Chapter 168: How could you be so cruel?!
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Chapter 168: How could you be so cruel?!

The thug didn't reply to Luo Ai at all. Instead, only screams were coming out of him! Luo Ai had bent the guy's bone into so many different positions thought to be impossible. It looked like Luo Ai was playing a puzzle game. When Luo Ai finishes making the thug into a "T" shape, she turns to the other two thugs on the floor.


It's better to have three than one. Luo Ai grabs them and makes shapes with them as well. Tho, they didn't scream as they were too out cold to even feel it. 


Duan Cheng's face pales. How could you be so cruel?! He couldn't believe that Luo Ai would toy with them like blocks!


Luo Ai turns to look at Duan Cheng, and she smiles ever so sweetly at him. However, for Duan Cheng, she turned into the messenger of death!


"Stay away!" Duan Cheng begins to back away, totally crazed out of his mind! He couldn't keep his cool as he fell on his ass. 


"Don't worry. It will only take a few more minutes." Luo Ai continues to have that smile plastered on her face. Like what she said to Liu Fei Fei, she only needs two minutes.


"After Luo Ai finished the thugs off, we quickly came here to get treatment."  Tang Weimin shivers, remembering the gore and pain. Just recalling Luo Ai's smile made him remember the screaming as well. But he wasn't the only person who was shivering. Lu Chen and Zhang Jian gulped. They look at Luo Ai like she's a monster in human clothing. 


Luo Ai didn't just finish off her opponents. She toyed with them without any regard. What kind of sane person would turn their enemies into a puzzle block!


And the woman in all of this didn't even look fazed, much less injured. Luo Ai looks at them with confusion, "Now what happened at your end?"


"Nothing wrong!(Ma'am)" Both of them said in unison as they slowly slid away from her. Luo Ai looks at them menacingly. 


Did the two of you get hit in the head?! Do you guys even notice the wounds on your body? And what the hell Ma'am! Zhang Jian had been the one to add the last ma'am part in. That hit Luo Ai hard.


How could you call a super beauty like me a middle-aged woman! Luo Ai raises her voice, "If there is nothing wrong with you guys, then where the hell did all those wounds come from? Do you guys not feel them?"


When she had asked them, Luo Ai wasn't talking about the weird expression they were making. The girl was talking about how the two got those wounds. Luo Ai knew it definitely wasn't a coincidence that Lu Chen's group and their group got injured.


Ooooooohhhhhh. Lu Chen and Zhang Jian look at each other, and they couldn't help but shake their heads. They over thought it. 


"Let me be the one to explain it now." Zhang Jian begins to recap everything about how he and Lu Chen had beaten up seven thugs. Every time Zhang Jian talked about him, Lu Chen made some weird expressions. 


Aren't you over-exaggerating some sections? I didn't beat seven so easily. And I did not torture them to death.


However, it looks like Luo Ai believed mostly everything Zhang Jian had said as a weird expression forms on her face. She looks at Lu Chen with shock and a bit of doubt. She couldn't imagine Lu Chen would be able to defeat seven people at once. Much less making them beg for their lives. 


And Luo Ai couldn't believe Lu Chen had done it effortlessly as well. If it was, Lu Chen wouldn't look like a walking blood fountain.


The only words that come to her mind when she thinks of Lu Chen are: dum,b reckless, and kind hearted. Never did ferocious or vicious would come into her mind when thinking about him.


Yet, seeing the battle scars on his body forces her to believe what Zhang Jian had said is true. 


She wasn't the only one as Long Shen's group didn't believe Zhang Jian at all. Before anybody else could say anything about it, Yao Shao beat everybody to it. He shouts, "Do you think we would believe your words, playboy? How could this chump beat up so many thugs! I bet mophead Lu is the one who hired the thugs to beat up boss Shen and then to make himself look good, those thugs pretended!"