Chapter 135: Kawai!
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Chapter 135: Kawai!

When Ye Meixiu held the binder, she was surprised by the heft of it. This is definitely at least three times heavier than the one I have. Aunty has been hiding the good stuff away! Ye Meixiu is certain now that Zhang Wenling kept the best pictures for herself. When she turns to the first page, what she saw made her go wide-eyed.


Why do you have such a stupid expression on your face? Kang Shuchun notices her stunned look. She glances over her shoulder to see what made Ye Meixiu so surprised. It didn't take a few seconds for Kang Shuchun to be stunned after she looks at it.


The first picture they saw is godly. It's a four-year-old Lu Chen, buck naked in the bathtub. They could see everything from head to toe. There's nothing to hide in the lower regions of his body.


Lu Chen is so cute!


The two are in awe at how cute Lu Chen looks. They could look at this picture every day if they could. The two kept glancing down at his lower region especially. Even if it's a child Lu Chen, seeing something like that made them flush red. From how red they look, Lu Chen wonders why the two are making such embarrassed faces. When he looks over their shoulder, seeing the picture, he stood there in silence. Instantly, His body reacted as he tries to snatch the binder away from Ye Meixiu's arm!


THE FUCK! He never expects his own Lao Ma would put such an embarrassing photo as the first one. Better yet, when did she take that? 


But how could Kang Shuchun let Lu Chen take this glorious and divine picture away from them? Before Lu Chen could even have one finger on it, Kang Shuchun snatches it out of Ye Meixiu's hands first.


"Shuchun! Hand that binder over to me right now!" If the first one is this embarrassing... Lu Chen didn't finish his train of thought. He couldn't let another person know of his deep dark history. It's a celestial abyss of deep darkness only for him to know.


"Big sister, please hand the binder over! You're going to kill me if you turn that page!" Seeing how Kang Shuchun was going to turn the page, Lu Chen begs.


But Kang Shuchun rejects his plead as she comforts him, "Relax Chen Chen. It just pictures. Nothing is going to happen to you. At least physically." Kang Shuchun made a mischievous smile when she said the second part. Lu Chen starts to sweat buckets.


Lu Chen jumps towards Kang Shuchun, trying to snatch the binder from her, but Kang Shuchun had better reflexes than him. She quickly passes it over to Ye Meixiu. Ye Meixiu knew what Kang Shuchun wanted to do as she runs with the binder. And Lu Chen went crazy as he chases her around the room. He didn't care if his back hurts or not. Lu Chen knew he's going to lose his pride if he doesn't chase. It was like the monkey in the middle. Kang Shuchun and Ye Meixiu keep tossing the book away from Lu Chen as he lounges at each girl.


This whole thing continues until Lu Chen had given up out of pain. He lays on the floor as he shouts, "Fine! Go destroy your brother's dignity!" With the two of them working together, Lu Chen knew nothing would stop these girls.


"Aww, brother Chen don't worry. We won't tell anybody about these pictures. What we see here will only be the three of us." Even though her words are trying to soothe him, what she's thinking of is;


Kyaaaaa! Brother Chen is so cute! I'm going to keep these pictures and bring them to my grave!


She wasn't the only one as Kang Shuchun was thinking of the same thing. If anybody else sees a child-like Lu Chen, then they would probably fall in love with him. Kang Shuchun doesn't want anybody else to be in her way.


 "Alright, you guys can look at it. But don't ever tell anybody what you saw today." Lu Chen eyes them down. If word got out about those embarrassing photos, Lu Chen knows there will be no end of humiliation for him.


The two girls quickly nod like two bubbleheads and went looking through the binder. Lu Chen didn't even look at the two anymore as he knew he would have gone crazy from seeing their giddy face. He took a bite of the cake.