Chapter 139: I’ll teach you the ways of picking up girls.
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Chapter 139: I'll teach you the ways of picking up girls.

 "Hey, brother Chen! Are you ready to lose the bet?" Zhang Jian smiles at Lu Chen, feeling like a winner. But Lu Chen continues to ignore him as he focuses on the book in his hand.


The smirk on Zhang Jian's face twitches as he begins to shake Lu Chen around, "Hey! Don't ignore me! You've been focused on your book for the entire time I have walked in!" When Zhang Jian had walked in, Lu Chen had been so focused on his book to even notice that he had walked into the classroom as people were greeting him. 


Brother Chen, when did a book become more urgent than our brotherhood! Heck, you would have probably treated me like air if I didn't greet you! The only thing he got from Lu Chen when he went up to talk to him was a grunt. Not even a hello.


Zhang Jian isn't the only person who is surprised. Feng Meifeng had been and still is secretly monitoring Lu Chen from the corner of her eye. Zhang Jian's voice was loud enough for everybody in the classroom to hear him. He's been reading the moment he came into the room. She wants to correct Zhang Jian's comments. Feng Meifeng had come a half an hour later than Lu Chen and was the second person to arrive. 


Lu Chen didn't care whether the two are surprised by his actions or not. He grumbles at Zhang Jian, "Stop shaking me. I'm at the good part."


"Good part? Dude, do you hear yourself?! Your reading a book about business!" Zhang Jian steps away from Lu Chen like he doesn't know him anymore. Out of all the things you have to read, why does it have to be a book like that? You could have read something sexy, come on!


Before Zhang Jian could say anything else, Lu Chen looks at him, "Enough judging me on what I read. Do you still remember the bet?"


"Of course, I remember. You better get ready to do everything I say." Zhang Jian grins mischievously. That was the main reason why he was calling out to him before. He wasn't going to let Lu Chen forget their bet once he loses.


"We'll see."


Zhang Jian was going to retort to that, but Xiao Lao Shi walks in, "Students, sit down. Today, you guys will be handed back your grades from the mock Gaokao. Treat the score you have like you have taken the real Gaokao."


Heavy air forms in the room as the students begin to worry. But people like Zhang Jian and Feng Meifeng aren't phased at all.


As he got everybody's attention, Xiao Lao Shi continues as he places a stack of papers on the desk, "Before I hand back your test papers. This class did well overall."


When everybody heard his words, all the students thought as if the sun had risen from the west. They have never heard Xiao Lao Shi actually compliment a classroom before. This is the first time. But this isn’t all,


"There were actually six students that score in the top 20 for their entire grade." Xiao Lao Shi adds.


Everybody is shocked now. There are five classes in their entire grade, and their class would usually only have two to three people at the top, while the rest were in the middle of the pack. So they felt weird that around a third of the rankings came from here.


"So for rank 20, we have Zhang Wen. While Wang Wei, you had ranked 18." Xiao Lao Shi continues to list out the people who hit the top 20. The students that he had called out are screaming in happiness.


“For rank 11, student Chang Guo. You have done well.” Xiao Lao Shi said as he looks at the person sitting in the front row.


The person is an average-looking male. He is neither handsome nor ugly. There were no redeeming features about him to stand out. He is one of those typical studious students out of many.


"For rank 8, it is student Zhang Jian. You have done well." Xiao Lao Shi said to Zhang Jian, who has the biggest gin of his life.


Even without the bet, Zhang Jian had tried really hard on the test. He knew if he didn't, then there would be hell to pay at home. The bet is just an added bonus for him.


Zhang Jian turns to Lu Chen. He said triumphantly, "Don't worry, brother Chen. We'll just be hitting up some parties. I'll teach you the ways of picking up girls."