Chapter 138: Lu Chen, you forced my hands. Now you will pay the price.
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Chapter 138: Lu Chen, you forced my hands. Now you will pay the price.

While this is happening, Gao Jinhai is on his phone, talking to someone. As he talks, you can hear the impatience in his voice.


"Have you told those idiots to come after school?" Today is the day he will get his revenge on Lu Chen. Nothing can go wrong on this day.


"Yes, young master. Those people will be there in the afternoon." The voice over the phone is the Gao family's head butler. Should we really be doing this? His voice sounds indecisive about whether or not Gao Jinhai's decision is just plain stupid or reckless?


"Good.' And Gao Jinhai is too dense of a person to even tell this. Just hearing that his plan is moving smoothly, Gao Jinhai smiles sinisterly. 


"...But young master. Are you sure we should offend the young master of the Lu family? What if they find out about this?" Offending the Lu family would be a death sentence for the Gao family if they ever find out. The butler knew the Gao family would have to move their company elsewhere, but that would destroy all their connections and reputation in S city. It would be starting anew with more competition. And the butler knew he's going to lose all of his reputation being affiliated with them.


Gao Jinhai only scoffs at him, "Don't worry. They can't figure it out if I use those thugs to deal with the dirty work." He had it all thought out. His plan is to bring in the group of thugs to school and have them cripple Lu Chen's arm and legs. He wanted to see Lu Chen suffer and be humiliated in front of everybody.


However, the butler is still wary, "Young master, are you sure it was wise to buy off the security guards? Couldn't we deal with him outside of school?" Gao Jinhai had told him to buy off the security guards at First High, so the thugs could quickly come in. It was a hefty sum to pay as the wages the school had given them were nothing to scoff at. If sir finds out that we had used this much money, our heads would be done.


"No! We're doing this at school! He has to be humiliated like a dog!" Gao Jinhai snarls at him. The incident from the library had become a black stan on my life now. And it was all because of that bastard. 


"But-" Before the butler could say anything else, Gao Jinhai snarls again, "Don't you dare say anything else. Or do you want me to tell my father that you have embezzled three million yuan?"


The butler instantly shut his mouth and went silent. Gao Jinhai hit his achilles heel. The amount was something like a droplet in a bucket for the Gao family. But stealing from his employer would get him killed if he was ever found out. And he was careless enough to let Gao Jinhai catch him. He was at the beck and call of all of Gao Jinhai's demands.


Hearing nothing coming out of the butler's mouth, Gao Jinhai knew that he had silenced him, "Tell them to go to the front gates, nothing more." Gao Jinhai didn't want to hear another word as he shuts his phone.


"Bunch of useless idiots. But having a bunch of useless tools is better than having no tools." Gao Jinhai sighs. To him, the lackeys, the butler, all of them are nothing more than a bunch of mindless people he could throw away at any given chance he gets.


Of course, I have already thought out what would happen I would get caught. Your ass is going to be on the chopping block first. Gao Jinhai had already decided to throw all the blame onto the butler. That is the reason why he ordered the butler to hire the thugs. If he had gone to the thugs personally, they could have easily betrayed him.


By using the butler, Gao Jinhai could tell his father the embezzlement crime he had committed. Then his father would "deal" with him. The Lu family wouldn't be able to pin it on them as they had dealt with the "cause."


Gao Jinhai, sometimes I wonder if you're just too damn smart? He praises himself as the vicious smile becomes darker.


Lu Chen, you forced my hands. Now you will pay the price.