Chapter 166: I just know Shen Shen is in trouble!
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Chapter 166: I just know Shen Shen is in trouble!

Shit! Sorry, guys. I gotta deal with what's in front of me for now. Tang Weimin has no choice but to leave his friends behind for now. He could only pray that the two would be alright and help would arrive as quickly as possible.


The thugs stop punching Yao Shao and Long Shen. One of the thugs screams, "Quickly get the fatty off of him." After hitting Yao Shao for a great deal, Yao Shao should already become a pile of lifeless flesh. The moment one of them pushed Yao Shao, he rolled off effortlessly. 


However, before the thugs could start beating on Long Shen again, they heard a large bang. Turning their heads, they saw their comrade down on the floor while Tang Weimin breathes heavily.


"You two go deal with him. While you and I will finish the job." Duan Cheng orders. Seeing how Tang Weimin is sucking wind like that means he's nothing more than a weakling. Having the second thug go over there was overkill in Duan Cheng's eyes. However, it gives him a safety assurance. For all he knows, Tang Weimin could be faking it to draw them in.


The two thugs charge at Tang Weimin, ready to swing their bats down onto his head. Fuck. Tang Weimin couldn't help but curse more at how bad his luck is. The man closes his eyes as he knows it's checkmate.


Yet, nothing happened. Instead, it was the two thugs screaming.


"uuguu!" "dhhsd!"


Tang Weimin opens his eyes to see the two thugs flat on the ground. And the person in front of him, shielding him from the thugs, is Luo Ai. 


"You ok, Weimin?" Luo Ai didn't look back at him and continued to glare at Duan Cheng and the rest of the thugs. She looks like one of those superheroes that save the maiden from distress. 


"...Yeah...I'm fine." Tang Weimin says as he only got some light bruise. Before he could explain the entire situation, Liu Fei Fei grabs him by the collar and shakes him!


"Where is Shen Shen?!" Liu Fei Fei orders him. That is the only reason why she had even come here.


At first, Liu Fei Fei and Luo Ai had been doing their usual thing waiting for Long Shen's group to come into their room. However, a warning sign went off inside Liu Fei Fei's mind. Shen Shen is in trouble! Liu Fei Fei got up from her desk, which made Luo Ai question her,


"What's wrong?"


"Long Shen is in trouble! We need to go now!"


Luo Ai looks at her with her brows raised, "Aren't you being paranoid?" The incident with Lu Chen had made Liu Fei Fei paranoid about what happens around Long Shen. She had stuck onto him 24/7. The only time Liu Fei Fei and Long Shen are apart is at this moment and when class is occurring.


"I'm not being paranoid! I just know Shen Shen is in trouble! I can feel it in my heart. We have to meet them right now!" Long Shen is Liu Fei Fei's other half. Whatever he does, she could feel it as well. And at this very moment, she could feel that Long Shen is in pain. She just knows it.


"Fei Fei, you got to-" Before Luo Ai could finish telling Liu Fei Fei to chill out, they heard a bunch of students running down the hallway, screaming for their lives. 

Just from the sight alone, Luo Ai has a gut feeling that it might be what Liu Fei Fei had said. She grabs one of the students running and asks, "Hey, what is going on over there?"


At first, the student got pissed off as he didn't want to stay in the school at this moment. But when he saw it was Luo Ai, he didn't care anymore. Heck, she could even push him down, and he would not mind at all! He quickly explains to the fairy, "There are five guys swinging bats around at the prince and his group." The moment he said those words, Luo Ai's expression turned for the worst. 


Yet, it was nothing compared to the crazed and devious face Liu Fei Fei is making. She turns to Luo Ai and screams,


"See! I told you! Now let's go!" Liu Fei Fei quickly rushes out of the room towards the battlefield.