Chapter 99: Processing
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Chapter 99: Processing

In his past life, before Lu Chen had died, he wasn’t the person who should have taken control of the Lu corporation. The Lu Corporation was supposed to be controlled by Lu Hao. This was decided after Lu Xiaotong had passed away in a car accident by their grandfather. However, a few months after he became the CEO, Lu Hao mysteriously vanished from sight. That had forced Lu Chen to take the role of CEO.


Lu Chen thought it was strange that Lu Hao just vanished like the air. And this happens after Lu Hao took over the Lu Corporation. There was no information or clues about him after he went missing. 


But then, another odd occurrence happened. Lu Aotian suddenly dying was something that hit the mark for Lu Chen.


Somebody is definitely targeting the Lu family. Lu Chen thought. The person had picked off every family member one by one, like plucking a bird’s feathers. First, it was Lu Xiaotong, who was the pillar of the Lu family. Then it was Lu Hao, who would be the most prominent CEO for the Lu Corporation. Then they went for Lu Aotian as the third, who was a powerful government official.


The person also knew he didn’t need to do anything to Zhang Wenling. As the person knew with the loss of her husband and sons, it will drive her to kill herself. Once everybody significant was dead, it was finally time for Lu Chen to face his death.


“Whoever is targeting us, they were probably close to all of us.” The reason why Lu Chen came to this conclusion was the person’s targeting process.


Lu Chen realizes that if the person targeting his family wasn’t close to them, they would have killed him after killing Lu Hao. Without a person at the helm of the Lu Corporation, the company will become crazy. It would have become a pack of greedy wolves without a leader. The Lu Corporation would have infights as the people from the inside will be gunning for the spot of CEO. While on the outside, other powers would try to swallow up the whole corporation.


However, this person knew the Lu Corporation would be destroyed even with Lu Chen was alive. After all, Lu Chen was naive and hotblooded. He also had one major weakness; Liu Fei Fei. The murderer knew by using Liu Fei Fei, he could manipulate Lu Chen to do whatever they want.


Lu Chen ponders even harder. The only person that could make Liu Fei Fei do anything he wanted is Long Shen. Liu Fei Fei was at the beck and call to all of Long Shen’s demands. He also knows of the one-sided love between Lu Chen and her. Not only this, Long Shen’s last words to him was that he took his company from him. 


So the main suspect should be Long Shen. But Lu Chen still thought of Long Shen as a suspect, It’s highly likely it’s him. But why and how? He couldn’t understand why Long Shen would try to target him.

Was it because he stole Liu Fei Fei from her? No, if it’s him, Liu Fei Fei should be nothing more than a tool to use.


Lu Chen remembers seeing how after he and Liu Fei Fei got married, Long Shen had found another rich young woman to manipulate. He knew Long Shen is the type of person that would treat girls like tools and throw them out after he has no use for them. However, not many people can see it as Long Shen had hidden his true self from others really easily.


From how Long Shen acted, Lu Chen was still having trouble figuring out the motive in taking out his entire family. But there was a larger problem than the reason as;