.  Each of these stocks was calculated where Lu Chen wouldn’t be able to run out of money anytime soon.


Lu Chen knew he would need a large amount of money. If he wants to accomplish anything in the world. If he wants to become as strong as the Liu family, Lu Chen knew he needs to have a large amount of money and influence. 


Seeing how serious he was, Elder Wu nods his head, “Alright, young master. I will open up a stock account for you and buy these stocks.” Elder Wu still felt skeptical about buying these stocks, but it was Lu Chen’s decision whether to purchase them or not. He could only be there to advise him of other routes. 


Well, mistakes are needed for a person to become better. So this would be a good learning experience for young master.


As Elder Wu has doubts that Lu Chen would gain nothing but experience, he then adds, “Young master. Remember, I want you to wake up at 4:00 in the morning tomorrow.”


“Yes, I know.” Lu Chen said grimly. He still couldn’t believe he had to wake up at four in the morning. He wasn’t a morning person when he was in the past or in the present. Well, nothing can be gain if something isn’t sacrificed.


Lu Chen knew he would have to face influential people sometime in the near future. He would have to rely on himself to overcome all the hardship.


As Lu Chen lays on his bed, he starts to reminisce on what had happened these few days after traveling back into the past. Changing his appearance, having fun with Zhang Jian, and eating out with Ye Meixiu. All of it seems unrealistic to him.


This was the best thing Lu Chen could have wished for. He felt relieved that he was able to spend some time with the closest to him. However, Lu Chen knew he had to face the main problem that he had to figure out when he came to the past.


“Who was it that was trying to target the Lu family?” That was the main question that he had for the past few days.