Chapter 140: Second Place
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Chapter 140: Second Place

Zhang Jian had already made plans for the two to have many all-nighters to play video games, and he even schedules some parties to hit up. We will not be getting any sleep for the next few days! Zhang Jian's eyes set on fire as he thought about the girls.


But Lu Chen didn't care as he shrugs his shoulders, "Do whatever you want." He wasn't focused on the next two names left as he knows he's one of them. He continues to read his book, ignoring the smug look Zhang Jian is making at him.


"The next two people that I'm going to call out are people that made it to the top five. I expect great things from them." Xiao Lao Shi's words made the class murmur. It's like today is April fools.


Tho the class knew one of the students, Xiao Lao Shi will call out. One of them is Feng Meifeng, who is the most consistent in their classroom. She's always been in the top ten. The other one is up for grabs.


Xiao Lao Shi ignores the murmurs going on as he looks at Feng Meifeng, "Student Feng Meifeng, you place third on the mock exam. You have really outdone yourself this time, but I expect you to continue to be consistent in your work."


Feng Meifeng nods her head as she had high expectations for herself as well. Once she got back her test paper, curiosity fills her mind.


Who is the first person then?


If she is called up second, then the other person has the highest score. That just made her more curious as to who this person is. Feng MeiFeng had consistently been the one to have the highest grade in the classroom. So if she is ranked third, then the person would have to be either first or second place. For some odd reason, Feng Meifeng slightly turns to Lu Chen, who has been acting aloof.


She isn't the only one, as the entire class is curious about who this person is. Excitement is in their eyes as they have two of the smartest people in their class. 


Xiao Lao Shi then said, “The person that had the highest score in this class. He placed second for the entire grade. And I have to say, he had even left me impressed by how much he's improved. The difference between second and third is 60 points. While from first to second, it was five points. "


Xiao Lao Shi’s words brought the class to their knees. They couldn't believe that there was such an overpowered person in their class.


Xiao Lao Shi dispels all of their curious thoughts as he said the name, “ Student Lu Chen, you have greatly improved your grades."


When he said the name, everybody looks towards Lu Chen. Yet the man is looking at his book, not minding what is going on in class. At first, they are in shock, but then it turns into doubt.


How could Lu Chen, the student who has been placing last for the entire grade for the past two years, become second place? The jump from zero to hero is too high for them to believe. 


There is one person who lashed out at Xiao Lao Shi's statement.


“NO! I don’t believe it! Mophead Lu probably cheated!” Cheng Guo is the person to shouts in defiance. He couldn't believe such a thing was possible.  


I've been working my ass off to score at least in the top ten! Yet, you're telling me that loser had taken second place and pushed me down to eleventh?!  Jealously is written in his eyes. He’s still one of the people that had been looking down on Lu Chen the most.


The students didn't say anything to his comment. They have the same thoughts. But some of them did frown when Cheng Guo called Lu Chen by that nickname.


Xiao Lao Shi glares at Cheng Guo, "Then are you saying I had made a mistake when I was watching over you guys?" He was the one proctoring the exam. So if Lu Chen had cheated, then it was his fault for not finding out. Even I am surprised by his score, but how dare you question my skills as a proctor.