Chapter 137: Who are you going to marry?
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Chapter 137: Who are you going to marry?

Lu Chen knew before he could tell his parents about his thoughts, he would need to prove his worth. He needs to show them he wasn't a helpless child that needs his family's support for his entire life. 


Seeing the serious look on his face, Kang Shuchun didn't say anymore. So it's true. When a man is showing his serious side, that's when they're the most handsome. Before she could look at Lu Chen even more, another thought had piqued her interest. She asks him, "Chen Chen, if you aren't going to marry Liu Fei Fei, then who are you going to marry?" This is the other thing bugging her now. With his status, Lu Chen would have to be tied down sooner or later, and Kang Shuchun wants to be the one to do it.


 I knew it! Telling her that information is the worst thing ever!


Ye Meixiu saw the glint in Kang Shuchun's eyes and begins to glare at her. Don't you even think about it! The person who will be besides brother Chen will be me! It was already in her calculations that Kang Shuchun would use this information to her advantage. But she never expects she would strike after a few hours of telling her!


Kang Shuchun looks back at Ye Meixiu and smiles victoriously at her. She who strikes first wins. If Kang Shuchun let this chance go, what kind of person would she be. 


With the time she had lost, Kang Shuchun isn't going to let any chances get away from her.


Ye Meixiu had made a grievous expression. However, when Kang Shuchun turns back to Lu Chen, Ye Meixiu smiles.  Go ahead and poke at your own grave.


Who I get married to after Liu Fei Fei, huh? When Ye Meixiu had asked him whether he would get a girlfriend after her, he shook off the idea as having a girlfriend wasn't something important right now. But marriage, on the other hand, would be a different matter. He knows he will have to get married at some point. 


A person that only mine and mine alone. Somebody that I can give everything to.


Those are the criteria Lu Chen is basing himself off on. There's not a girl in the world for me. Lu Chen could only chuckle as he said, "Big sis, I doubt I would get a fiancee anytime soon. And Besides, if I do get one, it would only stop me from doing what I want."


From Lu Chen's sudden change of expression, Kang Shuchun felt she messed up. She turns to Ye Meixiu, who grins at her. She realizes she had fallen into her trap! You vixen! You let me do it on purpose!


It wasn't me that told you to talk about something so solemn with brother Chen. 


The two had started their eye battle again.


The next day, Lu Chen is running to school. After he was warned by Zhang Wenling, he had gotten up earlier to train and run to school. He yawns as he runs. Damn, those two really went at it all day.


Ye Meixiu and Kang Shuchun had continued to fight each other until dinner time. And when Zhang Wenling had asked them to have dinner, the two of them acted like perfect angels. Lu Chen could only sit there and sighs.


As he ran through the business district, he spots Feng Meifeng walking to school. She doesn't notice him as she reads a book as she walks. He screams behind her, "Feng Meifeng!"


Feng Meifeng turns her head to see it was Lu Chen calling out to him. She stops and looks at him strangely, "Why are you walking?" Doesn't all rich kids take cars or limousines to school? 


"I'm walking to school now. It's all part of my training." Lu Chen said as he questions, "You wanna walk to school together?"


No way! If she is seen walking with a rich kid to school, people will definitely think wrongly of their relationship. Even if their relationship was on the better side, it didn't mean they were friends. 


Feng Meifeng said indifferently, "Sorry, classmate Lu Chen. But right now, I'm trying to focus on my mind, and I prefer if you don't bother me." This is true. Her walking to school is the only time where she could destress and not think about school.


Lu Chen wasn't an idiot to not know the hidden meaning behind her words as he said, "Alright, class monitor. I'll see you at school then." He quickly picks up speed and runs to school.