Chapter 136: Have you told aunty and uncle
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Chapter 136: Have you told aunty and uncle

Only cake can ease my suffering. Even though Lu Chen wasn't looking, his actions didn't stop the two girls from making sounds. Lu Chen's face distorted every time he heard Ye Meixiu giggle or Kang Shuchun going aww. This had happened for the past half an hour.


"Chen Chen, you were so cute as a kid." After looking through the entire album, relief and happiness can be seen on Kang Shuchun's face. When she saw Lu Chen in an elementary school uniform, her heart skipped a beat. I wonder if our child would look as cute as that?!


Lu Chen blushes from her comment. But he felt weird for him to be called cute. Can't you call me handsome instead? 


Before Lu Chen could become more embarrassed by the comment, Kang Shcuhun says, "So Chen Chen, I heard that you have broken up with Liu Fei Fei." When she says this, the entire room fell into a brief awkward silence.


Ye Meixiu looks at Kang Shuchun like she is an insane person. No, to her, she is one. Why would you ask brother Chen such an insensitive question? Didn't I already tell you brother Chen's feelings for that vixen? Even though Ye Meixiu knows Lu Chen's feelings, she still decides she wouldn't talk about Liu Fei Fei in front of him. By doing this, Ye Meixiu thought it would allow Lu Chen to slowly forget about her, making his love for her was only just a bad dream.


While that is one way of doing things, Kang Shuchun had other thoughts about it. If Lu Chen is really over Liu Fei Fei, he wouldn't mind Kang Shuchun talking about her casually. 


How does she know about this? Lu Chen looks at a serious-looking Kang Shuchun and then to a distressed Ye Meixiu. Seeing the two contrasting faces, he got the picture of how Kang Shuchun known about it. He nods his head at her statement.


"Even if you don't love her anymore, does that mean you have a plan to end your engagement?" 50 percent of Kang Shuchun's worry had dissipated when Ye Meixiu told her the information. But hearing the words from the actual person is ten times better than hearing them from her rival. Yet, what Lu Chen said had only solved half of the problem at hand.


Even if Lu Chen says he doesn't love her, it doesn't mean the two won't get married. Many wealthy families would set their own kin up with other influential figures to obtain stronger connections.


"For now, I do have a plan at hand to end the engagement. But I doubt it would be effective without some other parts." Lu Chen had one piece of the many other parts that he needs. However, what Lu Chen has is only a small piece of the puzzle.


Kang Shuchun and Ye Meixiu's eyes glow as Kang Shuchun asks, " Brother Chen, what do you need?" Do you need me to find any dirty information about her? I can get it in seconds.


Ye Meixiu adds as well, ""Chen Chen, if you need my assistance, ask away." If you need me to become a fake girlfriend, then I would gladly accept the offer. Better yet, just turn me into your actual girlfriend.


The two girls had the same thoughts as their fantasies begin to run wild again. But Lu Chen shook his head, "No. I'm alright for now. And I don't want to involve the two of you into this mess." With his words alone, it shattered any fantasy the girls have.


Kang Shunchun was the first one to get over it as she asks, "Do auntie and uncle know about this?" To make such a significant decision like this would probably cause Lu Xiaotong and Zhang Wenling to faint from stress.


Sadly, Lu Chen shook his head, "I haven't told them yet. I'm planning to once I have gotten my test scores, or after the Gaokao." If I told them in the beginning, they would probably have doubts about me. One of the reasons why the Lu family wanted Lu Chen to marry Liu Fei Fei was they hoped Lu Chen would straighten out his life. The reckless and ignorant Lu Chen and the coolheaded yet stubborn Liu Fei Fei. Their family thought the two's personalities would equal each other out.