Chapter 134: Two rivals working together
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Chapter 134: Two rivals working together

Even though rumors were going around saying that Lu Chen is over Liu Fei Fei, it's only at school. There wasn't enough time for the gossip to spread through to the upper circle. Ye Meixiu knew Kang Shuchun wouldn't have gotten a word from what she said.


Ye Meixiu made a conflicting face as she really doesn't want to tell her about Lu Chen's interest. She knows that she has the upper hand over Kang Shuchun if she uses the information correctly. The info is a double-edged sword. If she tells her, then Kang Shuchun would be on the same playing field as her. Kang Shuchun wouldn't need to be hesitant about what to say to Lu Chen.


Before, talking about Liu Fei Fei in front of Lu Chen would be a big no-no. You either get an earful of how Liu Fei Fei is great from Lu Chen or him becoming angry. Ye Meixiu took a big chance when she had asked Lu Chen about it. She knew what kind of outcome might come out of it: he affirms the rumors are true, or Lu Chen denies them and then goes on and on about how much he loves her. If the second outcome happened, Ye Meixiu wouldn't know what to do. Hearing how he talks about Liu Fei Fei bright in her face made her heart shatter into a thousand pieces.


While Ye Meixiu has doubts about sharing her information, Kang Shuchun's interest peaks. The knowledge that only this brat has? Interesting. Kang Shuchun knows how much love Ye Meixiu has for Lu Chen. So Ye Meixiu should definitely have some juicy information for her.


"Alright, I'll accept the offer. So tell me the information. And I'm telling you this, you won't be able to lie to me. I can tell when somebody is bullshitting." Kang Shuchun could tell just from looking at the person that they're bullshitting from a mile away. It's something she had been born with and refine throughout time.


Ye Meixiu scoffs at her, "Do I need to lie to somebody like you? As the Ye family's princess, it would be distasteful to lie to somebody that's below me." To Ye Meixiu, Kang Shuchun is just another obstacle in her way, nothing more. However, Ye Meixiu knew their rivalry has to be put on hold. As long as Liu Fei Fei has vicious thoughts on Lu Chen, Ye Meixiu need to team up with the people she hates for the greater good.


Ye Meixiu explains what Lu Chen had told her about how he was over Liu Fei Fei. The expression on Kang Shuchun's face turns blank and then to over the moon. Yes! Chen Chen is finally free from those shackles! While Kang Shuchun felt so ecstatic, she went back to her professional face.


"Alright, the information you give is enough for me to help you out. Give me your phone number." To give such valuable information to her rival is something Kang Shuchun has to repay back kindly. Like Ye Meixiu, Kang Shuchun doesn't want to owe somebody that she doesn't see as an equal.


Seeing the look on her face, Ye Meixiu knew she had made the right choice. It seems she knows the larger objective both of us should have.


While the two discuss their plan on dealing with Liu Fei Fei, Lu Chen comes back with the album. From how the two are talking to each other so kindly, it made him go wide-eyed. He asks, "When did the two of you become good friends?" 


You guys were going after each other's throats like a few minutes ago. How the hell did you become such a giddy couple? The two of them looked like long-lost sisters.


"Brother Chen, you brought back the album!" Ignoring his question, Ye Meixiu snatches the album out of his hand as she brings it to Kang Shuchun. Lu Chen didn't know what to say as the two girls look through the albums. Am I just chop liver after I give you what you want?! Lu Chen didn’t say anything as he grabs his cake. Well, whatever. As long as the two of them get along, it means his brain won't get stressed.


Even though Lu Chen thought the two were getting along, what was really going on was;


For now, we will have a temporary truce. Agreed?


Fine. But once this is over, I will go after your head.