Chapter 133: I let you in on important information that I only know of.
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Chapter 133: I let you in on important information that I only know of.

"When did you come back?" Not beating around the bush, Ye Meixiu asks as she glares at Kang Shuchun. Ye Meixiu thought she had only needed to deal with Liu Fei Fei in her competition. But the other big competitor, which she thought was out for the running, had come back.


"Relax, you brat. I came back yesterday. Kang Shuchun said coolly, not minding at the menacing glare Ye Meixiu is displaying at her. But that calm expression changes as to a mocking one, "To think you become such an evil girl once Chen Chen leaves. I wonder how he would feel to know his little sister has such an evil personality inside of her." As Kang Shuchun said this condescendingly, on the inside, she's laughing her ass off. She knew the moment she returns back to the Lu Manor, it would get under Ye Meixiu's skin, and she loves it.


Ye Meixiu didn't react to her statement as she went back to her indifferent expression. She says, " And I'm sure brother Chen doesn't want to be near such a two-faced killer as well."


It's as if a bomb just went off the room. The moment Ye Meixiu said this, Kang Shuchun's expression changes. It wasn't because Kang Shuchun became offended by Ye Meixiu's words. Instead, Kang Shuchun looks at her in surprise. But she shook it off the next second. Relax, Kang Shuchun, what you did in the past was to protect Chen Chen.


It doesn't need to be said that to be a bodyguard, sometimes killings would be necessary. Kang Shuchun knew the actions she had to do when she joined the task force. It was either kill or be killed.


"And? So what is it that you want to talk about?" Kang Shuchun knew Ye Meixiu wouldn't have an idle chat with her unless it's pressing. 


"Liu Fei Fei." Just from Ye Meixiu saying the name alone is enough to make Kang Shuchun's expression turn into madness. It doesn't need to be asked why Kang Shuchun is feeling this way. Any girl who's in love with Lu Chen will have to have dissatisfaction with Liu Fei Fei. Kang Shuchun already had some opportunity to kill her on the spot. But Elder Wu was there to consistently stop her. The hate began to build inside of her.


What did she do to Chen Chen this time?!


Seeing the look on her face, Ye Meixiu continues, “She's planning something." From the day of the cafe, Ye Meixiu notices the strange expression she had as she lightly looks at their table. Is she targeting brother Chen? That was the only possible outcome she could figure out.


“And you want me to find out what she’s doing?” Kang Shuchun realizes what Ye Meixiu wanted her to do. But Kang Shuchun asks, "Why do you need my help? Don’t you have your own men that will do whatever you want?" She knew Ye Meixiu's family have their own secret task force that could rival there. Or maybe even beat theirs with quantity.


"It's because they wouldn't do a better job than you can." Sure, Ye Meixiu knew if she asks her father for help, he would definitely send someone to spy on Liu Fei Fei. However, there's a larger chance they might fail.  


Ye Meixiu concludes if she left's one of her men to do it, they wouldn't have the same focus or attentiveness in monitoring her. On the other hand, Kang Shuchun would focus on Liu Fei Fei 24/7. And if Liu Fei Fei is targeting Lu Chen, Ye Meixiu was sure that Kang Shuchun would "deal" with her.


"Oh, I'm honored that the Ye family's princess would have such a high appreciation for me. But what do I get in return?" Ye Meixiu doesn't need to say any flattery words to her as Kang Shuchun knows the girl plans to use her. Do you think just because I love Chen Chen, you can use me however you can? It wasn't in her nature to let someone manipulate her like this. She wants something in return for helping her.


"I let you in on important information that I only know of." Ye Meixiu sighs. She knew this is a give and take situation. But that's precisely the reason why she asked Kang Shuchun. Each of them wants to have the upper hand over the other, and their top priority is gaining Lu Chen's love. So the info Ye Meixiu is offering her is the news that Lu Chen had given up on Liu Fei Fei.