Chapter 141: I Lost?
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Chapter 141: I Lost?

Being questioned by a student on his integrity is the biggest insult for Xiao Lao Shi as a teacher. He glares at the other students if they have any other complaints about what he just said.


The class immediately nod their head like bobbleheads as they know Xiao Lao Shi would make them go through a world of hurt if they don't. They didn't need his glare tho, the class knew Xiao Lao Shi is the strictest teacher. He would never allow anybody to cheat. Well, not unless they have no sense of fear. The consequence could have been enormous if they have gotten caught.


From the class's silence, Xiao Lao Shi knew they have gotten the message. He turns to Cheng Guo, whose face turned pale as paper.


"Student Cheng Guo, how could you be so suspicious of your own fellow classmate? To accuse somebody is cheating, you have to have evidence to prove he was cheating." Xiao Lao Shi shakes his head in disappointment, "I'm heavily disappointed in you and your integrity as a student."


When Xiao Lao Shi said this, Cheng Guo clenches his fist in embarrassment. To add on, the class starts to murmur,


"Cheng Guo is such a sore loser. To think he is so prideful and arrogant."


"I know, right. Just because Lu Chen got a better score than him, he accuses him of cheating. That shows what type of person he is."


The students denounce him, angry about how he was talking down to Lu Chen. The way he called Lu Chen mophead Lu felt wrong for some of the students. Naturally, Cheng Guo can hear all of it, and he grips his fist even tighter. He looks at Lu Chen and glares at him. This is all your fault.


Xiao Lao Shi didn't care about what the other students were murmuring about. He turns to Lu Chen, "Student Lu Chen, I'm greatly surprised by the sudden rise in your rank." When he first saw the score, he had been shaking his head as if he had seen something wrong. Xiao Lao Shi even rechecks the paper to make sure. But there was nothing wrong. It made him realize that Lu Chen was hiding his fangs. And was waiting for the right opportunity to show his worth. He may not be the black sheep that I thought he would be.


"But Student Lu Chen, I have nothing to say about how you score on the test only expect one. Next time you should use all the allotted time given to you. You finished your test one hour ahead of everybody else and just sat there without a care in the world." Xiao Lao Shi adds. He didn't need to add this part in, but he did it to rile up the other students.


And it did, kinda. Everybody in the classroom looks at Lu Chen like he's a monster. Not only did he almost get a perfect score, but he also had one hour to spare? That is the biggest slap to the faces of the students who had actually tried really hard. Yet they all the same thought going through their head.


He is on a different level. 


Noticing their gazes, Lu Chen scratches his head as even he didn't know what to say. The man himself is surprised that he could get such a high score with how much he studied.


He knew that he was gonna be in the top ten. But not in the top three.


Xiao Lao Shi claps his hand, “Alright now. I will be handing back the rest of your test scores." Today is a great day for him as a teacher.


When Lu Chen got back his test score, he looks at it and notices the subject he had messed up on was history. The questions he has gotten wrong were due to him writing the wrong dates for specific events.


"Heh." Lu Chen chuckles as the errors he made aren’t significant. They can be changed with time. 


As Lu Chen looks over what he did wrong, Zhang Jian, on the other hand, just stares at his test paper. His whole body shook like an earthquake is occurring.


"I lost?"