Chapter 131: Being Taught By Two Beauties
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Chapter 131: Being Taught By Two Beauties

From the bluntness of Lu Chen's voice, Zhang Wenling wanted to scold her son. How could you talk to my future daughter in law like that?! She wonders where Lu Chen got his lack of delicacy from? Probably from Lu Xiaotong, I guess.


If I lose a daughter in law because of this, I will disown you! While Zhang Wenling frowns and has thoughts about disowning Lu Chen and throw him across the ocean, Kang Shuchun is making the opposite expression on her face. On the sidelines, Kang Shuchun is smiling like never before. Seeing how Lu Chen treats Ye Meixiu with such bluntness made her over the moon.


Good, Chen Chen. Tell that little vixen off!


But Ye Meixiu didn't mind how blunt Lu Chen was as she brought out different booklets from her bag. She explains, "Brother Chen, I brought my notes from class to help tutor you today." 


The main reason why Ye Meixiu came to Lu manor was to tutor Lu Chen. Even though Lu Chen said: he doesn't need any tutoring from her. But now that she has shows up in front of him, how could he reject the offer now? She is ranked number one in grades for their grade.


Didn’t I tell you I don’t need it? Hah, this child is so persistent. Lu Chen was going to refuse again. But Zhang Wenling interrupts him, “Xiu Xiu, that’s a wonderful suggestion. Xiao Chen’s grades are so awful. With your tutoring, he will definitely be better.”


Lu Chen raises one of his brows as he looks at Zhang Wenling. Lao Ma, what are you doing? But what he got in return was Zhang Wenling glaring at him to be silent. If you reject her offer, I will sew your mouth shut for the rest of your life.


Lu Chen instantly sealed his mouth as he could tell Zhang Wenling is solemn. She would seriously do what she says.


Zhang Wenling was almost at breaking point as she was close to slapping her son to the ends of the earth. How could you be so cold to such a sweet girl?! When she saw how Ye Meixiu bought so many books for Lu Chen, it almost made her heartbreak. She felt jealous that her son has such a sweet girl helping him. If he dares bully her, I will make him into a daughter instead!


Noticing that Zhang Wenling was supporting her, Ye Meixiu felt over the moon as well! She got the acceptance of her future mother. She made a tearful face as she looks at Lu Chen, “Brother Chen, is there any problem with me teaching you?” Her tearful expression made Zhang Wenling's heart immediately break as she stares back at her son. Say yes, you damn brat!


His Lao Ma's furious expression stares straight at him, While Ye Meixiu's tearful face is eyeing by the side. Lu Chen felt so wronged by this situation. What did I do to deserve this! It was like he was the villain bullying the female lead.


“...Sure, Meixiu. Please tutor me.” Out of peer pressure and stress, Lu Chen is forced into agreeing to her offer.


Ye Meixiu’s face brightens as if her pitiful face from before is never there in the first place, and then she opens one of the books, “Then let’s start now, brother Chen!.” Before she even starts, Ye Meixiu didn’t forget about Kang Shuchun, “Big sister, I’m going to be teaching brother Chen. It’s going to be very long. I don’t want to waste your time, so you should find something else to do.” Ye Meixiu wasn’t going to let this chance get away. She is going to run it home and drive Kang Shuchun out.


Leave. Don’t bother my study time with my Chen. Go have fun by yourself!


Instead of getting angry, Kang Shuchun smiles at Ye Meixiu. Warning signs went off as she knew something was wrong. Kang Shuchun resorts, “Don’t worry, Meixiu. As I said before, Chen Chen is the only priority for me right now. And I’m positive that I can help Chen Chen with his school work. I have already graduated from college and have five degrees.”


You think you’re the only one who can teach Chen Chen? Well, guess again. You cannot get rid of me this easily, Xiao Xiu.