Chapter 103:  The Jab
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Chapter 103:  The Jab

Elder Wu then asks Lu Chen, “Young master, take your shirt off.” He wants to examine the muscles on his body if he has some unique traits.


Lu Chen quickly took his shirt off. His body wasn’t as muscular as others, but it was still better than what regular people would have. It was a tall body with a large amount of muscle on it. However, it wasn’t as much as others. But enough to see a slight six-pack forming on him. Besides that, the other notable thing about his body is his skin was paler than snow, signaling that he hasn’t gone out in the sun for a long time.


Elder Wu grabs his arm and notices the anomaly about them. There was nothing wrong. Nothing was out of the ordinary about his arm. Both of his limbs have ok muscle definition to them, but that was it.


So how does he have that kind of speed and stamina?


Elder Wu looks at Lu Chen with bewilderment, “Lu Chen, have you ever lifted weights or done any exercise before?”


But Lu Chen shook his head, “ I never did any sort of weight lifting in my life.” The only thing that he thought came close to exercising was practicing his hand-eye coordination when playing video games.


“Elder Wu is there something wrong with my body?” Lu Chen also found it weird that he was able to run that long without any problems.


Elder Wu shakes his head, “ Young master, from what I can see, I don't think you would be at harm. But we should go to the doctor to examine your body just to be safe.” He wants to be extra safe and have Lu Chen’s body x-rayed.


“Then do we continue with our training, Elder Wu?” Lu Chen said eagerly with his back straight, ready for anything.


Where does all of this stamina come from? Elder Wu gives him a strange look, “Aren’t you a tired young master?” On his first day, Lu Chen ran 20 miles in under three hours. If a regular person had done this, they would have collapsed after five miles.


Elder Wu sighs as he couldn’t reason with a monster, “Before we do anything else, we should build your muscles and foundation first.” Then, he hands him a workout schedule, “For the first week, I want you to do 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, and 50 squats, each in reps of 10 every single day. Then the next week, add another 10 to everything.” 


“Yes, sir!” Lu Chen said as he got ready to do push-ups.

While Lu Chen was doing his push-ups, Elder Wu was thinking about what techniques he should teach Lu Chen. Hmmm, I should teach him something as well. Maybe a boxing technique. He knew that Lu Chen should learn some self-defense tactics. 


“Lu Chen, come over here.” Lu Chen stops doing his push-ups and walks to him.


“What is it, Elder Wu?”


“I’m going to teach you some boxing technique for self-defense.”


“Really?!” Lu Chen’s eyes sparkle when Elder Wu told him that. We’re getting to the good stuff now!


“Alright. Hmmm. it’s better to show you what you be learning now.” The moment Elder Wu said this, he got into a stance, and then before Lu Chen could say something, Lu Chen saw a fist coming right beside his face at lightning speed.


Fast. Lu Chen didn’t expect Elder Wu’s punch would be that fast. It was like lightning. 


Elder Wu says to him, “ What I show you is a jab. It’s one of the two punches that I’m going to show you for the one-two combination.” When Elder Wu said this, he was a bit smug. He was pretty proud of how fast his jab was. As he was about to tell Lu Chen the fundamental steps on how to do it,