Chapter 130: Wanting A Daughter
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Chapter 130: Wanting A Daughter

She and Lu Xiaotong had always wanted a daughter after they had Lu Aotian. When their second child came out as a boy, they didn't give up. After all, third times the charm. But boy, were they wrong about that saying.


When they found out the baby is a boy, they were happy and regretful at the same time. The baby came out really cute and healthy. They love Lu Chen down to the core. But it was frustrating that they couldn't have a daughter. They even had everything prepared for a daughter. A whole room was dressed up in pink and especially Zhang Wenling. She went crazy as he brought so many dresses and skirts for the girl. When she found out it was a boy, Zhang Wenling starts to cry tears of blood.


However, before she could wallow to no return, Lu Xiaotong realizes hope wasn't lost. Lu Xiaotong thought up a good idea, “ Even if we don’t have a daughter, our sons will have to get married someday. Then we can get ourselves a daughter.” Zhang Wenling nods in agreement as she realizes they could get a daughter in another way. 


Since we have three sons, then we would have at least three daughters-in-law.


However, it was as if life was giving a backhand slap to the couple’s idea. Two of their children have no such thoughts of marriage. Lu Aotian is too focus on his studies, while Lu Hao has no interest in girls and would act like a ten-year-old child. Just like that, they already lost two daughters. The only person they can count on now is Lu Chen.


And sure enough, Lu Chen is the only person that could count on. As of right now, he has two beautiful future daughters-in-law in each hand. Yet he also has another one waiting on the side. They lost two but got back three!


While Zhang Wenling has happy thoughts about having many daughters, Lu Chen couldn’t think of a way to escape from this situation. He notices Zhang Wenling, who is in front of him, and an idea sparks inside his mind.


He drags his body towards Zhang Wenling and hugs him Lao Ma, “ Lao Ma, could you bring me to the front porch?” His option leaves the two girls stunned, speechless at his choice. They didn’t expect Lu Chen would go forward to his Lao Ma instead of choosing them. They glare at each other, and they both had the same thought,


This is all your fault! The two blame each other. 


While the two of them do that, Zhang Wenling looks at her son in shame. How could my son be such a b*itch?!


She whispers into her son’s ears, “ Xiao Chen, you should have been a man and put your hands on both of them! Both of them are such good picks!” It would have been regretful to let these two girls go to anyone else.


But Lu Chen glares at her, “Lao Ma, I am not a playboy. If I’m getting married, then I will marry only one person.” Seriously, why do people keep thinking that I would become a playboy?


Zhang Wenling could only shake her head at how much of a pansy her son was. She clenches tightly onto her son's arm to make him suffer a bit. Lu Chen’s room connects to a large porch. The porch is pretty large as there are many lawn chairs and a table with a fireplace installed, giving a comfy vibe to it.


Lu Chen took a seat, and Kang Shuchun and Ye Meixiu follow. They took both sides, and the battle was going to start again. Or so, Lu Chen thought.


The two of them sat quietly on each of his sides. The scene is so silent to the point where they could hear a pin drop. Even though the situation looks calm, Lu Chen knew something will explode once one of them makes a move.


Ye Meixiu starts tugging onto Lu Chen’s arm as she said sweetly, “ Brother Chen, ahh.” As she brings the fork up to Lu Chen’s face.


“Meixiu, you don’t have to feed me. I can eat by myself.” Lu Chen picks a piece using his own fork. Ye Meixiu became sad at first, but Lu Chen didn’t let her dwell in sadness. He asks her curiously, “ Meixiu, why did you come here?”