Chapter 142: How do you come up with that conclusion?!
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Chapter 142: How do you come up with that conclusion?!

Zhang Jian could only stare at his paper in shock by the fact his best friend had just beaten him. It wasn't even a close margin of him winning. Lu Chen had beaten him hands down without any trouble at all. However, a problem surfaces in his mind. 


What am I going to do now?! Zhang Jian could feel the tears, ready to burst out of his eyes. All the plans he made are going down the drain now. To add the oil onto the fire, Zhang Jian will have to face the punishment. Zhang Jian couldn't help but let the tears go and wallow in sorrow. The students around him thought he had gone insane. I know that you got a good grade on it, but is there really a need to cry?


But Zhang Jian wasn't the only person wallowing as Feng Meifeng has a twisted expression on her face. The paper crumples from her tight grip. ^0 points. The only thought going through her mind is the 60 points. That signifies the difference between her and Lu Chen.


Feng Meifeng had been one of the people that took the mock exam seriously. Grades mean everything to her. One slip up and Feng Meifeng knew she would be kicked out of the school. If it had been any other situation, getting third place would make her go crazy from joy. But the problem is that Lu Chen placed higher than her.


If he had used the hour properly. Feng Meifeng knows if Lu Chen had used the time efficiently, he could have gotten a score higher than what he had now. She remembers what she had said to Lu Chen,


"How about we have a contest with our pride as students on the line?"


Remembering the confident attitude she had when saying it, Feng Meifeng blushes. For Lu Chen to beat her like this is a big slap to her face. She turns around to see Lu Chen didn't even look surprised as he continues to read his book. Anger begins to fill her heart from how relaxed the man was. He probably thought the exam was just child's play. Just the thought of this made Feng Meifeng's pride shatter further.


Xiao Lao Shi could tell from their expressions that some were happy and some look like they are about to cry. But he didn't care as it was just a mock exam as he continues on with class.

When class ends, Lu Chen turns to Zhang Jian, who turns pale from the gaze. Zhang Jian felt like he's being looked at by the demon king.


"Well, well, well. It's time for you to uphold your end of the bargain." His devilish smile made Zhang Jian's spine shiver. My ass is on the chopping block! He couldn't imagine what kinds of crazy things Lu Chen might make him do.


"Brother- Lord Chen, let's talk about this." The man's afraid that Lu Chen might harvest his organs or sell him off to an ugly lady or something. If he could stop that, then he didn't care about anything else Lu Chen orders.


Lu Chen's grin became wider as he knew what Zhang Jian is thinking, "Relax, I already know what you're going to do for me. And it won't be that dangerous. I'll tell you about it later." And walks away from him.


I'm screwed.  Even if Lu Chen tries to assure him that it won't be dangerous, but knowing him, Zhang Jian couldn't help but be scared.


As Zhang Jian wonders what Lu Chen will do, Lu Chen walks over to Feng Meifeng. Even though he had beaten her, she did really well. He taps on her shoulders to get her attention. He said to her, "Class monitor, you did well on the exam."


"Why did you show how smart you are now?" Ignoring his compliment, Feng Meifeng begins to question him. So I only did fine. His words jabs at her pride.


"Ahh, that's because the gaokao is coming up, so I have to get serious now." That is the excuse Lu Chen came up with if anybody asked him about it.


Each and every word that Lu Chen said made Feng Meifeng angrier, "So you've been watching people like me working my ass off, and been laughing at how hard we worked."


"?" Lu Chen looks at her in confusion. How do you come up with that conclusion?!