Chapter 167: Die
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Chapter 167: Die

Can this day get any worse? Luo Ai wanted to cry as she chased after her. When they had arrived at the scene, it was already worse than what the two predicted. Luo Ai didn't need any people to tell her anything as she dashes faster, drop kicking and punching the thugs before they could even realize what happened.


Ergo, this is how the scene is now.


Can't you see that I'm an injured person as well?! As Liu Fei Fei shook him, Tang Weimin felt like he was going to throw up. He quickly pointed over at Long Shen's direction, "He's over there."


Like garbage, Liu Fei Fei chucks Tang Weimin to the side as she rushes towards Long Shen. However, Luo Ai grabs her arm before she could. Her face couldn't help but twitch at how reckless her friend is. To get to where Long Shen is, Liu Fei Fei would need to get past Duan Cheng and another one. They probably wouldn't let her walk past them without any problems.


And no, Liu Fei Fei didn't realize the surroundings. Instead, she snaps at Luo Ai, "Luo Ai, let go of my arm!" She couldn't believe her best friend would stop her from getting near her Shen. From the angle, Liu Fei Fie could see how badly injured Long Shen is, and her heart instantly broke. The only thoughts going through her mind are taking care of Long Shen, nothing else.


"Idiot! Are you that dense that you can't even look at the situation they're in?!" Luo Ai couldn't believe how irrational Liu Fei Fei is right now. She continues to spell it out for her, " If you jump in like that, you're just going to create problems for them instead!"


Yet Liu Fei Fei didn't seem to care as she screams, "I will beat them all till they beg me to kill them!" Duan Cheng and the other thug twitched at how ferocious sounding Liu Fei Fei is. However, behind all of that killing intent and threat, Luo Ai knows Liu Fei Fei is nothing more than a paper tiger. 


Luo Ai continues to spell out how bad the situation is for them as she whispers, "Can't you see that they have the upper hand? Let's say you do charge at them. Then what? You can't even beat them, and you'll just become a hostage as well. Worst case scenario, they could even use Long Shen and Yao Shao as a hostage.  It will put us in a worse position!"


Hearing how Long Shen could become a hostage, Liu Fei Fei chilled out.  Even though she wanted to save Long Shen, she didn't want to hurt him in the process. 


Her expression turns tearful as she looks at Luo Ai, "Luo Ai, can you do something about this?" Out of everybody, the only person that could be helpful in this situation would be Luo Ai.


From Liu Fei Fei's tearful face, Luo Ai wanted to cry as well. But not from stress and sadness. It was from how cute Liu Fei Fei is. 


How could you make such a ridiculously adorable face?! For her lifetime, Luo Ai had never seen Liu Fei Fei make such a face to her. The only thing close to this is the love-stricken face she makes when she is with Long Shen. If Liu Fei Fei looks like a puppy with her favorite toy with Long Shen, this situation is a sad puppy losing her toy.


Luo Ai quickly assures her, "Fei Fei, give me like two no three minutes tops to deal with this situation." Luo Ai didn't say anything more as she moved closer towards the thugs.


As she walked, Liu Fei Fei could hear cracking sounds coming out of Luo Ai. Luo Ai was cracking her knuckles and rotating her cuffs around in circles. To anybody else, it looks like any other ordinary action coming out. However, Liu Fei Fei's tearful expression changes into a smile.


Whenever Luo Ai does this, it means that she is serious.


Naturally, Duan Cheng looks at Luo Ai with caution as she had just knocked out two of their guys with such ease. When Luo Ai had walked up in front of the thugs, Duan Cheng quickly backed away from her. The other thug, on the other hand, didn't seem to care as looking at her more made him feel lustful. Luo Ai only smiled lightly, but the words that came out of her mouth next didn't fit with the smile.