Chapter 143: Whatever
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Chapter 143: Whatever

Lu Chen retorts, "Hah? I haven't been laughing at anyone behind their back. If I'm going to laugh at someone, imma laugh in their face." Laughing at someone behind their back is something cowards do.  Lu Chen didn't need to do something like that to anyone. If you laugh behind somebody secretly, it means you don't have enough courage to face the consequence if you did. But that isn't the main point Lu Chen is focusing on.


Why am I getting slandered for something I didn't do? He just wanted to congratulate Feng Meifeng for getting into the top three like him. Instead, he's getting questioned by her.


But Feng Meifeng didn't stop there as she continues to ask him, " But why did you get serious now? With your reckless personality, how could you accept begin slander so much till this moment? Are you going to flaunt to everybody around you?" You can hear the disdain in her voice. 


Feng Meifeng knew Lu Chen is the epitome of what a rich second generation should be, an arrogant, overbearing coward. He would say whatever he wanted, and whenever someone opposes him, he flaunts his wealth. But when push came to shove, Lu Chen will be the first one to give up and surrender like a coward.


So how could Lu Chen not take advantage of flaunting his knowledge around when he has the chance? Feng Meifeng would have been a monkey's aunt if she believed it's something else.


Hey, my shitty personality wasn't that bad! Lu Chen wants to retort. But seeing the look on her face, Lu Chen could only look away and feign innocence, "I'm telling the truth. And I have no intention of showing it off like some trophy."


"No, your not."


"Yes, I am."


"No, your-"


Before Feng Meifeng could finish her sentence, Lu Chen brought up the rules of their bet, "Class monitor, don't you remember the terms of our bet?" That's the other reason why he had walked up to Feng Meifeng. Lu Chen is like a debt collector, reminding the two of what they had owed. 


Feng Meifeng didn't say anything as she glares at him. You asshole, how could you pull it out now?! Even though she's pissed off at Lu Chen, she is a woman of her word. Fine, you don't want me to nag you, ok. I will never need to hear my voice again! She didn't look at Lu Chen anymore as she went on to read her book.


"Huh, class monitor?" From Feng Meifeng's sudden action, Lu Chen didn't know what to do. He tries calling out to her, but there was no reaction. She continues to ignore him like his existence isn't there.


Lu Chen shrugs his shoulders. Whatever? If she wasn't going to talk to him from now on, then it wouldn’t matter to him. It meant Feng Meifeng wouldn't bother him anymore. He walks back to his seat and grabs his bag. He said to Zhang Jian, "I'm going to go to the library." Lu Chen didn't wait for Zhang Jian as he was too lost in thought and despair.


When Lu Chen arrives at the library, he realizes there wasn't a group of boys like last time. Hmm, it seems that Meixiu isn't here today. He came to the library is to chat with Ye Meixiu. He wants to ask what she got this time around.


"!" Is somebody calling my name? In a classroom, Ye Meixiu's sixth sense activates, wondering who iis calling out to her. However, it didn't matter as she was too happy with her grades. Not because she had gotten a perfect score. It’s something else. I wonder how brother Chen will praise me?! If it was any other time, she wouldn't care about the score. But now that Lu Chen is back in her life, she wants to get some praise.


Too bad for her as today wasn't on her side. Lu Chen walks over to the librarian and hands him the books, "Hello, I would like to return these."


The librarian was doing the same thing as before, reading the book. But he slightly glances at Lu Chen and asks, " Didn't you get the book a few days ago?" Naturally, the incident with Gao Jinhai is fresh in his mind. So, of course, he remembers Lu Chen.