Chapter 129: The battle continues
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Chapter 129: The battle continues

From Kang Shuchun's sudden actions, Lu Chen blushes. He tries to reject her nicely, "Big sister, you don't need to feed-" His back is the thing he couldn't move properly. His arms are still functional. But the other reason is being fed by a beautiful woman in front of his childhood friend and Lao Ma is embarrassing.


"Ahhh." However, Kang Shuchun continues to keep the fork in front of his mouth. I can't give up now! If she doesn't feed him, Kang Shuchun knows she would lose out to Ye Meixiu. Lu Chen doesn't realize the power play that is going on as he's about to refuse again. However, when he looks into her eyes, there is a mix of persistence, jealously, and a hint of fear. All of it mixed together, making it hard for Lu Chen to refuse.


If I don’t eat this cake, then big sister might kill herself. That was the feeling he got from her when looking at those eyes. He had no choice as he took a bite.


“Is it good?” Kang Shuchun looks in anticipation. The power has now been equal out.


“Yeah, it tastes good.” The same bittersweet chocolate was still the same when he ate it the first time. He then adds, “But big sister, you don’t need to feed me. I still can use my arms.” Seeing how Zhang Wenling grins at him and Ye Meixiu’s dead stare is embarrassing.


But it’s like Kang Shuchun had a window in front as her eyes sparkle as she brought up another piece. It looks like she only heard the first part and ignore the second. Before the second one could even be near Lu Chen’s mouth, Ye Meixiu comes in like a piranha. She intercepts it with her mouth.


“YOU!” Kang Shuchun’s voice becomes dark and hoarse from the little girl. Without even looking at her evil gaze, Ye Meixiu smiles at Lu Chen, “Brother Chen, it really is delicious like last time.” 


Hehehe, I got another indirect kiss from brother Chen.


Ye Meixiu couldn’t allow Kang Shuchun to have an indirect kiss with Lu Chen. That is her right. And nobody else. She turns to Kang Shuchun, who looks like she steps in cow dung. To add insult to injury, “Thank you, big sister. The taste of the coffee was so delicious like last time when brother Chen fed me.” Ye Meixiu puts more salt onto the girl's wound.


You shameless bitch.




Kang Shuchun’s inner self was gritting her teeth, while Ye Meixiu laughs in victory. To get two indirect kisses made her have a considerable advantage over all her other rivals. If Kang Shuchun had eaten it, then they would have been on even standing.


Indeed, Kang Shuchun had planned to eat the spoon after Lu Chen had used it. But she didn’t expect Ye Meixiu would be shameless enough to steal it right in front of her face. If I eat it now, then I would have Chen Chen’s saliva with the snotty brats! Arrghhhh, I’m going to tear you limb from limb!


Hearing how she already took Lu Chen’s first indirect kiss, and then second, pissed her off. 


Before she and Ye Meixiu start their glaring battle again, Lu Chen wasn’t going to have any of that. He gets off of his bed and suggests, "Let’s eat out on the front porch. It’s pretty stuffy in my room.” As Lu Chen walks to the door, Kang Shuchun and Ye Meixiu quickly step up:


“Brother Chen, let me help you off.” Ye Meixiu smiles as she begins to hold his arms and lead him.


“Chen Chen, Can I carry you off.” Kang Shuchun follows suit as she pulls on his other arm and puts on a seductive smile.


Oh god, not this! Lu Chen could tell he could only choose one. It’s going to be the biggest dilemma of his life right now. From their gazes, if he chooses either one, the other person would be offended.


What should I do? Lu Chen sweats.


Lu Chen went into deep thought on how to deescalate the situation. Zhang Wenling couldn't stop that grin on her face. It was like her entire face is going to make up of the grin.


Finally, I get a daughter.