Chapter 102: Don’t ever give up
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Chapter 102: Don’t ever give up

Lu Chen knew if he doesn’t run the ten laps, then he wouldn’t be able to earn back Elder Wu’s trust in him again.


It’s just ten laps, it should be no problem.


As Lu Chen begins to jog out through the backdoor, Elder Wu stares at his back.


How long will he last? There was a reason why he wants Lu Chen to run around Lu manor. He wants to see how much stamina he had to work with. 


If Lu Chen has a solid foundation, he will start training him in everything he knows. If Lu Chen is the latter, then Elder Wu will improve Lu Chen's stamina, causing the training to be longer.


As Lu Chen continues to run around, he hypes himself up. You can do this, you can win, you got this. He was hyping him so much that he doesn’t realize he ran three laps already. Elder Wu praises him. 


Good. It looks like I have something to work with. 


He thought Lu Chen would have been exhausted on his second lap. But it seems that Lu Chen had broken his expectation.


Another few minutes have passed, and Lu Chen is on his sixth lap now. He was pretty out of breath as he hasn’t done much exercise. But his pace was still consistent as he kept going at the same speed. Elder Wu looks at him in surprise. He never expects Lu Chen would be able to run 12 miles. Could he actually finish ten laps?!


When Lu Chen broke the ninth and starts to run to break the last lap, Elder Wu looks at him in confusion. How can young master still keep going at this pace? It was too odd that Lu Chen hasn’t fainted from exhaustion.


Lu Chen, on the other hand, had forgotten what lap he was on as the only thing that kept going through his mind was;


Don’t ever give up.


He couldn’t give up. If he did, then coming back to the past would have been worthless. If I cannot prove to Elder Wu that I am serious with training, everything means nothing. How could I ever take revenge on Long Shen?


The scene of Long Shen embracing Liu Fei Fei in his arms came into his mind. Remembering the only thing he could do was to lay on the ground and watch like a dog.

Just remembering the schene was enough to make Lu Chen boil into a rage. He starts to pick up speed out of anger.  In his fury, Lu Chen doesn’t realize he was beginning his eleventh lap. Until he heard Elder Wu shouting at him.


“Young master, stop! You already ran ten laps!”


Lu Chen pauses and turns to look at Elder Wu.  I already finished ten laps? He was slightly tired, but he didn’t feel that he had run so long. He asks Elder Wu, “Elder Wu, Did I pass?” Lu Chen could care less about whether he was exhausted or not. He wants to find out if he got his chance back.      


Elder Wu looks at him in amazement. You’re still worried about whether you pass or not? He nods at the child, “You earn back your chance. You showed me that you have the drive to learn. But don’t get complacent.”


Lu Chen nods his head as he asks, “Elder Wu, How long did I run?”


Elder Wu took out his phone from his pockets, and the time it was right now was around 6:10. The time it took Lu Chen to finish 10 laps was two hours and 10 minutes, making him average around 13 minutes a lap.


His speed and stamina are comparable to a marathon runner.


An elite marathon runner would average around the four to five-minute range a mile, but that's with training and years of dedication to pull that off. On the other hand, Lu Chen doesn't have any sort of preparation. Yet, he was able to get something close to it.